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Proper planting of strawberry seeds allows you to get quality seedlings

Strawberries in Russia enjoys greatpopular. This tasty and healthy berry gives good harvests, of course, if it creates good conditions. Now there are a large number of promising varieties that give a stable crop and are resistant to diseases. But it is not always possible to purchase seedlings of the variety that you like, and its quality may not be perfect. In addition, the cost of such planting material is quite high.

Now you can find in specialized storesstrawberry seeds of various varieties. But in this case, especially for novice gardeners, the question arises: how to plant strawberries with seeds? To get good seedlings, you have to make some effort and have patience. After all, this process is quite long and has its own characteristics.

Planting strawberry seeds in March or earlyApril will allow you to get the first berries in the summer. But for the shoots to be friendly, the sowing material needs to be stratified. This process should take place in a humid environment at a temperature of +2 - +4 degrees. A fridge works well for this purpose. The duration of stratification is from 1 month to 2.5, therefore such a procedure should be started in advance.

To plant seeds of strawberries gave a goodresult, the preparation of the soil must be approached very responsibly. Now the stores have a large range of land for planting, including for strawberries. But it is quite suitable and universal, which is designed for growing seedlings of vegetable crops. And you can make a mixture yourself. It should consist of sand, preferably coarse-grained, peat and humus in the ratio of 1: 1: 2. Instead of humus, you can use the turf ground with the addition of complex fertilizers and wood ash. Any soil needs to be steamed to get rid of pathogens, as well as eggs and larvae of various insects. But if such processing cannot be carried out, then it is possible to pour the soil with a strong solution of potassium permanganate.

The complexity of the operation, such as planting strawberriesseeds, is in their uniform distribution over the surface of the prepared soil, because they are very small. Many experts recommend the use of very small containers, which are planted in one seed. Moreover, the height of the vessel should not exceed 5 cm, and there must be a drainage hole. Such planting of strawberries from seeds makes it possible to do without a pick, which is usually carried out when the seedlings have one or two true leaves, but at the time they are very fragile and can be easily damaged.

Many novice gardeners admit seriousmistake, sprinkling the seeds with earth. Strawberries sprout well in the light, so its seeds do not need to be embedded in the soil. They only need to be sprayed with water from a spray bottle so that they better lie down on the ground.

Посадка земляники семенами имеет еще одну feature. The tank with the planted seed must be closed with glass or film. Thus, a special microclimate will be created that promotes active germination of seeds. Such a shelter is not removed even when shoots appear, but it is necessary to air regularly. When 1-2 true leaves develop, the seedlings begin to accustom themselves to room conditions, gradually increasing the duration of the airing. Do not immediately remove the shelter, because the seedlings may die from too much moisture.

To ensure that the strawberry seeds quickly and amicablysprouted, they need a temperature of about 26 degrees. Just do not put the seedlings close to the battery, because there is a risk to dry the seeds. Watering should be very cautious, as overwetting of the upper layer of the earth can lead to the appearance of a “black leg” and the death of plants.