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How to build a toilet in the country

If you have a country house or a cottage with allcomforts, then, of course, you are incredibly lucky. After all, without a toilet and a shower can not do. But for those who have such buildings on the site is not available, we propose to make a toilet with our own hands. It will require only the desire and the materials necessary for this.

Variants of how to build a toilet in the country,abound. Naturally, the question is only how much money you are going to spend on it. It is better to build a toilet by a separate autonomous structure, rather than installing it in the house itself. Firstly, an ordinary village toilet on the street does not require expensive sewage pipes. Secondly, with high-quality construction does not need constant care, cleaning. The only drawback of the toilet on the street is the uncomfortable sensations of the one who is in it in the autumn-winter period. But this problem can be eliminated if desired, by putting in the construction of a heating system (but this is unnecessary).

So, how to build a toilet in the country?The cheapest option is to dig a deep pit, install, for example, a wooden fence and build the most primitive floor with a small hole. But, let's say, this option is impractical, short-lived and already old-fashioned.

It is more attractive to build a stone building.First you need to decide on the place. The toilet should be located away from the well or well. Otherwise, drinking water pollution can not be avoided. The distance from the toilet to the source of drinking should be at least 25 meters. If your site is not on flat land, then the construction of the toilet must begin in the lowlands. Also, when choosing a place for a toilet, pay attention to the wind rose in your area. Agree, unpleasant smells to feel in the house or on the backyard is not very attractive.

So, you have decided on this, so you can talk about how to build a toilet in the country.

Let's get started. First you need to dig a hole deeper.Do not forget about the groundwater. It is from their depth that depends what toilet you will build: loft-or powder-closet. In any case, it is important to isolate the pit properly and scrupulously.

Toilet type powder-clauset is a design without a cesspool. It replaces the waterproof container installed under the seat, which periodically pours out.

The second type of cottage toilet is a backyard-closet. It will work in the event that there are no obstacles to travel and the work of the machine that makes cleaning the pit.

Based on the second type, a conventionalrustic toilet. The cesspool should not be less than 1 meter deep. On the perimeter the ground part of the toilet is either erected from a tree or from a brick. The platform is usually made of wood. You can also build a seat out of the hewn boards. By the way, if the pavement is concreted, it is quite realistic to install a toilet on it.

Speaking about how to build a toilet in the country,should focus on the most ground structure. Today, the toilet house can be bought at any specialized store. It can be plastic or wooden construction. On the one hand, it is convenient. But nevertheless, a stone or brick separate building is better. This and will last longer, and looks more aesthetically.

If you feel that you do not understand howto build a toilet at the dacha with your own hand, then buy a bio-toilet. It can be used not only at the dacha. It is convenient and practical. By the way, at the price of a bio-toilet is available. He can afford to buy a person with an average income level. If you have firmly decided that it is necessary to build a toilet, then, having a lack of self-confidence, invite professional builders. They quickly and, most importantly, qualitatively, will perform all the necessary work.