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New year in what to meet? How to celebrate the New Year?

With New Year's Eve a large number ofsuperstitions and expectations. A few months before the approach of this holiday, the whole world is going crazy and begins to think about where to meet, what to wear, how to make a wish, so that it will be fulfilled. No other event is celebrated in such a large scale nationwide. So, the New Year is approaching. In what to meet him, what details of the holiday need to think in advance?

Where do we meet?

New Year in what to meet

In fact, preparation for the holiday shouldbegin with the definition of the venue and the approximate company. Options mass - at home (at home, at parents, at friends), in a restaurant or club, in a specially rented cottage or a posh apartment. Do not forget about exotic places - in another country, in a sauna or on the street. No matter how crazy you may seem to be your own idea, it's better to take a chance and implement it than the whole next year after experiencing that you have not made up your mind about it. And even if something goes wrong according to plan, the main thing is not to get upset. Calmness and positive attitude - these are the main secrets of successful celebration of any holiday. So, the place is chosen, and very soon the New Year will come? What to celebrate the holiday, so as to catch the enthusiastic views of others all night and attract good luck in your life?

The basic rules for choosing a dress for a holiday

It is important to match clothing to the event for whichyou plan to wear it. In other words, if the New Year is planned in the pool, evening dresses for New Year can be safely left at home. In addition to style, the outfit should also meet the expected climatic conditions. It is convenient for any long holidays to choose multi-layer sets. In plain language, let's say that it's better to put on a top and jacket than one warm sweater. You can pick up a bolero or a cloak to any dress. If there is very little time left for selection, you can buy a beautiful shawl that matches the color, or a wide and warm scarf. Approximately 1-2 weeks before the holiday try on the selected kit. The outfit should sit well on your figure, if there are any doubts, it is better to give it for finishing in the atelier or to choose something else.

Dress or pants?

How to Meet the New Year

Two important requirements for any clothing:the outfit should advantageously complement your appearance and be comfortable. During fitting it seems that rubs seam or too tight belt can suffer for the sake of beauty. But in practice it turns out that it is enough to pass in uncomfortable clothes for a couple of hours, as the mood deteriorates noticeably, and I just want one thing - to be home at once and undress. It is for this reason that you should not choose a short dress and heels for the New Year's Eve, if during the week you prefer jeans and a flat sole. "But this is the New Year! In what to meet him? Really in ordinary pants and sneakers? "- You will indignantly say. In fact, for a party is really quite appropriate will be tight pants and bright interesting blouse. And you can find interesting trouser suits or combined overalls. Dress or skirt choose only if you really feel comfortable with such clothes and often choose it on ordinary days.

The secret of creating a festive image

Do not get upset if you can not in any wayFind something special for the New Year or limited in material opportunities. Remember the secret of Coco Chanel - even the simplest "black little dress" will become special if it fits perfectly on the figure and is supplemented with bright accessories. Using this rule, do not lose your sense of moderation. All ornaments should be combined with each other, and there should not be too many of them. If you add a bright belt or shoes to a one-color dress, evaluate the compatibility of shades, and select all other add-ons for one of the previously selected tones. Original dresses for the New Year also need stylish additions. In this case, follow a different rule - the brighter the outfit, the more modest accessories and jewelry should be selected to it.

Is the color of clothes important?

Dresses for the New Year

Every year astrologers and fashion designers give usrecommendations on the choice of colors for festive clothing for the New Year. Follow these tips or not - a personal matter, the most relevant parameters of the compatibility of personal color and shade of the chosen outfit. You can create a harmonious image by choosing things according to color, ideally suited to your eyes, hair and skin. Instead of asking what color dresses for the New Year are the most fashionable today, ask yourself, what colors are right for you? Let's leave aside the advice of astrologers and listen to the designers. For any New Year, glittering apparel, gold or silver, or any other color, embroidered with sequins and rhinestones, is appropriate.

New Year: in what to meet and how to organize this event correctly?

How to meet the new year at home

All New Year's traditions and customs one way or anotherare associated with the update. Admit, you, too, all the December, you promise yourself to start saving money in the new year, give more time to your relatives and spend time with benefit? There is an excellent psychological exercise: divide the sheet into two parts, on the one hand, write what should remain in the past, and give the second for future plans. Be sure to keep this list and periodically check with it. It is also useful to conduct a spring cleaning before the New Year - get rid of unnecessary things and frank trash in the house, similarly clean up your virtual space - the hard drive of your computer and accounts in social networks. Do not forget about the sphere of interpersonal communication. Congratulate those who you want to see later in your life and unobtrusively communicate "in vain" with uninteresting people. There is a lot of advice on how to properly celebrate the New Year, but most importantly - to spend this holiday in harmony with yourself and surrounded by truly dear and loved ones.

Timely preparation is the key to success

How to celebrate the New Year with signs

Before the holiday you need to do a lot of things.Prepare the preparation plan for the New Year in advance and follow it consistently. This process can not be neglected, otherwise you will have to finish everything in the last week. If you start to prepare for a month, you should get by without unnecessary fuss and panic. How to properly celebrate the New Year and not forget anything? In fact, there is nothing complicated in this. Start planning in advance, how and where you will celebrate, and choose the gifts. In early December, you should enroll in a beauty salon (later it will be difficult to find free time with a good master) and go in search of a dress of your dreams. Then you just have to decorate the house, buy everything necessary for the holiday (book a restaurant or buy food for a home meal), agree on the time and place of the meeting with everyone you invited for a joint celebration.

How to celebrate the New Year: signs and beliefs

The color of the dress for the new year

In the new year you can not enter with debts and oldresentment. Be sure to give everything you borrowed (money and things), forgive those who have offended you, and apologize to those whom you grieved. A rich table on New Year's Eve is not only a demonstration of the generosity of the owners of the holiday, but also one more good sign. The more different dishes and delicacies will be cooked, the higher the likelihood that the next year will be held in abundance and wealth. How to meet the New Year at home to attract success and money to your family? It's very simple - be sure to put on an expensive and beautiful dress, even if you spend a holiday with family or alone. Old and worn out clothes on this holiday can not be worn - this is a bad omen. And most importantly - do not forget to make your most important good wish for the chimes, and it will surely come true!