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Riddles about birds: domestic and wild, migratory and wintering

They are so different.Small and huge, formidable and nimble. So different from each other, and at the same time incredibly similar. Birds: sparrows and eagles, woodpeckers and owls, penguins and ostriches. They run, swim, fly, dive. Riddles about birds will certainly come to the liking of children, as well as adults. They recall the main features of each individual species.

Quatrains about poultry

They are first of all acquainted with the kids. Therefore, it is better to begin the riddles about birds for children with the solution of those in which the main characters are a chicken with a chicken and a cock.

puzzles about birds

1. In a white house he lived.

He lived without stairs and railings.

But the time has come and the house has crashed,

From it a yellow lump appeared.

2. This mother has a lot of children,

Nestlings are one-year-old.

She loudly croaks,

They want to cover their wings.

3. Although not a king and not a king,

But he is wearing a crown and a colored suit.

He is entrusted with an important role -

Wake up at dawn yard and house.

Continue searching for answers to the riddles about birds you can those answers in which are a duck with a goose or turkey.

riddles about birds with answers

1. It is on the water, as on the road,

He swims and dives without knowing the alarm.

And after her, her babies since birth

The chain swims to everyone in surprise.

2. This white bird is rather formidable.

He will replace the watchman, drive away without resentment.

All who like him, calmly go away,

And those to whom he hisses, quickly run.

3. The lord walks around,

His tail is exactly like a peacock.

But only he is not so handsome,

Although very talkative.

Quatrains about wild birds

They are worth remembering after home.Because riddles about birds that live in the yard or forest, as well as on a lake or swamp, greatly expand the horizon of the child. You can start with the most familiar, for example, a sparrow, a cuckoo and an owl.

puzzles about birds for children

1. In a gray fur coat, small

He jumps on the pavement.

Not afraid of a formidable cat.

Boyko collects crumbs.

2. This gray forest bird

He does not want to build a house at all.

Therefore, knocking an egg,

Throw and wiggle the wing.

3. In the day he sits in his hollow,

And at night, only a friend will be lucky.

It's cautious about its prey,

Rotating his head in a circle.

The next can be riddles about birds with answers: gull, tit, magpie, woodpecker, heron.

1. Above the sea, river or lake

The birds of a white flock are circling.

Anglers are very clever of them -

Easily catches a fish ...

riddle about the bird and the Orioles

2. This bird is wearing a colorful outfit:

A yellow waistcoat is visible on the chest,

And on the back of the feather black feathers in a row.

In a blue kerchief, he flies to us in the winter.

3. Her costume as a conductor:

Black coat on white shirt.

But only the role of her reporter:

News all spread on the edge.

4. This bird treats trees,

He punches them with his beak and takes out worms.

On the back are black feathers,

A head red beret adorns.

5. She does not have legs, but long stilts.

It easily passes through the swamp even.

And the beak is long-long

Frogs catch at once.

Poems about migratory birds

They are invited to be recalled on April 1. Because then the Day of Migratory Birds is celebrated. Children can be known: starlings, storks and cranes. The following riddles about birds about them.

1. Black in specks, brave.

He walks on the ground important.

All people help him

Houses are placed on trees.

2. He is on the post or on the roof

He makes his house out of twigs.

Do not drive, be quiet.

He promises peace to all the inhabitants.

3. In the sky the rope stretched out

And curled up in the little corner.

Next are the riddles about the bird, the Oriole, the rook and the swallow.

riddles about the bird and the Orioles

1. If this bird is scary,

She screams like an evil cat.

And since it is quite beautiful:

In red spots head and abdomen.

2. In the spring of all before arrives,

On the black plowed field.

His pen of earth is blacker,

He deftly worms.

3. She will build her house out of clay and grass.

To relax sit down later on the wires.

Her back is black to the tail from her head

I painted something like a tail and tails.

Stishki about exotic birds

He's so beautiful, bright and unusual. But by their characteristic features only it is easy to find out: a flamingo, a parrot, a penguin and a peacock.

1. On a shallow gulf

The bird's flock is walking proudly.

And keep your head beautiful,

And the color is pink.

2. If they are small, they sing very beautifully.

And those that were born big will easily recognize the words.

They learned to speak, living on a pole from people.

And this bird is not more beautiful, smarter, brighter, kinder.

3. Walking between the terrible ice floes

Brave proud lord.

He is always dressed in a black coat

He is not afraid of the cold.

4. Steps important and opens the tail,

Which is like a fan, its pattern is not simple.

And it seems beautiful he would have to sing

Yes, only he knows how nasty wheeze.

And finally, a few riddles about the egg, nesting box and nest.

1. The house is small and round, there are no corners at all.

And there will never be many tenants in it.

2. A new house is built on a tree on a branch,

And the carpenter made only one window in the house.

But cats do not climb and there is no wind with rain,

From spring to frost residents reliably in it.

3. This house was made of twigs

There is no door in it, there is no roof.

But take the birds kids.

This is how white light works.