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How to name a hamster so that he liked the name?

If you want to have an animal in the house, thenhamster - the most optimal choice. This is a very affectionate and friendly creature, which you can tame without difficulty. And he does not require too much care, it would be clean and satisfying. They will not offend anyone and if they start biting and scratching, it is only through the fault of the person.

how to call a hamster
Almost the whole day the hamster sleeps, and only withby the evening or night, his activity wakes up. So the best communication and all the games with him to leave for the evening. In general, a hamster is a living being without any problems.

Problems, albeit not very significant, appear when you want to get acquainted with a hamster closer and begin to teach it something - how to name a hamster?

Picking up a nickname for your pet, many peopleDo not harness your imagination, because for an animal fit almost any human name: Masha, Misha, Sasha, Dasha and others. Some hosts choose rare and sonorous names: Martin, Prince, Shapoklyak, Dara. Many like to call their pets simply and unassumingly - Khoma, Vanka, Venichka, Tail.

how to call a hamster girl

Thinking about how to name a hamster girl, manyremember their favorite films or series, and their crumbs called Izaura, Ameli, Angelica or Gyulchata. The choice is huge and here you can, after watching the animal, fantasize.

But the hamsters themselves do not like all the names, andon some they do not even respond. The explanation for this may not be the whims of the animal, but the "uncomfortable" nickname for the hamster. Specialists say that some sounds are interpreted by animals in their own way.

It's time to think about how to name a hamster?Remember that animals are better perceived by hearing and quickly respond to nicknames, in which there are letters K, L, M, H, P, C, T, X and S. Samochki, for example, prefer letters D, K, hamsters, as established by scientists who conducted research in this field, are more eager to respond to names beginning with the letters D, K, M, and C.

If the owner does not hurry to pick up his petthe name or to him all the same, how to call a hamster, and he calls each time it differently: then baby, then baby, he thereby puts the animal in an uncomfortable position. The fact is that the hamster is bad

hamster training
He sees, but he hears and has excellentthe sense of smell. When it is called by name, the animal remembers the sounds produced by the person when they address him. If, however, the sounds change every time, the animal will simply not be able to respond adequately to the owner's words and his actions.

Therefore, it is necessary to decide how to name a hamster beforethe way a person starts to tame and train. The animal is able to remember his nickname and after a while will learn to respond to it. We should approach the cage more often, speak kindly to a hamster, calling his name so that he gets used to the voice, and after a while he starts to respond to his nickname and voice. Let this be the first trick for training your pet.

Дрессировка хомяков – процесс неторопливый.First of all, it is necessary to tame the animal - to its palm, to its voice, to its smell. No need to rush the animal, because it can only harm the process of addiction. We'll have to literally step by step to gain his confidence. When accustoming to yourself, you must rely on the hearing and smell of a hamster. Young rodents are easier to train, although everything will depend on the owner's ability to make contact with them.

The strategy of dog training usually comes down to the fact thatThe whole process is divided into simpler and easier stages. And as a result of training, you can teach an animal to perform the command “stand”, run in circles, or “take the barrier.” As a result of leisurely, but persistent training for several days, and maybe months, the pet will delight everyone with its spectacular activities.