/ Day of Astronautics in the kindergarten.

Cosmonautics Day in kindergarten.

Children, since diapers, are already striving to learnthis world and learn all the new for them and the unknown. They perceive information at all levels of perception, from the very beginning it is the tactile way, then hearing and vision develops more strongly. Thus, the child should see, hear and touch everything, and in some cases also taste. At preschool age children with adequate development and social adaptation already have a lot of knowledge and skills, but they have an unlimited craving for new knowledge. If this is not suppressed, but, on the contrary, developed and maintained, then the child will turn into a developed, harmonious and uncommon person with age.

It is for this, already at the preschool ageit is necessary to give children as much information as possible not only about what they see and can touch, but also about what exists in the universe, telling them about the laws of the universe and various phenomena. In connection with the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned space flight, a state program was proposed to hold a day of cosmonautics in the kindergarten. This will greatly expand the horizons of children and enrich them with new knowledge about the unknown. In addition, learning that adults also do not know something, but can only assume, gives children advantages, they feel more grown up and smarter.

Virtually all children tend to fantasize andinvent their own worlds, unknown animals and animals from other planets, so they are always interested in learning about the existence of other planets, except the Earth, and the secrets they hide.

How interesting to arrange a room for classes.

To conduct a space occupation in kindergartenIt will take a certain amount of imagination, colored paper, cardboard and other accessories for needlework. It will be very interesting for children, if in one of the rooms to create their own space in the kindergarten. To do this, you will need dark curtains on the windows to create an atmosphere of darkness of outer space, hang painted planets on the walls, including the Earth (it can be drawn in more detail). In the center of the room hang the Sun. Children can also take part in decorating the room: they need to give them paper and scissors so that they cut out the asterisks, and then stick them on the walls.

Contents of the lesson.

The lesson itself should be accompanied by songs aboutspace, new information about the planets, the structure of the solar system, the first manned flight into space. It is obligatory to tell the children that our compatriot, the pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who was on space ship "Vostok", left spacewalk and returned to Earth alive, was the first person in space. At the same time, the information should be in an accessible form, understandable at the level of the preschooler, so that the children are interested. To explain that since then every year this day is celebrated as a day of cosmonautics in kindergarten and all over the world.


Spending the day cosmonautics in the kindergarten, you caninvite children to come up with their own planet, draw it and populate unknown animals with animals. Then these planets are also hung in the room, and the children portray their fictional animal, telling what it eats, where it lives, what sounds it makes and with whom it's friends. Thus, the room will turn into a zoo of unexplored animals. Preschoolers are very developed imagination and they will easily and with interest carry out these tasks.

The purpose of the day of astronautics inkindergarten, is aimed at developing children's unlimited thinking, which goes beyond the framework of our world. In mastering the basics of astronomy at the initial level of play, and the education of patriotism and pride for their people from small Russians.