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The tricks of home comfort: what color is combined with green?

Green color, wherever it is used,brings with it a positive and confident. People who have this color in the interior prevail, note that at home they are easier to survive any stress, they are less worried, they are conflicting and arguing. The green color in the interior really has a calming effect on people, which means that it is ideal for use when decorating any room in the house. In addition, there are a lot of shades of this color, a pleasant combination with green form gray, and white, and black, and orange colors, so you will not have to choose the ideal color for a long time! Next, we will take a closer look at what color is best combined with green, and we will help you find the most pleasant combination.

What green happens?
what color is combined with green

Designers distinguish several basic shadesthis color, for example, mint, malachite, lime, citrus, "forest" and others. By the way, camouflage, olive and khaki also belong to this group of shades. There is, of course, a truly green color that has certain properties (we will talk about them later). I must say that almost any shade from the palette of this color is combined with the palette of yellow and blue that is close to it. If you think about it, it's logical, because green is, in fact, the result of the fusion of these colors in equal proportions. Surprisingly beautiful green in the interior is combined with white, and it can be both dark and light colors. What color is combined with green yet? On the second place are beige and gray.

If you have a problem with whatto connect a saturated shade (for example, "wood", jade or color of mustard), then we advise you to choose gray, white or classic blue, this set of colors will look natural and at the same time not ordinary. But pale green shades boldly connect with a positive orange or beige.

Green color in the apartment

combination of green in the interior
We have already mentioned that green shadesuniversal, they can be included in the furnishings and the bathroom, and the nursery, and, of course, the living room. In the bathroom, white plumbing excellent ottenit such a design solution, the more pacification, which gives green, very handy in this case. Specialists in creating design projects can offer three options for finishing: green can be either pieces of furniture, or walls, or the bathroom is made entirely in this range. Which color blends with green and will be applicable to the bathroom? It is white or beige, which has already been mentioned.

The combination of green in the interior of the living room witha contrasting hue will look calm, dignified, but in no case will make the visitors come to you bored. For this, the green is best suited, and it should be present in detail, for example, get a carpet, a vase or a picture of a truly green color. But if in your plans to cover the living room with wallpaper of this shade, furniture and accessories should contrast with the general situation.

Select green as the main color for the kitchenthe headset is a very good idea, as you can beat it with 1-2 additional colors, creating classic combinations, but making the kitchen look more bold and bright, using, for example, green and yellow, black-green, lime with silver and the like combination.

combination with green
And if you are wondering what color is combined withgreen to create a cozy bedroom, then you know - for this room it is better to use calm shades, which have to sleep. Such are the mustard color, olive, a combination of blue and green, blue and green. In this case, sleeping in it will become much more comfortable, and it's easier to wake up.