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Why the tap is droning when the water is turned on: possible causes and solutions

Residents of apartment buildings know firsthandabout this phenomenon. Sometimes it's a barely audible rumble, and sometimes it's felt over all the risers or houses. Today we want to talk about why the tap is buzzing when the water is turned on. At first glance, this is not a very serious problem, but sometimes it causes certain inconveniences. Let's understand why this problem arises and what methods exist to combat it. There are many theories that explain why the pipes hum. In practice, plumbers identify four main reasons that cause this phenomenon.

Bad or poorly made repairs

Finding out why the tap is buzzing when the water is turned on,you must first of all recall whether you have recently been repairing plumbing equipment. If the answer is negative, and the noise repeats, you need to find out if one of the neighbors has recently carried out some work. In addition, you can call the service organization (utilities), perhaps, plumbing, working in the basement, poorly performed the connection of the elements.

why the tap is buzzing when the water is turned on

If you found out that such actions hadthe place to be, this may well be the reason why the tap is buzzing when the water is turned on. However, everything is fixable. Eliminate the buzz will not be difficult. Badly fastened pipes are fixed, and the hum immediately passes. However, it may not be just this. If inexperienced plumbers have placed the pipes very close, then inevitably there will be a vibration. In this case, there is nothing left but to wrap each of them with foam insulation.

Overpressure in the system

And we continue to talk about why the tap is buzzingwhen the water is turned on. One of the reasons may be overpressure. It can be determined by the pressure of the water, it is usually very good, and when the crane is fully opened, the jet rips out with noise and hiss. There is another way to carry out the diagnosis. Buzzing can occur if you quickly open the tap. In this case, you need to take time for this problem, and even better to call the plumber, so that he assesses the situation.

why the tap is buzzing when water is turned on

What is dangerous for this phenomenon?The fact that it can lead to depressurization of the system. And you can not lower the pressure yourself, so you'll have to invent something else. To reduce the load, you will need to install an air chamber. It is she who will dissipate the pressure, as a result of which the hum will cease, and you will be able to breathe freely.

Exceeding the upper limit of the norm

So how to understand why the tap is droning is not alwayssimply, it is best to seek professional help. For plumbing is a routine job, it will quickly assess the situation and find the right solution. Sometimes it can be powerless and advise you to contact the water service provider. If water enters the system under high pressure, you can not do anything with a buzz yourself.

how to understand why a tap is buzzing

Here the question will be logical:and what is the normal water pressure in the system? Usually this figure is 2 atm. This indicator is optimal for the operation of a washing machine or a dishwasher. However, the upper limit is 6 atm. In this case, you need to deal with the service provider right up to finding the optimal solution.

Self-installing air chamber

Let's continue to consider the cases when weable to improve the situation. First of all, you need to decide why the tap is droning when the water is turned on. The reasons can still lie in excess pressure, but if the indicators do not exceed the critical level of 6 atm, then you can make your own adjustments.

hot water faucet

To do this, you only need to makeyourself camera. For this it is necessary to use an additional section of the pipe. The second option is even more preferable is the use of a factory silencer. After installing such an element, the pipes will experience less load and will last much longer.

Clogging of pipes

If your home, and, accordingly, andplumbing equipment turned 10 years old and more, then do not be surprised that the hot water tap is buzzing. The reasons for this are simple - it reduces the diameter of the pipes due to the banal clog, which leads to vibration, and it - to the appearance of noise. It is very well transmitted through pipes, and it is usually heard not only in one apartment, but also throughout the riser.

For the beginning it is necessary to carry out diagnostics andDetermine if you have clogged pipes. To do this, you need to detach the mixer from the pipe and carefully inspect it. The dirt accumulated on the walls clearly shows the overgrowth of the hole. This can be one of the reasons why the tap is droning. The instruction how to eliminate blockage is as follows.

why the tap is dripping instruction how to eliminate

Most often, the dirt is not deposited in the middle, butnamely at the ends of the pipeline. Therefore, they can be tried on their own. I would like to note one more thing: the problem of clogging is typical for propylene, as well as plastic sanitary products. This contributes to the deposition of dirt in certain places, the fact that the diameter of the hoses of the mixer is usually different from the size of the pipes themselves.

Ways to eliminate blockage

Вы ошибаетесь, если думаете, что стоит залить в system some kind of unique liquid like "Mole", and the problem will be solved. I'll have to work on my own. Clog can be eliminated in three ways:

  • Hydraulic flushing.
  • Pneumatic flushing.
  • Mechanical cleaning.

why the tap starts to buzz when the water is turned on

Let's first consider the washing option.This is the flow of water. To do this, it is not enough just to connect the hose, so use electric, sufficiently powerful pumps. However, in this way it is possible to eliminate blockages only in pipes of small diameter. This method is not suitable for thick products. In this case, the heavy particles will still have time to settle on the walls.

How is mechanical cleaning performed?

This option is acceptable only ifblockage appeared on separate sections of pipes. For this, water must be switched off. This is the first condition that must be met before starting any repair work. The detached pipe is cleaned with a thick wire, and for better effect, a ruff is attached to it. If it is not possible to clean the hole (the deposits on the walls are petrified and become part of the system), then this section is cut out and replaced with a new one. And in order to avoid further problems, it is necessary to tightly fasten all the elements using sealed rubber gaskets. Note that even when disassembling the design, remember the location of all the elements.

Malfunction of the mixer

This may also be one of the reasons whystarts to hum the tap when the water is turned on. It should be noted that this is the most simple malfunction, which is eliminated in a matter of minutes. Diagnosis can be done on your own, open the tap and observe. If the pipe starts to vibrate, then either the faulty mixer or the shut-off valve is to blame. To solve this problem, it is necessary to turn off the water on the riser and proceed to a simple repair.

why the buzzing buzzing whistles

Most often in this case, the reason is simplyworn gasket. Remove the tap and inspect it carefully (the gasket at the end of the rod is located). If it takes a sharp form, it is necessary to make a replacement. After that we collect the construction and put it in place. After such a procedure, the noise should disappear. We add that this applies only to old mixers, which are equipped with crane-boxes. If you have a modern single-lever or ball valve, then look for the cause in the other. In these designs, the gasket overlapping the water current is simply absent, so it can not cause noise in the pipes. By the way, if you still decided to disassemble the faucet, you can immediately change the mixer to a more modern one.

Instead of concluding

We reviewed the most commonthe reasons why noises, buzzes, whistles the tap. Now you can, without the help of plumbers, make uncomplicated repairs and eliminate an annoying source of noise. It is not worthwhile to ignore such a symptom for a long time, because, besides an irritating factor, it signals that the water supply system has malfunctions, and if not taken, they can lead to more serious consequences. Therefore, without delay, carry out the necessary diagnostics, and if necessary, call the plumber specialists.