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How to make garden paths from wood sprees

When the construction of a country house is coming tocompletion, it's time to reflect on the development of the infield. One of the important elements of its design are garden paths that connect all the important objects throughout the territory. They should not only be beautiful, but also functional, in harmony with the main building and the surrounding buildings, and fit organically into the overall landscape design.

tracks from the spits of a tree

If you decide to erect on your sitewooden house, then the best solution for equipping the area around it will be garden paths from the spits of the tree. The technology of manufacturing such paths is known from ancient times, this is the way that bridges approaches to aristocratic manors.

The paths from the spits of the tree are very beautiful,environmentally friendly, not subject to moisture and temperature changes. In addition, such garden elements do not require any financial costs. Using materials left from the construction of the main building, sawn trunks or old logs, you can create magnificent garden paths from the tree with your own hands, which will serve as an effective decoration of your site. If desired, this way you can lay out the area in front of the house or make an original patio.

garden paths from the spits of a tree

The paths from the spits of the tree serve about tenyears. To increase the service life, it is recommended to treat the dies with an antifungal formulation or linseed oil - it needs to be heated to a boil and applied to the surface of the wood with a thin layer on both sides. After the antiseptic treatment, the spili must be thoroughly dried.

The best material for making such cobblesthe path is considered to be larch. However, it is also possible to use other types of trees: pine, aspen, oak, etc. When building a path from the sprees of a tree, it is necessary to saw the existing logs on plates of about ten centimeters in thickness. You can artificially age the material. For this, it is necessary to process the obtained wooden mugs with a solution of copper sulfate - they will darken and look more original.

garden paths made of wood with own hands

When the material is prepared, it is necessaryMark the direction of the paths. This is done with a rope, which is stretched to the pegs along the entire length of the intended path. After this, you can proceed with the installation of the foundation of future paths. It is necessary to thoroughly eradicate all the weeds so that in the future they do not sprout between the elements of the path. Since wood readily absorbs moisture, good drainage is necessary under the path. To do this, remove the layer of soil (20-25 cm), level the bottom of the trench, fill it with sand or gravel, moisturize and ram. There are several such layers. That the tracks from the spits of the tree do not creep over time, the contours should be marked with a curb. You can make it from anything: the remains of brick, stone or concrete. Now you can lay dies, and gaps between them should be covered with sand.

If you plan to surround the path with a lawn,Spacing between the spills can be filled with soil with grass seeds. Then the path more harmoniously fit into the overall landscape design. So, using the simplest materials and spending a minimum of effort, you can get a comfortable, simple and aesthetic path that will decorate your site.