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How to rewind the FSM tape: recommendations

When replacing plumbing,learn how to properly reel the FTM-tape on the thread. In addition to it, there is still a tow, a flax, a special thread. From the practice of installation it is recommended to combine materials depending on the difficulties that arise.

Problems of fasteners

Why do I have to figure out how to correctlyreel the FSM tape. And for what in general it is necessary to use it? Inconsistencies in threaded connections, which are associated with differences in size tolerances for different manufacturers. The opening crane in the apartment sometimes does not change for decades and is made according to Soviet standards. Chinese plumbing often has differences in the carving of a tenth of a millimeter, and this is no longer hidden by a minimal and invisible eye layer of sealant.

how to rewind the tape

It is important for another reason to understand howproperly reel the FTM tape. Tips for beginners can be given about its direction of application on the thread. The resulting end should look towards the rotation of the upper joint. Otherwise, the tape gradually jumps out under pressure. If the tolerances are too large, a large seal layer is obtained. This, in turn, does not give a reliable fixation.

Mounting options

Considering how to properly wound the FSM tape,Do not forget to pay attention to the length of the internal thread. Often docking joints protrude considerably. A simple calculation will save the cost of sealing material.

how much to wind the tape

We'll figure out how to properly wound the FSM tape:

  • We wind in several layers, evenly laying it on the thread so that each cavity was closed with a tubercle.
  • Do not forget to take into account the direction.
  • The amount of tape. It is enough for 3 layers, provided that both connections are from the same manufacturer.
  • If large differences in the thread, it is permitted to apply a thicker layer. However, winding more than 5 turns does not make sense anymore. There is not enough clamping force of the parts.

What's better?

There are several options for sealing:tow, linen, FUM tape. The first material was more often used for winding on gas pipes, impregnating it with paint. The disadvantage is the complexity of the disassembly, a few years later.

The flax is capable of hammering any thread.Even if after assembly there is a slight leakage in the form of droplets, the deposits of solid particles will accumulate on the hair threads with time. The sealing material acts as a filter, closing even the slightest possibilities for the penetration of droplets.

how to properly tape a tape tips for beginners

Important:correctly reel wrap, flax and FUM tape! The rules are similar to the above. Only need to take into account that flax and tow are quickly wet. They must be applied dry. If there is still moisture, it is worth removing it with a cloth or paper before starting work. Spoiled threads should be removed. Silicone and other impurities do not make sense, they can not hold the tap water because of the constant pressure drops in the system.


How much to wind the FUM tape, you can understand,preliminary having wound a connection to the middle of a carving, and to try to move it concerning each other. If you feel a significant gap, you can safely apply 4-5 layers. With a tight fixation, it will be sufficient to have two revolutions.

FUM tape is different in purpose:for gas, cold or hot water. In the first case, professionals pass to a thread impregnated with a special compound. But such material is very expensive and not everyone will be ready to put it on water supply systems.

Correctly reel wrapped linen and ribbon tape

Color of FUM tape:white for cold water, and orange for hot water. The latter type is suitable in both cases, but its cost is somewhat higher. The number of layers increases with the diameter of the tube. The thickest places are made in the place of fixing the locknuts and couplings.

FUM tape can be of several sizes.The thickest rolls are used on an industrial scale. For home, a compact reel with a width of 1.5 cm is suitable. The advantage of the material is the absence of aging, reaction with any liquids. In addition, it does not heat up, does not tear during work, unlike flax.

When working with gas connectionsto check the quality of joints by soaping. The absence of emerging bubbles indicates an acceptable result. FUM tape is often used for sealing plastic pipes in water. She also showed herself well at the junctions of plastic lines.