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Left-handed child: features of training, goods for left-handed people

My child uses only his left hand!He's left-handed! Often this fact is perceived by parents in a negative way. It happens and worse - as a punishment or a sentence of fate. Is this really so? In this article, parents will find a lot of useful information on how to help the left-handed child adapt to a world that is "imprisoned" for right-handed people.

Left-handedness: what are the reasons?

What determines what hand will be leading?This is due to three factors: upbringing, heredity and possible disabilities that the child acquired as a result of birth trauma or perinatal complications.

As a rule, the dominant hand is connected with the opposite leading hemisphere of the brain. That is, if the dominant hemisphere is left, then the person writes with his right hand, and vice versa.

Left-handedness is not a bad habit orwhim. This is the result of a special device of the brain. Most often it is a congenital individual feature of the baby - the same as the pace of speech or hair color, and therefore it must be simply accepted, not broken down and attempted to rebuild.

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Psychological features of left-handers

Each of the hemispheres is responsible for its typeinformation processing. So, the left "logical" hemisphere processes information consistently, while considering all possible variants of the development of events. Whereas the right "imaginative" hemisphere instantly processes the received information, perceiving it as one complete image.

The differences between left-handers and right-handers are not limited toThe fact that one actively uses the right hand, and the other - the left one. Everything is deeper and much more complicated, but the main difference is in the way of processing the information received from the outside world. Left-handers perceive the received information differently, and also react emotionally to it in a different way.

There are a number of basic psychological features that distinguish people from the dominant left hand from right-handers:

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  • Left-handers have better developed imagination, and they are prone to fantasy.
  • Left-handed people are more difficult to give an arithmetic account, foraccount of the fact that these actions require consistent thinking, logic, and this function is controlled by the left hemisphere. But in the study of geometry they will succeed at the expense of its spatial nature.
  • Left-handers perform activities that require constant self-control.
  • Right-handers can more easily master literate written and oral speech, since left-handers have a much weaker ability to actively reproduce speech compared to the ability to understand words.
  • Lefties have a wonderful "sense of body", spatial orientation and remarkable coordination of movements. They are much more mobile than people with a predominant right hand.
  • Lefties are more impressionable, emotional and vulnerable. In this regard, they can often be offended, angry, irritated. This is especially evident at the stage of difficulties, which they often encounter.
  • Left-handers cope with diversetasks of generalization, but the tendency to "grasp" the whole image of the picture, instead of gradually analyzing it, prevents them from mastering the reading skill.

How not to raise a left-handed child

In no case should not be engaged in retraining a child. This process will turn into a real torture for the baby's brain. What will be the result?

  • The baby will be delayed to form a speech, there are various logopedic problems.
  • Neurotic child based on persistentretraining is increased. Her most common symptoms are eating and sleeping disorders, abdominal pain and headaches, stammering, enuresis and the like.
  • The very "topographical cretinism", or the inability of an adult to correctly orientate on the spot, the inability to perceive the melody, the inability to dance, and so on.

It is better not to focus on the fact thatthe child has an innate feature. Neither the baby, nor the surrounding people should see in it something unique and unusual. Otherwise, the child may form shyness, understated self-esteem and a life scenario of a loser.

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Помните, что на ребенка-левшу (в прочем, как и на any other baby) should not be shouted, otherwise it will just close in itself, and eventually lose contact with the parents. The reasons for this lie in the natural increased susceptibility and vulnerability.

How to bring up a left-handed child?

Прежде всего, родители должны позаботиться о том, so that the child does not associate failure with the fact that he does not write with his right hand, but with his left hand. To do this, you can, for example, tell the kid about famous left-hand people. Those were Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Julius Caesar, Johann Sebastian Bach and many other famous and talented people.

Summing up, let's say that ifthe parents were finally convinced that their baby is left-handed, they should not be upset. It is better to spend your time learning to take into account the special features of the child in learning and everyday communication. In addition, that the child is left-handed, it is necessary to warn teachers and teachers. In many ways, it is from them that the child's degree of susceptibility to neuroticism depends.

How best to behave with a left-handed child: useful tips

  1. Примите как должное особенность своего малыша.Do not try to turn him into a righty. Explain to him that people who do work with the left hand, too, a lot, and this is also the norm, as well as right-handedness.
  2. Do not show to him inflated demands and in any case do not oppose it to other children.
  3. Do not seek to grow up a child prodigy, but encourage him for any, even the smallest successes, and praise creativity.
  4. Create the necessary conditions for the child not only inhouse, but also in school. Ask the teacher to give him a seat at the table on the left side, so that he does not face the neighbor's elbow on the desk. Do so that the light from the window or desk lamp falls on the work area on the right side.
  5. Do not forget about the increased impressionability and emotionality of your baby. Adults need to be very friendly and sensitive with him.
  6. Prepare to purchase tools for lefties.Left-handedness becomes a problem when a child begins to learn writing. There are special pens. In the near future he will have to sit at the computer with a "left" mouse and a mirror keyboard - the text will be much easier to write than to write.

In the meantime, it is necessary to realize that a child with a predominant left arm is not an excuse to get upset. Even in the event that it will be scolded at every parent meeting.

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The most common myths about lefties

Some psychologists believe that left-handed children are moreanxious, and also more often face emotional disorders than their peers with a predominant right hand. It is believed that left-handed babies are very painful and often suffer from sleep disorders. Psychologists say that left-handed children are prone to guilt, are more shy, impractical, insecure, rude, and also have a lower level of intelligence than right-handers.

Left-handed children: features of teaching letters

First of all, parents need to pay attention to the child's working place. Note that all elements of the table will have a special orientation.

To the left-handed child does not cover the light, he must fall either in front or on the right.

Moves the notebook only the right hand.On the letter, all the elements are direct. The slope is achieved only by tilting the sheet or notebook to the left. Plus, in this situation, the child does not close his hand, which should be in the position "under the line," what he writes. The sheet also shifts to the left relative to the body.

If, at the initial stage, the left-handed child learnsthe correct arrangement of objects on the table, as well as the rules of calligraphy, then in the future parents will be able to avoid many difficulties in teaching the kid a letter.

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To help children and parents: goods for left-handed people

How to teach a left-hander to write? Use as tools developed tools.

Now they issue prescriptions for left-handed people.They are specially designed for "unusual" children. In these entries, the direction of the letter is indicated by arrows. All letters must be written directly. Recipes for left-handers will greatly facilitate the learning process, and will also allow you to quickly teach the left-handed child a beautiful and accurate letter.

Another helper is a special pen,It is designed for children who have a predominant left arm. It has the necessary grooves for the fingers, as well as a slope that facilitates writing. In addition, special handles for left-handers have special ink that dries quickly, so they are not smeared during writing, ensuring cleanliness and accuracy in the notebook.

In addition to these assistants you can purchaseSpecial scissors for left-handed people, erasers, sharpeners, rulers. All left-handers, who have already tried these useful new products in practice, say that they greatly facilitate life and training.

Goods for left-handed people. A pen

Handle for children with a predominant left hand writingunder any slope. In addition, it has a thin core and ink that dries quickly, because thick rods leave ink marks that are smeared, because the left hand brush slides along the already written text.

Parents often ask whether to retrain a left-hander?Psychologists will definitely taste "no"! When teaching a letter, parents need to consider the sensual and vulnerable nature of their baby, remember that you need to encourage and praise it more often. If you do it together, you will be able to correct mistakes in a timely manner, as well as lay the foundation for correct writing in good time. In this case, the statement "Left-handed child can not write beautifully" will not touch your child.

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How to hold the handle correctly?

Recipes for left-handers will allow the kids to form a calligraphy skill and learn how to hold the pen properly.

The baby's hand should be one straight with a handle. A slight slope is allowed.

The left hand is under the line, but sometimes it is more convenient for the kid to write in the "brush under the line" position. Some consider such a situation to be erroneous.

At the time of writing, the right hand moves the notebook.

The slope of the letters is achieved only by tilting the notebook, all lines of the letter must be straight.

Fingers when writing should be placed somewhat higher than in children with a predominant right hand. It is about 4 cm from the tip.

Avoid excessive tension in the index finger: it should move freely up and down. It is better to ask the child to lift it.

Rulers and erasers for lefties

An ordinary child draws and draws lines on the leftright. However, the left-hander is inconvenient to use the usual ruler - everything is smeared, the scale is not visible. Why? Because the child draws lines from right to left - he's left-handed. In order to always be neat and clean in his notebook, it is necessary to purchase a special line for left-handed children.

Another convenient device is an eraser for left-handed people. He has a special form that is natural for the left hand, so working with him will not require much effort.

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Left-handed keyboard

The left-handed child will also enjoycomputer, so he needs a comfortable keyboard. Externally, it looks like a standard, but the layout of some of the keys is different. The first thing to notice is that the numeric keypad is not on the right, but on the left. In addition, the keys Enter, Del, Page Up, Page Down, and arrows are located in the reach zone of the left hand. In addition, they are duplicated on the right. So this keyboard can be used and the left-hander, and the right-hander.

Manufacturers of keyboards for lefthanders intimateattention is paid to ergonomics, so the keys on these models often have a special shape and a pyramidal arrangement. In addition, the keyboard has a wrist rest.

Special mice for children are also produced.which is dominated by the left hand. Vertical and horizontal, ergonomic, having special notches for fingers. In addition, there is a gaming mouse for left-handers.

Computer mouse for left-handers

A computer mouse for left-handers is calledA special device that is also "imprisoned" for people who have a predominant left arm. The shape of this device is designed so that the fingers avoid distortion. The computer mouse for lefties was created by a whole team of doctors, engineers and physiotherapists, and was designed taking into account the position of the hand and palm in the process of using it to avoid tension in the wrists and wrists.