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Unsurpassed XML T6 flashlight: its features, advantages and properties

Today, lightingdevices based on the XML T6 diode, which are equipped with a unique system of focusing rays. Thanks to the multifunctionality of the flashlight with simple manipulation, it is possible to illuminate the territory for a long distance. These lighting devices are equipped with universal power supplies and can serve for a long time.

xml t6

The technical side of the medal

Let's consider, than it is remarkable a product:

  • The name of the LED is XML T6.
  • The workflow is performed in the following five modes: emergency, strobe, amplified, medium and economical.
  • The luminous flux of this device is 1200 lumens.
  • The average operating voltage is equal to a value of 3.6-4.5 V.
  • Flashlight XML T6 is able to work from one 18650 battery, at which the operation time will be quite long.
  • The body material has excellent strength characteristics due to the aluminum housing.
  • The lantern based on the above-mentioned LEDs has a relatively low weight, which is only 97 g.
  • The lighting device is incredibly compact. Its overall dimensions are 125x34x34 mm.

cree xml t6

Short description

Flashlight Cree XML T6 has a sliding structureon several positions. With the maximum layout, the lighting fixture has a length of 137 mm. In the assembled state, the flashlight has minimal dimensions, due to which conditions for a wider illumination angle are created. In this position, its dimensions reach 125 mm. The widest part of the body in diameter is 35 mm.

It is necessary to note the incredible ergonomics of the device, which is quite easily and compactly placed both in the adult's hand and in the child's palm.

flashlight xml t6

Execution and materials

The case of the XML T6 flashlight is made of high-qualityaluminum alloy, there are no any backlashes or gaps in it. This device has a fairly simple, but very effective design. Its lens is made of high-quality plastic. The angle of illumination is of sufficient size, which is formed by the growth of the focal length by the method of scrolling the lamp.

The design of the reflector is flat, the toppart of the latter is pressed with a washer. It is made of alloy steel. The LED flashlight Cree XML T6 and the reflective part are isolated from each other with a special transparent gasket.

It should be noted that lanterns are produced not only for wearing in the hand, but also in the head interpretation, which is incredibly convenient and functional for motorists.

flashlight xml t6

XML T6 Headlamp

Due to the high power of theLED American American production of XML T6 quite popular among users is the headlamp modification. The standard equipment of this model implies a device, 2 batteries and a charger. The luminescence range is about 150 m. The tempered glass of the lantern with the anti-glare ball retains 99% of the light output. The device is equipped with three modes of luminescence. The lantern has an excellent protection against moisture, which allows you to work without hindrance in conditions of high humidity or heavy rain.

Durable glass eliminates the appearance of scratches, and the anodized body is resistant to abrasion.

Operating modes

Modification Cree XML T6 operates in five standard modes:

  • Strong - increased intensity of illumination implies a maximum radiation flux and a wide illumination angle.
  • Medium - creates excellent visibility conditions at night.
  • Weak - it is a stream of light of low intensity.
  • Stroboscope - light pulses, repeating with a certain periodicity.
  • Emergency - turns on when the battery is low.

It should be noted that when switching offthe operating mode automatically switches to the next one. That is, if you need to return to the current position after turning on, you must press the button 4 times. The latter is made of high-quality silicone. Located in the back of the case.

cree xml t6 flashlight

Advantages of flashlight with XML T6 LED

Why does the consumer choose this particular model? Here are just some of its positive characteristics:

  • The strength of the case, which is not afraid of shocks and falls from any height.
  • Optimum structure of the reflector, due to which the outgoing stream of light intensifies.
  • The water resistance allowing to operate lamps at the increased humidity or in the rain.
  • The device is made in universal color.
  • Easily lends itself to washing and cleaning.

Customer feedback on the lamp. Its advantages and disadvantages

According to the opinion of buyers and independentexperts, flashlight XML T6 is a stunning lighting device that can perform the most complex tasks. This thing will become incredibly useful both on fishing, hunting, and in everyday life. The lantern is not afraid of even falling into the water. For its further operation, it is only necessary to remove the battery, dry all parts and reassemble.

Advantages of the device is its compactness, convenience and multifunctionality. It can serve as a bicycle lantern, which perfectly illuminates the road.

In addition to the positive aspects, from the point of view ofthe lighting device has a number of significant drawbacks that complicate its operation. Among the drawbacks, it is necessary to include strong heating during long operation and weak batteries, which do not always correspond to the declared capacity. Therefore, the only right decision will be the purchase of quality, more capacious counterparts.