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Designing a site for a kindergarten in summer: the main aspects

Any adult, taking up the design of the sitekindergarten in the summer, before starting to formulate a concept, draw up sketches and acquire the necessary building materials, one thing must be done. It is necessary to remember yourself as a child, which was pleasant and interesting in this period of your life. After that, the design of the kindergarten in the summer will be more fruitful. After all, the main task of this process is not to satisfy personal self-esteem and creative desires of parents, educators, designers, but to create a comfortable environment for children.

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Having understood this, it is possible to start thinking outconcept. The design of the kindergarten site in summer should not be spontaneous. It is necessary to draw up a plan for the site, taking into account the already existing on it gaming and decorative small architectural forms (MAF), trees, bushes, paths, verandas.

Having determined territorial opportunities, it is necessaryto think over where and how on the site it is possible to create conditions for the account of which different directions of development of children will be provided: intellectual, playful, motor, independent activity. All this will be very influenced by the surrounding situation, to which the children are sufficiently receptive. The site of a kindergarten in the summer should justify the expectations of children from the arrival of a warm season.

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In this regard, adults should try tothe surrounding space on the playground has turned into a real fairy-tale country where small members of our society will feel themselves full-fledged masters, where they will have the opportunity to show their creative thinking, to transform in accordance with the intended elements of the subject environment. To implement all this, it is necessary to plan competently (with the involvement of specialists in child psychology and ergonomics) what designs, figures and objects of decoration should be placed on the site.

Having defined the functional part, it follows thatdetermine the design of the kindergarten site. The best option is design, which will contain items and characters from children's fairy tales, well-known guys. It is advisable not to succumb to various newfangled trends, but to turn to well-known to our grandfathers and grandmothers folk creations. After all, it was in Russian folk tales that great attention was paid to the educational aspect, which is of no small importance for the development of the child.

Registration of the kindergarten site in summer can be done by parents and educators independently, and it is possible to hire specialists. Both options have pros and cons.

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In the first case, you need to find enougha lot of free time, and one of the parents must have carpentry and carpentry skills. But it will be really unique and unique items created specifically for their children. In the second case, it will not be necessary to take care of all the organizational aspects, the development of the project, the search for material and skilled carpenters and carpenters. True, this will be a standard solution.