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Domestic and wild funny animals

The fauna of planet Earth is so diverse thatalmost everywhere there are funny animals. The dwarf toy is the smallest among all known species of monkeys. She looks so funny and cute that one can not help but say. Little chanterelle - fennel, dwarf dog chihuahua and echidna are also amazing animals.

Miniature Game

Monkeys of this species are very cute and funnyanimals. Surprisingly, they resemble small dwarfs. The smallest members of the family can charm anyone. The range of the species occupies the territory of several countries (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador) and the banks of the river. The Amazon.

In size, it resembles a squirrel or a mouse.These funny animals in the adult state have a height of 10 to 12 cm. Miniature doves have a long (in comparison with the trunk) tail, which reaches a length of 20 cm. This cute monkey perfectly suits as a pet.

If this wonderful creature is competentto look after, it will live next to a person for several years. Such funny pets eat insects and fruits of trees. The pet's diet should be diversified by crushed carrots and pumpkins, bananas and berries. But most importantly - to devote her all her free time, because without this dwarf game it will be hard.

Funny animals


Very small foxes are funny animals.Their habitat is the desert regions of the northern part of the African continent. Their size is so miniature that even domestic cats look great against their background. The height at the withers is a maximum of 20 cm, and the length is 30-40 cm. The tail is almost the same size.

The weight of a mature individual is about one and a halfkilogram. The muzzle is not long and narrows to the nose. Eyes are black. Has the biggest ears among all kinds of carnivores, if you look at their size in relation to the size of the head. Inhabits fennel in deserts (Sahara, etc.), so huge ears, reaching 15 cm, he uses for thermoregulation. Their role is especially great during the heat.

This funny creature feels good inhome conditions. At first, he needs a lot of attention, up to feeding from the hands. Over time, the fox will settle in a dwelling and will be less dependent on the presence of a person.

funny pets


Dogs of this breed are the smallest amongdogs. Owners can tell not one funny incident with animals, which occurred due to their dwarfism. The breed was bred in Mexico in the middle of the XIX century. The name was given by the state in which they appeared.

The appearance of the Chihuahua breed seriously affecteddeducing other dwarf dogs. The dog is characterized by quick behavior and modest size. She always trembles and makes screaming sounds, which makes it even more attractive. The creature's weight is 0.5-3 kg, and the height is 10-23 cm.

It is interesting that the representative of the described breed is the smallest among the dogs that live now. This dog is 101.6 mm tall and weighs 675 g.

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This creature belongs to the class of mammals.Echidna - funny animals, remotely resembling porcupines. The Australian representative species has a length of about 0.5 m. The nose of the animal has the shape of an elongated cone resembling a proboscis. The mouth is very small, so it hardly opens.

Lower jaw almost does not move, teethare absent. Echidna can not chew food. How does she eat? This is a complex process. In the sky there are small thorns, with which the animal is able to grind the pieces of food.

Powerful limbs play the role of compensatordeficiencies of the oral apparatus. They are not adapted for fast movement, but are great for digging the earth. Echidna can work with all paws while digging. Claws help in this difficult matter. In nature, the animal's ration consists of larvae and insects extracted in the ground. Prefers ants and termites.

cute and funny animals

Verse and sight in echidna are much better than it seems.A weak rustling or a small movement the animal notices from afar. It can swim. Echidna live alone, trembling with the boundaries of its territory. The mating season is the only time when they pair. After that, the echidna live on their own. These animals belong to the oviparous. Lay eggs in a bag located on the body.