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Stockings for delivery: a description of how to choose and why they are needed

The period of pregnancy and childbirth is difficult evenfor a strong organism. Therefore, there may be health problems that were not previously there. If the legs swell, then this varicose veins. But even if there is no such problem, in the hospital doctors advise taking special stockings for childbirth. Are they really needed? The advantages of products are described in the article.

What it is?

Compression jersey is called medical underwear, which exerts pressure on the limbs of a person in a special way. Due to this, edema decreases, blood circulation in the veins is restored.

Create products from natural and synthetic fibers, among which:

  • cotton;
  • kapron;
  • elastoid.
stockings for childbirth

Linen is thicker and stronger than ordinary capron.Depending on the manifestation of the disease and the doctor's recommendations, it may be necessary to use stockings, pantyhose, bandages, golfs, gaiters, socks and sleeves. How do stockings look like for delivery? In appearance they are similar to standard products, only made of special knitwear and have no ornaments.

Features of Stockings

To create compression lingerie appliedelastic dense material, including lycra, natural cotton and rubber threads, as well as microfiber. The product tightens the body, preventing the stagnation of blood, edema, the appearance of blood clots. The features of stocking include:

  • excellent stretching;
  • excellent moisture and air pass;
  • easy restoration of the original shape and size.
compression stockings for childbirth

Stockings are safe for the body.They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and do not cause irritation. The properties of the laundry last about 6 months with daily wear. After that, you need a change of clothes.

Stocking functions

Even if there have never been problems withveins, obstetricians, gynecologists recommend buying a pair of products. Why do we need stockings for birth? They are required to prevent the onset of thrombosis. When a child is born, a strong pressure is created in the womb of the mother. A huge load falls on the legs and organs of the small pelvis. Therefore, stagnation of blood can occur in the veins. This leads to the formation of blood clots, which cause serious consequences, such as varicose veins, vagina, pelvic organs, an unattractive appearance of the legs, covered with a grid of blue vessels.

Thrombosis can be life threatening.Compression stockings for childbirth allow to minimize the negative consequences, contribute to the uniform distribution of pressure in the limbs and protection from the appearance of thrombi.

Products are recommended not only for naturalchildbirth, but also in cesarean section. In both situations, women are long in the horizontal position, on the back. Intra-abdominal pressure appears with artificial delivery. In addition to medical function, laundry reduces fatigue during childbirth. Wearing products is not so easy. It is advisable to do this in advance at home. Some women are advised to wear compression knitwear after birth, which serves as a preventive measure for vascular diseases.

Are they obligatory?

Need stockings for birth, can determineonly a doctor. Not all midwives attribute this attribute to mandatory. Especially if there are no vascular pathologies in the parturient woman. But to prevent the product still appoint before delivery. Only to them carry simple medical stockings with a minimum of compression. They can be replaced by elastic bandages. But if it concerns varicose veins and other vascular diseases, special stockings for delivery are required.

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Usually, doctors prescribe the products to wear whenpregnancy, when they detect edema and "stars" on their feet. Also, compression stockings are required during childbirth and during recovery. In cesarean section, jersey and bandages should be removed after the woman in labor can get up and move around the ward. With varicose veins, women usually wear products 2 weeks after giving birth.


During pregnancy, the veins become weak,the volume of blood increases. The main function of the compression stockings for delivery is to exert an external pressure on the vessels. With the weakening of the walls of the veins, the poor opening and closing of the valves, blood flows down to the legs. There is its stagnation.

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Stockings are able to tighten limbs, tightenveins. So the walls and valves will have support. The speed of blood flow is restored, the risk of blood stasis is minimal. Medical underwear can exert uneven pressure on all parts of the foot. At the ankle, compression reaches 100%, and to the groin it decreases to 20%. This feature allows you to provide the necessary speed of blood flow. If you constantly wear such linen, then you can not worry about the condition of your veins.


Compression jersey perfectly stretches, quickly restoring the original shape. In addition, he quickly passes air. How to choose stockings for delivery? There are 3 types of products:

  • preventive;
  • medical;
  • antiembolic.

The main difference between the two first productsis the degree of compression. It is measured in millimeters of mercury. For a preventive product, the squeezing effect is no more than 12 mm Hg. Art. Antibiotic stockings are used for labor rarely, only in the presence of thrombosis.

Compression classes

Compression stockings for delivery by compression come in 4 classes:

  1. Up to 23 mm Hg. Art. Used for varicose veins, vascular sprouts, fatigue and edema in the legs.
  2. Up to 32 mm. Products can eliminate the signs of varicose veins and thrombosis.
  3. Up to 46 mm. They are used for moderate to severe vascular lesions.
  4. From 50 mm. Linen is suitable for severe disorders of lymph flow.

The size

When choosing compression linen, you need to payattention and other points. It is better to buy products from natural cotton with a small addition of synthetics. If the size of stockings or tights is indicated in DEN, but they do not refer to medical linen. The packaging designates the size and compression class. The laundry should not have stitches.

how to choose stockings for childbirth

To choose the right size stockings for delivery, you need to know your parameters. With the help of centimeter tape it is necessary to measure:

  1. Circumference of the hip at a distance above 25 cm from the knee.
  2. Shin circumference in a wide place.
  3. Circumference of ankle slightly above the bone.

По данным параметрам в магазине помогут подобрать the right product. It is advisable to choose stockings for delivery in the pharmacy. You can use a dimensional grid that will allow you to determine the type of stocking yourself.

The size 1 (C) 2 (M) 3 (L) 4 (XL)
Ankle Circumference (cm) 19-22 22-25 25-28 29-32
Shin circumference (cm) 29-37 34-42 38-46 41-51
Circumference at the top of the thigh (cm) 44-52 50-58 56-64 60-72

Based on this table, it will be possible to determine the appropriate size of stockings. In this case, the product will perfectly handle its functions.

Use and care

In the process of fighting varicose veins, everyone appearsThe question is - how much and how to wear such clothes? The average duration of use is six months. To put on stockings is required in the morning, on a dry skin. Legs should be slightly raised, stockings gathered in accordion for easy donning.

The rules of care are as follows:

  • To wash it is necessary manually, with use of soap, every day;
  • Do not unscrew after washing, dry it on the rope;
  • you can not iron;
  • Do not stretch the laundry, otherwise the healing properties will be lost;
  • if the product is torn, it is advisable to choose a new one, since this can affect its functions;
  • it is advisable to buy stockings 3-6 months.

According to reviews, stockings for birth perform well with their functions. But still use them on the advice of a doctor.

How to dress stockings?

As some manufacturers create stockings withhigh degree of durability, it is possible to put on a kind of knitwear, which was worn during pregnancy. The main condition for successful delivery is sterility. Therefore, the clothes on the parturient should be clean, including stockings.

stockings for childbirth reviews

Wear the product in the morning.Perform this will be easier before the onset of edema. If there is a notch under the fingers, it is advisable to first put on a nylon sock, so it will be easier to put on jersey. When the product is distributed, the toe can be removed. Standard stockings are first assembled into an accordion, and then inserted inside the foot.


The use of compression knitwear is useful in venous insufficiency. But there are diseases when such stockings should be used carefully. It refers to:

  • chronic diseases of the arteries of the legs, when there is a decreased systolic pressure in narrowing the lumen of the blood vessels;
  • stagnant dermatitis, eczema, open wounds;
  • cardiopulmonary insufficiency, if blood circulation is disturbed during rest.

In these situations, you need a mandatory consultation with a specialist, so as not to harm your health.


Выбрать компрессионное белье для профилактики it is possible in almost every pharmacy. And stockings for delivery with different compression classes are sold only in orthopedic stores and pharmacies. Often, products are ordered through the Internet.

On medical stockings it is not necessary to save.If their price is less than 1000 rubles, then they can be worn for up to 2 months. It is desirable to choose stockings from 1500 rubles. In this case, the quality can not be disappointed. Now there are many manufacturers, because of what it is difficult to navigate in the selection of suitable products.

why do we need stockings for birth

To famous brands stockings include:

  1. OPTO. This medical underwear from Spain is priced at 950-2500 rubles. Wear occurs quickly. If you wear it every day, it will last 4 months.
  2. Medi. The linen is of excellent German quality.Tearing products is difficult, they are dense in structure. If stockings are required above class 2, then you need to purchase a special device for donning, as it will be difficult to do it yourself. Price of products - from 3200 rubles.
  3. VENOTEKS® Therapy. Products from the United States have an average wear resistance. The cost is in the range of 1000-3500 rubles. The service period is 6 months.
  4. "Inteks". This is Russian underwear that meets the RAL-GZ 387 standard. The quality of goods is no worse than foreign products. You can wear them for at least six months. The cost is 1200-3500 rubles.

Намного лучше иногда тратиться на приобретение medical linen than then buy medicine. Compression stockings are worn not only during childbirth, but also during pregnancy. By purchasing them, you can be confident in the protection against varicose veins and thrombosis.