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Flooring: dimensions, types and technology of styling

Today, for the finishing of the floor, there are manymaterials. Coatings of natural wood are popular. They are distinguished by their beauty and durability. Such material is the floorboard. The features of this material, the ways of its packing will be discussed later.

What is a sexual shaped board?

Sex from the floorboard fits harmoniouslyalmost any style of interior. There are different kinds of this material. Sexual is called a profile board. It is made of natural wood of different breeds. This material is used for finishing the floor. This is a qualitatively processed material that can differ in shape, size. Parquet board differs from this material by the way of manufacturing. It is glued together from several thin layers of wood. A hollow milled board is produced most often from a solid massif.

Flooring from larch

For fixation during laying, this material hasfastenings in the form of a groove and a crest. To produce the presented variety of materials can only from natural wood. At the same time, the material is selected for the production of high quality finishes. It should not have defects, knots, blackening.

This method of production allows manufacturingenvironmentally friendly finishing for the floor. It does not cause allergies, while in the room you can feel the pleasant aroma of wood. At the same time, the floor looks luxurious and expensive. This finish is suitable for both the restrained high-tech style and the rustic Provence style. For the latter, the natural finish of the floor is a must for stylistics.

Natural material is made from differentwood species. Preference is given to its hard varieties. So, on the most often you can find a floorboard from larch, oak, pine or ash. Also can be used in the manufacture of floor coverings of aspen, walnut or alder. Almost never produce a sexual shaped board from linden, poplar. They do not have sufficient strength and durability.

Material Features

The wooden floor board is differentpositive performance characteristics that distinguish it from other types of finishes. This is a very strong material. It is not afraid of mechanical loads, which contributes to a long period of its operation. This indicator is largely determined by the type of wood from which the board is made.

Oak floor boards

The natural material is distinguished by high sound andthermal insulation characteristics. This makes the room comfortable. In this case, the coating will not be deformed. Since the board is made of natural wood, it does not cause allergies. This material can be mounted in the bedroom and the children's room.

At the same time from the floorboard can be made outdoorcover for different types of interior. The shade and the pattern of the wood may be different. This is determined by the variety of the floorboard. This material allows you to really decorate the interior. The room will look cozy and warm.

However, it is worth considering that the presentedthere are a number of shortcomings. Natural wood is a combustible material. Therefore, not every room can be used. Also, wood can be prone to rotting, fungus formation. The material is quite complex in care. It can appear scratches and potholes.

If the humidity in the room changes significantly andtemperature, the material can change its dimensions and even shape. Therefore, when operating such a floor, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements for its operation. Due to temperature fluctuations, slots may appear between the boards. It can ruin the kind of flooring.

Thickness and density

The thickness of the floorboard, as well as its densityare indicators that characterize the durability of the operation of the floor covering. Therefore, when choosing on them, you need to pay attention. The thickness of the material varies from 2 to 7 cm.

Floor board

The choice of board thickness depends on the step with whichlags are laid. So, if the distance between the support bar is 60 cm, then you can get a sexual shaped board 3-3.5 cm thick. Sometimes, logs are stacked with a large step, for example, 80 cm. In this case, the thickness of the board should be larger. It should be between 4 and 4.5 cm.

When choosing a finishing material you need to drawattention to the index of patency in the room. If a lot of people live in the house, and the room is often visited, you should give preference to materials with medium or high thickness.

Usually for a living room apply a board thickness3,5-4 cm. This is quite enough for the floor covering to be used for a long time. If it is a gym, a living room, you need to purchase a board with a thickness of 4 cm. It should be taken into account that the cost of finishing depends on this indicator. You need to find the optimal ratio of price and thickness of the floorboard.

This indicator must be correlated with the densitymaterial from which the finish is made. It depends on it, whether the floor covering will be durable, resistant to mechanical influences. The most dense are such species of wood as oak, maple and beech. Less hardy are pine, spruce. But the cost of boards of these materials will be lower. Therefore, such a decoration is in demand. Working with such materials is much easier. They are soft, so they do not put special demands on the choice of fasteners.

The size

The width of the floorboard can vary inlimits from 8 to 14 cm. Than the finishing material, the more there will be joints on the floor covering. This also somewhat complicates the installation. It is easier to install the board if it is of medium width. If this indicator is the highest, the master requires certain skills in laying the boards. In this case, high demands are placed on the moisture content of the wood. The geometry of the boards is also important. A wide board must have the highest quality, so that it can be mounted independently.

Thickness of the floorboard

Also, when choosing the material for finishing the floor, you needtake into account the thickness index. As a rule, this parameter and width are interrelated. A good batten should be stable. Therefore, it is better to choose a medium-sized board. Most often in the construction material is used 10-10.5 cm wide and 3-3.5 cm thick. It will be less prone to warping due to temperature and humidity changes.

The length of trim boards may also vary.floor. It can vary from 3 to 6 m. The choice depends on the particular installation. Before starting work, a plan is drawn up on which the dimensions of the room are indicated, as well as the method of laying the material. As a result, the master, going through several options, chooses the one in which there is less waste and a minimum of joints is obtained.

On sale also represented eurodoska.It can have a size of 2 m. If the finish will be more economical when using a short board, you need to choose it. Therefore, before starting the installation consider all the options for installation.


Oak, larch or other flooringvarieties of wood can be manufactured using two different technologies. There is a massive board (solid) and spliced ​​(glued). Each of these varieties has its advantages and disadvantages.

Floorboard width

The advantage of solid wood is itsnaturalness However, in this material there may be pitch pockets, knots. This greatly reduces the quality of the finish. But this is really a natural material, which is made from solid solid wood. Integral eurodose is characterized by the presence of slots for ventilation. This allows you to extend the life of the flooring. In this case, the board will not be subject to warping.

Срощенная доска состоит из нескольких частей.They allow you to increase the length of the array. The advantages of this material are the absence of knots, as well as high strength. This board has impeccable geometry. The disadvantage of the spliced ​​board is the presence of glue in its composition. In this case, logs will need to be laid in increments of no more than 40 cm.

The floorboard made of larch, ash, beech or other materials can also be grooved or without special projections for fixing. In the first case, the board has thorn-groove connections.

The sale is a regular and eurodoska.The second option is more expensive. However, its performance is much higher than conventional boards for finishing the floor. This material has a low moisture content. Eurodoska has an ideal geometry, which greatly simplifies installation. Also in this material there are no defects. The board has a smooth surface, which makes it easier to varnish it. In this case, the nap will not rise.


Oak and larch floorboards, as well asother materials may have different levels of humidity. Valid if this figure varies from 12 to 14%. Otherwise such floor covering will be subject to deformation and will not be able to be operated for a long time.

Стоит учесть, что разные породы древесины differ in different coefficient of linear expansion. Moreover, the deformation can be observed in the transverse and longitudinal direction. The smallest coefficient of expansion differs oak. He is followed by ash.

Floorboard floor

Deformation rate depends on the compositionwood, the presence of resins, tannins, oils, etc. The more such substances, the less the material is deformed under the influence of moisture. Therefore, wood harvested in the cold season. At this time, sap flow slows down.

It is necessary to get a dry batten.At the same time it is better to use your own moisture meter. If you buy a material that does not meet the requirements, you should not expect it to dry out over time. Wet wood is deformed during improper drying. It will become unsuitable for installation.

Properly dried wood is processedin a special chamber. From it remove moisture at high temperature. Only such a material is of high quality and will not warp during operation.

Packing and calculation

Многих покупателей интересует вопрос, как correctly calculate the amount of materials in the package. How many cubes in the floorboard? This is an important issue that buyers must decide when choosing materials. A material is also on sale that is measured in square meters.

Installation of flooring

You should know that the area and volume of the boards are consideredexcluding mounts (thorn-groove). However, some unscrupulous sellers may consider the area of ​​fasteners in the total size of the material. They can also round the board volume.

So, to calculate the cubature of one board, you needmultiply its length by width and thickness. For example, a board with dimensions of 150 x25 x 6000 is on sale. The cubature of such a board is 0.00225 m³. For example, a cubic meter of material costs about 7.5 thousand rubles, then the cost of one board will be 168 rubles. 75 kopecks

Некоторые продавцы округляют кубатуру доски.The result is an indicator of 0.0023 or even 0.0025 m³. In the first case, the cost of one board will be 172 rubles. 50 kopecks, and in the second - all 187 rubles. 50 kopecks Therefore, the cost of a cube of boards will not be 7.5 thousand rubles, but 8.3 thousand rubles. Therefore, when choosing a finish, you should take into account the actual dimensions of the board with a size that is indicated on the package. Otherwise, the floor of the floorboard will cost unnecessarily more expensive.

Also, when choosing to pay attention to the packaging. It should be made of shrink PVC. In this case, condensate will not collect when temperature drops inside the package.

Styling Features

Installation of the floorboard is differentin ways. For fixation of materials in their design provided by the protrusions and grooves. They run along the entire side surface of the boards. The grooves can be rectangular or trapezoidal. The second option is more practical, therefore it is used when creating boards more often.

При укладке представленного типа отделки нужно follow a set of rules. Installation is carried out in a dry room. The material should also be different good geometry, free from defects. Its humidity must meet the requirements. Indoors humidity should not exceed 60%.

Before installation, the board must adapt toconditions of the room. To do this, you need to open and decompose in the room. So it should lie for about 3 days. If the base of the floor is concrete, it must be waterproofed. It should also be noted that it is possible to start finishing the base with the board only after the rest of the work in the room has been completed.

Installation of a floor shaped board can be carried out on any basis. This may be concrete, plywood, logs. From the type of base will be slightly different installation technology.

Laying when using glue

The floorboard is laid in one of two ways. The first approach involves the use of glue in the finishing process. It is also called the "parquet" method. The second method involves fixing on the lags.

The advantage of the first method of installation isthe fact that the ceiling height is not significantly reduced. However, the floor for this type of installation should be perfectly level. This method of installation is similar to laying parquet. However, there is a difference. The floorboard is more dimensional. Therefore, it is fixed not only with glue, but also with the help of screws.

For fixing fit different glue.It can be epoxy, polyurethane, dispersed. The latter option is best not to apply if the boards are made of exotic woods. It is preferable to glue durable, but elastic. You can also use polyurethane adhesives. They can be one- or two-component.

Laying on logs

The floorboard is often laid on logs.This method is suitable if the ceiling is high and the floor is uneven. First lags are laid. The step between them should be 40-70 cm. The cross section of the timber used for the log should be 5-7 cm. Before installing, the logs are treated with an antiseptic.

Между лагами можно уложить слой минеральной ваты.It will serve as heat and sound insulation. After that, you can begin to fix the boards. They need to be laid correctly. The first board should be mounted so that the wooden floor plinth is covered with screws.

When all boards are laid, the surfacegrind. Movement first perform across, and after that - along. Completes processing diagonal grinding. After this board covered with a layer of varnish. It must be of increased strength. Varnish is applied at least 2 layers. When it dries, you can exploit the room.

Having considered how to select and install flooring from a floorboard, you can purchase suitable material and install it on the base with your own hands. Finishing will be durable and spectacular.