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How to get a medal "Veteran of Labor"

In 1974 the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Unionthe law establishing a medal "Veteran of Labor" was adopted. The award was created to encourage workers for conscientious long-term work in the national economy, in the fields of culture, science, public education, health. In recognition of the state and society of labor merit, citizens can get a medal after reaching the retirement age, leaving for a deserved rest.

Usually the medal "Veteran of Labor" is solemnly presented to the awardees in labor collectives.

Employees who receive various types of pensions and continue their working life can also receive a reward when the retirement age is reached.

To reward the medal, the administrationorganization, institution, enterprise or trade union organization sends a petition, which is instituted together with the idea of ​​an old-age pension, but for working pensioners and before retiring to a well-deserved rest.

By its design, the medal "Veteran of Labor"made of tombac, with silvered, has the form of a circle, the diameter of which is 34 millimeters. On the front side there is a background picture in the form of divergent rays with a convex inscription of the USSR, relief figures of a sickle, a hammer and a laurel branch. At the bottom along the circumference there is an inscription "Veteran of Labor". The reverse side has a matte light background, on which is written "For a long conscientious work", the inscription is located in four lines. In the border of the medal there is a rim. The award also consists of a pentagonal pad, covered with a moire silk ribbon, connected to the medal with a ring and a lug.

Today the award has more than 16 million people. The availability of the certificate of a labor veteran gives the right to use various social benefits.

At present, get the medal "Veteran of Labor"Russia has the right to citizens with honorary titles, insignia, orders and medals, as well as persons whose work experience is 40 and 35 years for men and women respectively.

How to get a medal "Veteran of Labor"

If you have the right to a reward, you should collectdocuments confirming work activity. To receive a medal, you can submit both originals and certified copies of certifying documents certified by the authorized body of social protection.

Then it is necessary to apply with a statement toa local section of the Pension Fund. Within 10 days the application is sent for consideration to the executive authorities. If a positive decision is taken, you can receive a medal along with the certificate. In case of refusal to issue a reward within 15 days, a notification comes, explaining the reasons for the decision.

Awarded a medal and a rank the veteran receivesthe right to benefits, namely: the possibility of free travel in urban public transport, as well as in the railway in suburban areas, a five percent reduction in payment for housing and utilities, preferential treatment if there are medical indications. The availability of an additional list of benefits in different regions may vary. So in Moscow, labor veterans additionally receive a 50% discount on telephone, housing, as well as vouchers for sanatoriums, free dental prosthetics and a city supplement for retirement.

In different territorial bodies there may besome differences in the list of benefits, so you need to contact the local department of social protection to clarify what benefits are allowed in this region.

It should also be remembered that the medal is not valid if there is no certificate. Therefore, do not forget it when applying for benefits.