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Children's camp "Birch" in Novokuybyshevsk

"It would be more like summer ...", we think.And here come the long-awaited warm days. At once there is a question: "Where to send children on a vacation?" And we remember the good old children's camps. In the ecologically clean suburban area of ​​Novokuibyshevsk there is a children's camp "Birches". It is located in a coniferous forest on the shore of a lake with an equipped beach. In the camp all conditions for comfortable living of children from 6 to 17 years inclusive are created. The combination of nature reserve and excellent living conditions makes the camp accessible for year-round recreation. The camp was opened in 1969 and enjoys deserved popularity among the inhabitants of Samara and the Samara region. Children come from other regions.

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Accommodation of children is organized in renovatedthree-story buildings. Five-bed and triple rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, wardrobes and personal bedside tables. On each floor there are shower rooms, toilets and wash basins. In the triple rooms, shower rooms are provided for two rooms. Each hall on the floor has a TV and a fridge. The camp "Birches" in Novokuybyshevsk offers also family rest in separate numbers with all conveniences. There are rooms for two, three or five people.

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Medical services

Medical base of the children's health camp"Birches" in Novokuibyshevsk can accept children with a variety of diseases. Highly qualified specialists treat diseases of the lungs, eliminate the problems of the musculoskeletal system and disorders in the work of the kidneys. Particular attention is paid to children who are often ill. For the entire period of stay, there are about 42 different procedures. For treatment are offered: a halochamber, oxygen cocktails, inhalations, massage, aromatherapy, physiotherapy and a number of other services prescribed by a doctor. There is a children's dentist. Take care of the health and smile of your children during the holidays.


The dining room is located in a separatetwo-story building. Meals are organized in three rooms. Professional chefs will prepare delicious and nutritious complex breakfasts, lunches and dinners for children. Meals five times, strictly according to GOST and SanPin. There is a small cafe. Fresh bakery is always on sale. Tasty, as in childhood.

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In the children's camp "Birch" in Novokuybyshevskall conditions for young athletes are created. An excellent sports base includes volleyball and basketball courts, a football field, a swimming pool and ping-pong tables. Regularly held sports competitions for all age groups. Show yourself, feel the sport of excitement and support the team will be able to rest in the camp children.


Children will not have to miss even in bad weather.The children's camp "Berezki" has a well-developed infrastructure: a library, a playground, an assembly hall. A variety of creative workshops, trainings, quizzes and competitions will make life in the camp rich and interesting. A variety of excursions are offered at an additional cost. Boys and girls can have fun in the zoo, the museum of entertaining sciences "Mobius", equestrian school, on the ostrich farm, in the park of wonders "Galileo".

Especially popular is the excursion to thefactory Coca-cola. Leaders regularly arrange for the children hikes and games of military-sports orientation. Subject to good weather, teachers take children daily to swim on the lake. The beach is equipped, the water is clean. During water procedures on the beach there are at least two teachers per group. Constantly on duty the lifeguard. There is also a rental of catamarans. For a small fee, children can ride with their parents who have come to visit them. There is a cinema. Every day the children are shown films and, of course, they arrange discos. Traditions are traditions. It is better to keep silent about such traditions as the stories about the "drowned pioneer" and the smearing of the doors with toothpaste. Children should have their little secrets from adults.

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Reviews about the camp "Birches"

Reviews about the camp "Birch" in Novokuybyshevskalways the best. Impressions of the guys about the rest are always the warmest. Careful counselors, qualified teachers, cheerful and contented children - that's what makes life in the camp fun and full. There is one more obligatory tradition: to arrange a high-high fire on the last evening. Tears in my eyes, farewell to new friends and the promise to return next year to the camp "Birches" in Novokuybyshevsk - that's what awaits children on the last evening in the wellness center.