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Fairy tale therapy in kindergarten - upbringing and correcting the behavior of kids

Everyone agreed long ago that humanthe word can work miracles. And especially for children. But little people do not like to listen to boring stories of adults, can not sometimes understand their speeches. However, a good educator knows: there is nothing more effective than fairy-tale therapy. In kindergarten, this way to convey to the child's consciousness the truth is used everywhere.

fairy-tale therapy in kindergarten

The role of a fairy tale in the formation of a child's worldview

Fairy tale therapy in kindergarten helps childrenlearn the world, teaches communication, shows ways to solve many problems. For example, everyone knows the famous fairy tale "Kolobok" shows the growing personality, that one should not trust strangers, be overly trusting. In the fairy tale "Cinderella" the idea of ​​all-conquering kindness and punishment of evil is vividly expressed. Fairy tale therapy in kindergarten helps children overcome aversion to food - many adults have to contend with this deviation in children's behavior. But often it happens that punishment, persuasion, bribery leads to negative results. And here is a fairy tale about an amazing castle called The Refrigerator, in which live products dreaming of being eaten by people, can make a real miracle - a child will not just be happy to eat, he will become the acting person of an exciting fairy tale!

fairy-tale therapy in kindergarten

Reading a fairy tale is the production of a mini-play

Fairy tale therapy, whether in the kindergarten, whether at home or not, iswhole science. It would seem, which is easier - to tell or read an ordinary fairy tale to a baby? But do not rush to conclusions. If an adult will read a book with a bored look, without expression, then the baby will also be bored and not too interested in listening to him. But if the narrator himself is internally transformed into characters, he changes his voice, imitating that cunning chanterelle, then the stupid little bear-bearer, lowers his voice when the child has to get agitated or be the most attentive, then the kid seems to be moving into the magical world of miracles. Fairy tale therapy in kindergarten - classes that children like, perhaps, more than others.

Development of speech with the help of a fairy tale

In classes on developing speech to kids, you caninvite to participate in telling a fairy tale. Usually in these cases we use already well-known works in which some children are invited to voice fairy characters or even play some episodes. An interesting way to guess the fairy tales by pictures, lay out the plot illustrations in the right order, the participation of the children in the play of the puppet play is a game in the puppet theater.

skazkoterapiya in kindergarten project

Long-term planning of classes on fairytale therapy

It is very important to choose fairy tales for childrenin accordance with their age characteristics, psychological problems - only then the positive result will reach fairytale therapy in the kindergarten. The project of impact on the child's psyche with the help of fairy tales should be compiled in advance, carefully thought out by an adult and designed for a long period. Of course, this should not be a strictly regulated project, which does not tolerate changes and improvisation. In the course of working with children, the educator should feel at what point this fairy tale should be told, and which fairy tale should be moved to another time. But nevertheless the main "skeleton" of the project should be determined in advance.