/ Condensation on cold water pipes: what to do, the reasons for education, how to get rid. Ventilation system in a private house

Condensation on cold water pipes: what to do, the reasons for education, how to get rid of. Ventilation system in a private house

When condensate forms on cold pipeswater, what to do will always tell the experienced plumber. But there are times when it is not possible to seek professional help, so it is important to know why this phenomenon occurs and how to deal with it.

condensate on cold water pipes what to do

The reasons for the formation of condensate

Moisture can appear on both metal and plastic surfaces. The reasons for its conditioning are equally eliminated, regardless of the material of the pipes. So the accumulation of condensate contributes:

  • poor or no ventilation at all;
  • stagnation of water;
  • faulty plumbing;
  • temperature difference;

If there is condensation on the pipes of cold water, what should be done immediately. Unresolved problem causes not only aesthetic ugliness, but also can damage pipes.

ventilation system in a private house

In the bathroom, excess moisture may appeardue to a sharp temperature drop and excessive humidity. To eliminate the trouble, it is necessary to adjust the ventilation system, and after taking a bath, leave the door open to ventilate the room.

В туалете, частой причиной "плача" труб является water leaks in the tank. The mechanism is simple: the water is constantly updated and does not have time to warm to room temperature. Thus, the pipe remains cold and the room is warm. The result is excessive moisture.

how to remove condensate from cold water pipes

Consequences of unrepaired condensate

In the places where the plumbing is installed, asAs a rule, air humidity is always high. But if the figures go beyond the critical level, then there may be unpleasant consequences for pipes and people living there.

  • Mold and mildew formation.When condensate on plastic pipes is constantly present, water droplets flow down the walls, fall to the floor. The result is a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria, which threatens with the appearance of mold. In conditions of constant humidity, the fungus begins to multiply vigorously, and then it will be very difficult to get rid of it.
  • Damage to property.Constant contact with water surely spoils all things in the room. Metal pipes quickly rust, plastic - lose their consumer properties. Ceramic tile may eventually fall off, and paint and plaster - to crack.
  • Drowning.Drops on the tubes do not evaporate by themselves. They often flow down the walls and through the microgaps come to the neighbors, which can cause the apartment to be flooded from below. In addition, water that accumulates on the pipes can fall on the floor and cause damage to the floor covering. Laminate will eventually swell, linoleum will deteriorate and fungus will form.
    causes of condensation

To avoid this, it is necessary to know how to remove condensate from cold water pipes and fix the problem in time.

We find out the cause of the problem

Before you fight to the water droplets on the pipes,it is necessary to understand why they appear. To eliminate condensate on cold water pipes, what to do in such cases is caused by the reason for its appearance.

If it is a leak, then at night, whenwater movement stops, you can hear a quiet drip. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find the place of the flow of water, eliminate it, and the problem with condensate will be solved by itself.

If moisture accumulates on the tank hose and closeparts of the system located to it are probably a problem in the system of the tank itself. Due to the constant presence of cold water and a relatively warm room, condensation forms. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a drain system.

When all systems are working properly, plumbing inorder, you need to check the ventilation. It is enough to attach a piece of paper to the outlet and if it falls, immediately clean it. It often happens that this measure alone is enough to completely prevent the problem.

In the summer, when the room is hot, butcold water is allowed in the pipes, condensate is an indispensable attribute. In this case, the elimination of a too sharp temperature difference between the outside air and the water in the pipes will help. Moisture-absorbing drugs may come to the rescue.

Pipe wiring problem

When the cause of the droplets on the tubes isplumbing malfunction or poor ventilation, it is clear to any man in the street what to do. But what about when the source is a technical reason. Often in the apartments, hot and cold water pipes are in excessive proximity to each other. In such conditions, it is clear why condensate on the pipes appears again and again, despite the good exhaust and serviceability of all systems.

If the layout is publicly available,be sure to take care of thermal insulation. But in the case when the network is hidden, you need the help of a specialist who decides the layout of the layout. In any case, major repairs are needed.

Thermal insulation material is used asspecial, and made of their scrap materials. The usual corrugation and assembly foam will do. In this case, the corrugation is cut to the required size and worn on problem areas. Where there are empty spaces, polyurethane foam rescues.

how to get rid of condensate

If plastic pipes are crying

When polypropylene pipes are laid in the house, the question of how to get rid of condensate is solved as follows:

  1. It is advisable to replace the conventional hood with an integrated fan.
  2. Carry out isolation measures withspecial tubes having a notch. They are easy to get at any plumbing or construction store. These tubes are made of polyethylene, energoflex and effectively protect pipes. the main condition for their use, thorough preparation of the pipes so that they are completely dry.
  3. In the case of plastic highway, you canfundamentally solve the problem of "crying", if you treat them with a projector primer. After complete solidification, they can be painted with oil paint. This method is suitable if the room is unremovable, constant and sudden temperature changes.

Consider that pipes for cold water are allowed to be covered with any enamel, and the hot water system is painted with oil paint only.

Get rid of moisture on metal pipes

The problem with metal systems is no lessacute because excessive moisture threatens the formation of corrosion and full wear of the pipes. Therefore, if condensate appeared on the cold water pipes, what to do is described in detail:

  1. The pipes are cleaned of rust, completely dried and covered with oil paint.
  2. Carbolate, pasty substance is treated with all sorts of cracks in the floor and walls. After complete solidification, it is also coated with oil paint.
  3. The entire water line is treated with a projector primer, and then coated with enamel.

condensate on plastic pipes

It should be remembered that the problem of condensate is often quite difficult to solve, so it is better not to allow it to appear than to deal with the consequences.

Plumbers Tips for Avoiding Leaks

Experts, often confronted with the "weeping" pipes, have gained a lot of experience in preventing problems at the root.

Should be purchased in the plumbing shop "Gofroterm". The substance is superimposed on the entire surface of the pipes, resulting in a solid and elastic base, which prevents the accumulation of moisture.

Liquid insulation also brings a good effect. It is applied to completely dry pipes and prevents sudden changes in temperature that cause condensation to form.

With a large difference between air temperature andsupplied water must be insulated. The most effective and suitable material for these purposes is expanded polyethylene, which is sold in any hardware store at an affordable price. The material is fixed with a clamp and a conventional wire.

condensate on the pipes in a private house

It is possible to eliminate fogging by the proposed methods, but which method should be chosen, it is necessary to decide after a precisely established reason.

Wet tubes in a private house

Condensate on the pipes in a private houseformed due to inadequate ventilation. Therefore, if the house is only at the construction stage, you should immediately take care of a strong hood. Before you install the pipeline you need to insulate it. Especially it is worth paying attention to this if the hot and cold water pipes are located in the immediate vicinity.

Inadequate ventilation in a private house is a common cause of condensation. Therefore, in order to avoid problems with this factor, it is worth paying attention to this.

For diagnostics experts are involved whoclean up if necessary. If the problem is not solved, you will have to install an additional duct for exhaust. The ventilation system in a private house often allows you to do this without much damage and high costs.

Pipe insulation

All pipes in the house is better to insulate. For these purposes, specialized materials are purchased. But you can use the tools at hand and save the house from constantly wet pipes.

The usual plastic tube is cut along and put on a problem place. The space between the pipes is filled with foam.

Metal pipe is easy to secure with old rags. To do this, we get rid of rust, dry the pipe and wrap it with rags.