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Do you already know how to grow strawberries from seeds?

For many of us, strawberries are one of the mostfavorite berries. Its unique taste and such inviting aroma remind us of childhood, a happy time of summer vacations in the country or in the countryside. How nice it will be to go straight to the garden in the morning and put a handful of sugar berries in your mouth. At that happy time, it never occurred to us to think about the efforts required to grow these berries. Let's try to figure out which strawberries to grow on your site and how to grow seedlings on your own.

Miracle berry

In one popular proverb it is said thata glass of strawberries prolongs life for a year. Folk wisdom is not far from the truth. If during the season to eat a glass of strawberries a day, then the health from this will improve quite appreciably. Strawberry berries have the most beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, adjust the immune system to proper work, contain a huge amount of vitamin C and vitamins A and B.

The leaves and roots of strawberries are part of a variety of medicinal fees. Strawberries are actively used in cosmetology. And most importantly, it's just amazingly tasty.

Own: natural and tested

You can, of course, go for strawberries onmarket. There we will be offered a forest fruit, and various garden varieties, both our and the overseas. Only, that's the trouble, we do not know, along which route or near which enterprise the wild strawberry was collected, what fertilizers such wonderful color and the size of the garden strawberry were achieved. It's no secret that the purchased strawberry, stuffed with fertilizers, is a very strong source of allergy, especially for children. But children are the main lovers of this summer beauty.

The way out is to grow strawberriesyourself. Let's try to figure out how to grow strawberries. For this you can buy seedlings. Only at the right time, quality seedlings of good varieties - this is a real deficit. It is necessary to think about how to grow strawberries from seeds yourself.

How to grow strawberries from seeds?

The rules of agrotechnology seem to be not very complicated.But many gardeners note that understanding how to grow strawberries from seeds comes only with experience. Very little capricious little tender shoots. Intuition and experience are a good thing, but at the heart of all knowledge. Moreover, if you fail, the next call will be possible only in the next season.

All in order

We start with the selection of seeds.It is important to choose those varieties that are well proven in the area where they will grow. Of seeds, it is more expedient to cultivate a strawberries repairant. If everything is done correctly, you can eat small, but very tasty berries from early summer to mid-autumn. For the middle band, for example, Sashenka, Lizonka, Irishka will suit.

Strawberry seeds are soaked in a growth stimulatorand planted in a container with soil. The soil must be prepared in advance for quality, loose, well-fertilized. Before planting seeds, it is necessary to compact the top layer with a piece of plywood or glass. Then you can draw a groove depth of about 5-6 mm. Well-swollen seeds are planted at a distance of 2-3 cm. Moisten the soil with a sprayer. By the way, before the appearance of leaves for irrigation, we use only sprayers or spray guns, so as not to damage the delicate and capricious shoots.

After planting, the container needs to be closed for 10-14 days.film or glass. Some gardeners prefer to use a moist newspaper. When most of the shoots are passed through, boldly remove the film. After the appearance of 3 of the present leaf, the seedlings are discarded. The main thing is to transplant the seedlings to the same depth, otherwise they will die.

Well, in the open ground we ship our seedlings in the second half of May. The main thing is to observe the seedlings and take into account that strawberries are very fond of moisture and sun, but it does not tolerate a strong heat.

If you find your optimal recipe, how to grow strawberries from strong and hardened seeds, then in a year you will enjoy the harvest.