/ Effective means of bugs without smell. Where to buy a remedy for bedbugs without smell and harm for people

Effective means from bedbugs without a smell. Where to buy a remedy for bedbugs without smell and harm for people

For many consumers find funds from bedbugswithout a smell - a real problem. This is due to the fact that such drugs are not so much. Further we will understand, what means exist from bugs without a smell, where to buy them and how to use them.

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General information

The appearance of bedbugs in the home of most peoplecauses a real shock. Especially if regular cleaning is carried out and hygiene is carefully maintained. You can, of course, get rid of bedbugs with folk remedies. But, as practice shows, this option does not guarantee 100% elimination of parasites. In addition, for a home remedy against bedbugs to act, a fairly long period of time is needed. But it happens that nests of insects are found when there is a lot of parasites. It should also be said that not all the funds from bed bugs, made independently, are harmless to humans and animals. In this case, insecticides will come to the rescue. Next, consider some of them.


The stores sell a variety of effectivefunds from bedbugs. However, most of them are very fetid. The reason for this is the insecticide. It is this component that produces a very unpleasant odor. In this case, the drug itself will not function without it. An insecticide is a poison that poisons parasites. However, many consumers purchase such drugs, despite the disgusting smell. This choice is completely justified. Acquiring such effective funds from bedbugs, people primarily focus on the speed of action. Many drugs contribute to the elimination of parasites in one application. Such means, for example, include the compositions "Klopomor", "Clovoron", "Cucaracha", "Carbophos", "Tetriks." Even the well-known "Dichlorvos", which is quite smelly, which is why it is used very rarely, also allows you to quickly remove insects in the apartment. But I must say that this drug is available in different versions today. You can find and "Dichlorvos" virtually odorless. However, its effectiveness has not been verified by time.

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Remedies for bed bugs without smell

First of all, it should be said that such drugsappeared on the market quite recently. Unlike the above tools, in practice, not all of them have been shown to be effective. However, the industry does not stand still, and more and more products are being produced. Conventionally, odorless drugs that can theoretically destroy insects can be divided into several categories. Consider them.

Insecticidal Gels

These drugs are generally used fordestruction of cockroaches and ants. In their composition there are poisonous components and natural bitterness. Such drugs attract insects. Natural bitterness is necessary to ensure that the inhabitant of a dwelling (animal or human) can not swallow a drop of gel. It should be noted that this is a useless remedy for bedbugs. Customer feedback is quite provable. According to buyers, these parasites do not attract such a bait at all. The fact is that bedbugs can not eat even a small piece of such a gel. Their mouthpiece is designed so that they can only pierce the skin and suck blood. The preparations themselves do not contain components that could attract these parasites.

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These funds either smell very weakly, orhave a smell in general. To such preparations carry powders "the Pure house", "House", "Piretrum". These agents exhibit moderate efficacy. By themselves, dustbugs do not attract. However, there is a definite result. With accidental ingress of dust on the body of the parasite, the components of the drug penetrate through the chitinous cover and poison the insect. In this case, the agent may not even penetrate into the digestive system of the bug. Nevertheless, eliminating parasites with dusts is problematic enough. In the room there is always a certain number of insects that simply did not hit the scattered drug.

Meloch "Mashenka"

This tool, like its Chinese counterparts,acts the same as the dust. However, the difference is that chalk can be applied to vertical surfaces. As a result, the drug can on average destroy a much larger number of parasites than the powder. Nevertheless, it is impossible to completely remove insects from a chalk room, because, in order for the poison to enter the parasite in sufficient quantities, it must be thoroughly dirty.

means from bugs without a smell where to buy

Search for an alternative

As can be seen from the information given, not alltheoretically effective means from bugs without a smell really help. In connection with this, the industry constantly faces the task of producing new drugs. These funds from bed bugs should not only not irritate their sense of smell, but also be really effective.

The preparation "Get"

Modern means from bugs without a smellare issued in different types. In shops you can find such a drug as "Get." This means, we can say, is intermediate between dusts and aerosol. The microencapsulated preparation "Get" essentially represents the aqueous concentrate of chlorpyrifos (finely dispersed). Insecticide can be on surfaces for more than one week; while it easily sticks to the paws of the parasite, subsequently penetrating into his body and poisoning him. The active substance - chlorpyrifos - has a nerve-paralytic effect on the insect.

The drug "Get" is known for its contact influence.It is used when there is no way to make the parasites swallow any bait. The agent "Get" practically has no smell. This is due to the lack of volatile components in its composition. From the drug only slightly smells of orange perfume, which quickly disappears from the room. For rapid destruction of parasites, the drug is applied not only in places of their accumulation, but also on the surface where they can potentially move. To date, according to many consumers, the drug "Get" on the ratio of performance / odor is considered one of the most optimal means. It should be noted that the active ingredient chlorpyrifos is present in other mixtures. For example, the substance is in such means as "Baigon", "Zidane", as well as in traps and gels "Raptor".

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Preparations with pleasant aromas

Today, manufacturers use different technologies.Some manufacturers mask the irritating smell of others, more persistent and pleasant. For example, in a series of insecticide preparations "Combat" there are aerosols with aromas of lemon and mint. In such agents pyrethroids are used as active substances. They smell weaker than flavors. Such preparations, on the whole, are quite effective. With their help it is possible to destroy bedbugs without attracting specialists.

Aerosol treated parasite shelters -sofas, beds, wardrobes. After applying the product, the room should be closed and left for several hours. Upon return, it is necessary to carry out a wet cleaning. For greater reliability it is recommended to re-process the room after 8-10 days. This is especially necessary if new larvae have emerged from the surviving eggs of parasites. In aerosols "Raptor" mint flavors are used. As an active substance, cypermethrin acts in them. This compound is considered one of the most common insecticides. Used aerosols "Raptor" is similar to the drugs "Combat". Raid products contain citrus and lavender flavors. But still after use in the room remains a heavy smell of insecticide.

Opinion of specialists

Aerosols today are considered the most affordablepreparations. You can buy them in the markets, in stores. Aerosols are most often purchased by ordinary citizens and then used in everyday life. However, as experts mark, such preparations by the productivity are appreciable concede to unpleasant smelling means. As for self-manufactured substances, most of them also have an irritating effect on the sense of smell. In this case, the sharper the odor, the greater the effectiveness. So, for example, vinegar and turpentine more frighten off parasites than decoction of tansy. Experts remind that home remedies can be used only for the prevention or repelling of insects. But you can take the bugs out of the apartment only with professional medications.

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Universal insecticide

Один из наиболее эффективных современных drugs, representing funds from bugs, - "Executioner". The feedback of many consumers speaks of its high efficiency and speed. This drug was developed by German specialists, and is packaged on the territory of the Russian Federation. "Executioner" is considered a universal remedy for parasites. One of the main advantages of the drug is its safety for humans and animals. For the remedy for the bugs "Executioner" (customer reviews also confirm this), you do not need any special equipment. The treatment can be carried out with a conventional nebulizer. The drug is characterized by a wide range of activities and high performance. With its use, both adults and larvae are killed. In addition, the drug can be used not only against bedbugs, but also against fleas and other blood-sucking parasites.

Method of use

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Processing begins with spraying allitems in the apartment. This applies in particular to furniture, mattresses, bed linen, carpets, blankets, clothes, pillows. With special care it is necessary to spray household items on the connecting joints and seams. They may be present larvae. In the upholstery of furniture, you can make holes through which to pour the drug. Beds and sofas should be turned over and processed from below: base, sidewalls, interior. If there are carpets on the walls, they must be removed and sprayed on both sides. After that you should process:

  • Floor. If it is parquet, then the drug should be poured into all the cracks.
  • Walls.
  • Sills.
  • Curtains.
  • Hard to reach places, openings, slots.
  • Ceiling.
  • Bowls nest chandeliers and outlets. They must be disconnected from the power supply, unwind and sanitize.

Often bedbugs nest at the joints of wallpaper.In such places, the web should be folded and carefully processed. In addition, the larvae may be present in the seams and folds of clothing. Here it must be said that the drug itself has no color and does not leave spots on things. Therefore, the processing of clothes can be done safely. The rest of the preparation is sprayed with a bathroom, a balcony, a corridor, a toilet. Adults will crawl out of shelters during processing. In this case, they can not push, because they die in any case. Mechanical destruction can take a lot of time. In the nests, however, only the larvae will remain, which will also die over time. After this treatment, the room is closed for 5-8 hours. In this case, of course, it should leave. Upon return, the room is ventilated for about 15 minutes. Parrots and other birds living in the apartment are also recommended to be taken out at the time of processing.

additional information

One bottle of "Executioner" means, according toconsumers, enough for 5 square meters. m. In order to conduct a thorough treatment of the premises, you must buy 20-25 bottles. The product is diluted in warm water and shaken well before use. Spraying is carried out indoors. Using this or another remedy for bedbugs at home, you must wear rubber gloves and a respirator (or gauze bandage).