/ How to decorate a beautiful flowerbed with your own hands. How to decorate flower beds with flowers

How to decorate a beautiful flowerbed with your own hands. How to decorate flower beds with flowers

Every owner of a country house wants to relaxon the nature not only physically, but also morally. Therefore, many amateur gardeners want to make a bright corner in the garden. For this you need to know how to decorate a beautiful flower bed.

Before proceeding with the design, it is necessarytake into account the basic rules of landscape design. Proper design of the flower bed will make a flower garden that best meets all the requirements and dreams of the owner. In addition, proper design helps to feel the plants and understand their special needs. Thus, everyone can join the world of floristry.

how to decorate a beautiful flower bed

First stage

How to decorate a beautiful flower bed?It is necessary to start the creation of a flower composition from the layout and proper arrangement of different plant species on the flowerbed. After all, plants should not only correctly combine with each other and create a harmonious overall picture, but not interfere with each other. Lovers-gardeners who have never been engaged in decorating flowerbeds, you can use photos from magazines that fit the architectural structures of the infield.

First of all, it is necessary to choose the right kinds of plants. There are many factors to consider:

  • climate and microclimate of the region;
  • features of lighting;
  • soil features;
  • watering features.

how to decorate a flower bed near the house

Features of plants

It is necessary to pay special attention tothe microclimate of the territory in which the country house is located. It is known that some perennial plants show special sensitivity to spring frosts. Therefore, this can adversely affect their viability. Other species may die during the winter period, even if they are warmed.

If you are really interested in howbeautifully arrange flower beds with flowers, then you need to pay special attention to the lighting of the territory. Some plants are adversely affected by the effects of direct sunlight, from which they are burned. Other types of plants can not lay generative kidneys without the influence of direct sunlight. This leads to the fact that the flower does not bloom.

The beauty of the future flowerbed also depends on the composition andacidity of the soil. For example, plants-calcificles like soil containing a pH above 7. Such plants can not normally grow on acidic soil types, and vice versa, sundew, cotton grass, rhododendron and heather do not tolerate alkaline soils.

Watering is also of great importance.Regular watering is very important for plants that have large and not fleshy leaves. In such plant species, there is a large evaporation surface on the leaves, so a large loss of moisture occurs.

how to decorate flower beds with flowers

Therefore, if you seriously decided to learn how to decorate a beautiful flowerbed, you should carefully learn not only your home garden, but also various types of plants.

Types of flower beds

Many gardeners prefer their owndecorate the flower bed. Therefore, you need to know some rules that will prompt you how to decorate a flowerbed near the house. It is very important to combine not only the shades of plant colors, but also their flowering time. It should be remembered that the color scheme should not be challenging. The general background should be pleasant.

All beds can be divided into:

  • irregular;
  • regular.

Regular have a strict geometric appearance and a combination of different types of plants. Planting vegetation in this type of beds have clear boundaries. Flowering begins at one time.

how to decorate a flower bed with your own hands

Irregular flower beds are flower compositions,which were planted in small groups. This way of decorating a flower bed has a special advantage, because as soon as one type of plant blooms, others start blooming.

Features of the design of a round flower bed

There are many options for planting flowers inflowerbed. How to decorate a beautiful flower bed of any shape that would always please the eyes of all residents and guests of the house? First of all, it is necessary to determine the location of the flower bed. You do not need to equip a flowerbed in the shade or in the corner, because it has a bright and attractive appearance. It should also pay attention to the size of the flower bed and infield. On a large lawn, a small flowerbed looks unattractive. Also it would be ridiculous to look at a small plot of a large flower garden. But in this case, you can arrange several flower gardens of different sizes. So, your site will look bright and dynamic.

If you are really interested, how beautifulTo design a flower bed, you should think about the size of the plants. The flower bed should be twice as long as the tallest plant on the flowerbed. Pay attention to the highest type of vegetation. To avoid errors, you should first draw a chart of the future flowerbed. There are many options for creating flowerbeds. You can build a chain of several circles.

how to decorate a beautiful flower bed in the country

When choosing a place for a flower bed, rememberthat the soil must be fertile. Its thickness should be more than 50 cm. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the earth from stones and weeds. After this, it is necessary to dig up the soil and level it with rakes. Remember that the flower garden must be a convex shape. The edges should be raised 20 cm above the ground.

The integrity of the picture

It is necessary to bring every element of the landscape toperfect kind. You will not achieve the desired result, if you do not want to plant plants on the site. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to plant the whole territory, only a certain part of it should be ennobled. This is the basic rule, which must be guided in order to determine how to decorate a beautiful flower bed in the country (and not only). On such a flowerbed you can combine mixed plantings, where annual and perennial ornamental and beautiful flowering plants will be used.

 how beautifully arrange flower bed

Flower arrangement

All plants must be placed on the growth.Such a multi-tiered principle implies location of ground-cover and low-growing plants in the lower tier. They act as a frame for flowering medium-growing plants. The soloists in this orchestra are sredneroslye plants. They are the center of attention. Very effectively on the background of tall plants look tapeworms. Their foliage has a decorative form, and the flowers are always characterized by contrasting shades.

As an example of how beautifully arrange flowerbeds withflowers, you can consider a combination of tall perennials with medium-sized plants that harmonize with each other in color and shape. The ideal option in this case are the ground covers. They quickly fill the empty places in the flowerbed.

Architecture flower beds

If you are really interested in howYou can beautifully arrange the flower beds, you must consider all the features of the landscape area and its size. Beds can be made as a flat, raised, and trimmed with decorative stone or brick compositions.

how to make beautiful flower beds

For registration of beds in the corners, you can usevarious forms that do not have pronounced boundaries. To make the flower artist unique, you can use various unnecessary household items: barrels, beds, baskets, and even old cars.

Features color matching height

Кажется, все уже известно и можно приступать к creating a small masterpiece on your backyard. But do not hurry. You should also know something about how to arrange a flower bed near the house. To do this, you need to choose the right plants in height.

If the flower bed is presented only on one side (for example, in front of the house wall, fence, etc.), then higher plants should be placed at the back, and low plants should be placed in the foreground.

If the flowerbed is located in the middle of the lawn, then the highest flowers should be located in the center.

All tall plants characterize the structure of the flower beds. They are used as small groups, and each species separately.

Remember that next to tall plantsit is also necessary to plant middle-aged perennials, which are in perfect harmony with their neighbors in shape and color. For example, the bright red flowers of helenium are perfectly combined with blue sage candles.

When selecting plants for combination, make sure that recurring groups appear in the composition or have other combinations.

If there are open spaces on the flower bed, then theircan be closed using ground cover plants. Due to the optimal distance between the plants, for several years they can cover a flower bed with a dense carpet.

Now everyone knows how to beautifully arrange a flower bed with his own hands. You can create a unique atmosphere in your garden. It will be a pleasure to rest here at any time.