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Switch with socket in one housing. How to connect a switch with a socket in one housing?

Selection and installation of electrical appliances in residentialpremises are not the most important part of the repair work, but still have great importance in matters of visual finishing. The range of various devices today is wide enough to find the most suitable product for yourself in shape, color, size and design. You can economically place a switch with a socket in one housing. Such a combination has recently become popular with many buyers.

Double socket with switch in one housing

The advantage of combining a socket and a switch into one housing

The main advantage of installing the unifyingblock for the switch and socket outlet is easy to connect. In these cases, there is no need to make two holes in the wall and to conduct contacts in several places, as with separate connection of sockets and switches. Shtroby with this necessarily have to be masked through a small cosmetic repair. Additional convenience, of course, can be considered the location at the same height of the switch and outlet. For proper compliance with European standards, this is the principle of installation.

Due to the availability of these devices there is alwaysthe opportunity to buy the cheapest switch and outlet and the story of installation in one circuit. The ease of installation of these electrical appliances makes it easy to do the work yourself. If necessary, the unit is easily transferred to another location. In this case, two separate podvodki to put it is not necessary. It will not be necessary to level the switch and the outlet at the same level.

Switch with socket in one housing

Mounting Features

Connect triple switch with socket in oneThe body can be used on almost any surface, whether it is a foam block, gypsum board, stone or brick. Installation of such devices is possible both indoors and outside the building. For outdoor installation it is recommended to use models with the provided protection against moisture.

What disadvantages are there?

Negative aspects of such devices includeThe need to replace the whole unit with its partial malfunction. It will not be possible, for example, to remove the damaged element of the switch and insert a new one. And yet, this disadvantage is not so important, if you compare it with the advantages of using combined cases.

Socket outlet with switch in one housing

How to choose a suitable block?

Socket outlet with switch in one housing is available insale in the modern market in various combinations, which are classified according to two basic principles. The first is the number of switch and socket outlets, and the second is the appearance of the unit. So, for example, in one case it is possible to get a single outlet and triple switch or any other combination, which for choice is given a huge amount.

In addition, as is known, internal andoutdoor sockets. The first ones are used for concealed lining, and the latter for open. The external switch with a double-case socket in comparison with the internal one looks more cumbersome. However, this will be the only option if the dwelling is equipped with an open wiring system and its replacement will be difficult.

Triple switch with socket in one housing

How to install a socket with a switch in one housing?

The connection of the unit is carried out approximatelyway. After the power is turned off, the markings are made for the subsequent installation of the housings. The wall is checked by a crown in the right place. Perforated holes, which are intended for cable laying, must be broken.

The installation boxes are interconnected, and ingrooves are inserted special connectors. The cable is pre-cleaned and wound in the boxes. The construction is fixed to the wall with screws fixing. Wires must be prepared for connection.

The cover from the socket is removed, and the contactsare connected to its terminals. The socket is installed in the box after the screws are unscrewed. The switch wires are isolated and then connected. The cover of the unit common for the socket and switch is installed, and the lid is closed. The power is turned on and the quality of the device is checked.

Socket outlet with switch in one housing photo

Suitable places for installation

Such devices are conveniently installed in corridors,bathrooms, as well as other rooms where there is a need for compact electrical devices. In such places, the sockets mainly serve as temporary power supplies for a variety of electrical appliances.

Theoretically, a switch with a socket in oneThe housing can be installed in any corner of the house or apartment, but you should pay more attention to the layout. It is best to choose a suitable place for installation in accordance with the plan of the dwelling. You can choose the number of keys, depending on the location. If it is planned to install switch blocks with outlets in humid rooms, you will need a device with special curtains for protection. Also, basic rules and installation requirements will be required.

Installation of the unit with one-key switches

Modern switch with socket in oneThe case is enjoying increasing popularity among buyers. To mount such a block, several simple actions are performed. It is necessary to lay a phase and a zero to the junction box from the central flap. The junction box should also include two three wires from the unit and two from the light bulbs, in which separate devices are combined.

The phase contact from the flap is fastened to the wire,which is connected to the terminal on the switch by means of a jumper. The remaining two phase contacts from the switch and the cartridge of the consuming light source are twisted and isolated. In the event that the unit provides grounding, it is necessary to connect it with additional wires.

Thanks to this scheme, the socket, combined withswitch in one case, will function independently of the switch, which will perform its main functions of turning off and on the light bulb.

Socket unit with a switch in one case

Circuit breaker with two keys

The following is another description of howthe socket with the switch in one case is connected. Photos of devices of this type, you can see in the review. Basically, the blocks that unite the two-button switch and the socket are mounted on partitions between the doors to the toilet and bathroom. The ability to control the lighting in two rooms appears when using only one block. At the same time there is always an opportunity to power any consumer of electricity from the outlet.

Socket with switch in one outer caserequires the laying of five conductors to the paired electrical system of the distribution unit. The zero wire from the distribution panel, as well as the ground conductor, must be connected only to the socket. To output the phase to the double switch, special jumpers are provided in the switching blocks. Two free veins are connected to the switching contacts of switches, through which the phase will be supplied to the appliances in the bathroom and toilet.

Twists are made in distribution boxescontacts that feed through the switch phase, as well as free veins, aimed at the bullets in the toilet and bathroom. Grounding from the consuming device and neutral wires are taken in distribution boxes by connecting bare ends with twists designed to power the outlet. If it becomes necessary to change the sequence of buttons that supply power to the lights in the bathroom and toilet, on the switching contacts you just need to change the veins in places.

What distinguishes one way from another?

You may notice that the connection scheme is singleand a dual switch, combined in a housing with an outlet, differs only in the necessary number of contacts. For the first option, you will need four wires, as well as grounding, and the second involves the presence of as many as five.

Socket with switch in one outer case


Sockets, lights and switches areThe main components of any electrical wiring in a private house, apartment, office space or garage. Therefore, every attentive and caring homeowner must understand the principle of connecting such devices after all repair work or the construction of new buildings with his own hands. A double socket with a switch in one case will be very useful in solving the problems of placing devices in a small area or at the same distance from the floor.