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How to plant strawberry seeds?

Now on sale you can find a huge selectionseed garden strawberries. These are new, promising varieties or hybrids of repaired species that, as a rule, do not give a mustache. However, how to sow strawberries so that a full-fledged fruit-bearing shrub later forms is not known to everyone.

If you have experience growing seedlings of vegetables,then the task is greatly simplified. Sowing strawberries with seeds you can do on your own, because the agrotechnics of sprouting strawberry seeds before the emergence of sprouts is in many ways similar to the agrotechnics of vegetables. But there are also features. For example, the seeds of this berry must first be kept at a low temperature (for example, in a refrigerator) in a humid environment. The exposure time depends on the variety, but for large-fruited varieties it is about two months. This process is called stratification; it is necessary for thinning a sufficiently hard seed shell.

The day before the stratification of the seeds is necessaryprocess solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection (it should be strongly colored, but not dark). In addition to disinfection, this treatment will provide the seeds with potassium for the initial period. Seeds need to be kept in solution for about a day. Then they spread on a layer of pure sand and sprinkle them on top too. Capacity is closed, and it is put in the fridge. Seeds should be regularly monitored, watered and aired. The appearance of sprouts will signal the need for landing.

January or February is the optimal time toseeding strawberries with seeds. On the prepared soil lay the "naklyuvshuyusya" seeds and ideally covered with a layer of snow, which, melting, will provide them with the necessary moisture. If this is not possible, the soil is regularly gently moistened by spraying. The box must be covered with glass or film and put in a warm place (not necessarily bright). If done correctly, the shoots will appear in about three weeks.

After the appearance of the first shoots boxinstalled in a warm and bright place. Sprouts at this time are very gentle, and require special treatment: watering through a pipette, regular, but short airing. During this period, gardeners need to be patient so that the sowing of strawberries with seeds is not wasted. If you hurry and open the seedlings completely ahead of time, they can die from a drop in humidity and temperature.

After about a month and a half, young shootsget stronger and, when they appear on three or four of these leaves, it will be necessary to dive the seedlings. Obligatory condition - transplantation must always be carried out with the ground, so that the roots are not exposed. After picking, young plants need to be applied for a while, as they are still very delicate. Further care of them consists in regular watering, weeding and feeding. Gradually, the seedlings will take the usual strawberry look, and you will only wonder how you managed to sow strawberries with seeds yourself. After they take the size of ordinary strawberry seedlings, they should be transplanted to a permanent place.

The question of how to sow strawberries, quite solve.But the question “why?” Does not have such an unequivocal answer, because as a result of years of research, biologists and breeders have found that individuals grown from seeds never repeat parental signs, especially if the seeds were collected at their summer cottage. Still, the purchase of varietal healthy seedlings or self-growing it from the whiskers is the only way to get strawberries with the desired properties and the required quality.