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What are stockings with pendants? How to wear them correctly?

Stockings with pendants, photos of which you cansee in the article below, this is perhaps the sexiest part of the women's wardrobe, except for underwear. They have a rich history, since for a long time they were an integral part of the clothes of well-bred ladies. Since the middle of the last century, stockings have lost their former popularity, but now they are becoming very popular. True, a modern woman, choosing them, will think about whether she does everything right. About how not to be mistaken when buying a stocking and turn this sexy toilet part into a comfortable one, we'll talk in the article.

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What are stockings with pendants? How to wear and choose them?

The most comfortable option for ladies is stockings with pendants (ie with a belt, to which the products are attached with special clips).

  • When choosing, of course, it is necessary to take into accountits size: the belt should sit tightly on the waist and hips, but do not overtighten them, leaving red marks on the body and creating a so-called caterpillar effect.
  • Pay attention to the length of the pendants. They should not stretch in any position of the body. For this, be sure to try on the belt when buying.
  • To buy a belt is best complete with linen. If you buy it separately, choose the option that best fits the color and texture.
  • Naturally, stockings should correspond to the set tone. They can be slightly lighter than clothes. A light wardrobe combines beige, solid or transparent stockings.
  • Pay attention to the accuracy of the size of your stockings, otherwise they will either be too tight, which will lead to the arrows, or, conversely, to hang on the leg with ugly folds.
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Stockings with pendants: how to wear products in a grid, without looking vulgar

Stockings in the mesh for a long time were the affiliation of womenspecial warehouse. Now the choice of this very mesh will allow even a lady with strict life principles to look quite respectable. This will help small pattern, which is seen only close.

And remember that transparent stockings can be worn with any footwear, even with the one where the sock is open. And stockings in the net require only closed shoes.

Stockings with pendants: how to wear them with a dress and a skirt

If you are going to go out in a tight dress or skirt, put on tights, as the belt and pendants can be seen under such clothes, and this is unacceptable.

Do not forget about the length of the dress, putting on stockings withpendants. How to wear them with short skirts, of course, you imagine: a mini, not concealing its length, the fact that you are wearing stockings, it's vulgar! Be sure to sit down before going out to make sure that the upper edge of the intimate product does not look out from under the hem.

stockings with pendants how to wear

Stockings with pendants black

Black stockings should be given special attention.It is a universal color that looks great both on tanned skin and on pale skin. But if your stockings are full black, then they will make a fuller leg, and the thin one will be turned into a wand. It is always better to choose a transparent black color. And for a high heel fit only thin stockings (20 DEN). Remember that they are appropriate only with clothes of dark tones. You can not wear light shoes with them. True, the belt and black stockings are well combined with red linen.