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Siding under a log: a vinyl holiday for your home

Having a country house, you will in any case bestrive to make it as beautiful and attractive as possible. This statement is especially true in those cases when you inherited a house that does not shine with its novelty. Even in spite of its unpresentable appearance, such a house can easily stand for several decades. However, the exterior should not bother you, since this trouble can easily be corrected by using a siding under a vinyl log.

vinyl siding siding
Until recently, conventional finishingmaterials for the houses were brick, stone or lining. By the way, the latter was used most often, but it had a number of shortcomings. First, the cost of a quality wood is too low to be called. In addition, provided there is no normal treatment, again, expensive reagents it can not be classified as too durable materials. It will not only require constant measures to take care of itself, but it will quickly darken under the influence of unfavorable environmental factors, so that siding under a log vinyl (the price of which is quite democratic) will never allow itself.

About the brick and talk is not necessary, because the complexityin its installation and not so attractive price always frightened off potential buyers. But vinyl siding is not only easy to handle and pleasant at a price, but also looks more attractive than a dull brick. There is a vinyl siding under a log (there is a photo in the article) so much that almost anyone can afford such a purchase.

siding under a log vinyl price
In short, due to the beautiful appearance anda small price this material to date has a lot of fans. The picture of a natural tree will never fade and will not settle, your house will always look very attractive. The most pleasant thing is that even the facade decoration itself does not require any significant financial expenses from you.

The ease with which the siding under the log is vinylcan be fixed on the facade of the building, makes it possible to work with it even for beginners. In addition, plastic panels reliably hide any defects in the surface, incidentally protecting the "native" material at home from further destruction and dilapidation. It is extremely easy to take care of it, as in most cases the cottage can simply be drained with water from a garden hose. Modern manufacturers add to this material a lot of refractory additives, so that even exposure to an open flame will not do him much harm.

vinyl siding under the beam photo
Installing the siding under the log vinyl, you do notyou will have to worry about complex and costly preparation, just collect on the wall of the house a frame made of dried and refractory-treated bars. Siding is attached to them using conventional wood screws. It does not hurt to put a layer of soundproofing and heat insulating material between the finishing material and the wall of the house, since you do not need any unnecessary heat loss. As soon as possible, you can breathe new life into the old house, making it more attractive than before.

So you learned about how you can use siding under a vinyl log.