/ / TTG in pregnancy: the norm (1 trimester), indicators, deviations and transcript

TTG in pregnancy: the norm (1 trimester), indicators, deviations and transcript

During pregnancy, hormone levels canbe both above and below the norm. That is why it is very important to monitor their quantity. This will ensure the mother's confidence that the baby will be born healthy and without various pathologies. During the course of pregnancy, doctors pay special attention to the level of TSH, which regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Посредством гипофиза, руководящего эндокринной system, produces thyroid-stimulating hormone. With the help of these substances, the work of internal organs is regulated. On the analysis of blood, based on certain indicators of TSH, you can judge the course of pregnancy. In this way, specialists can identify hormonal failures in the body of a woman who are capable of harming a child.

Thyrotropic hormone during pregnancy

Данное вещество влияет на качественную activity of the thyroid gland. It, in turn, is responsible for the metabolic processes of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, regulates the activity of the sexual, nervous and cardiac system, as well as the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Many do not understand whymonitor the index of TTG in pregnancy. It is important to know that thyroid hormones stimulate the body of the ovary, whose work contributes to the normal course of pregnancy.

As a result of increased blood supply, thyroid activity increases. TTG in pregnancy (the norm of 1 trimester, in particular, contains very low rates) must be controlled.

What should be the indicators?

The woman, first of all, should be registered in thepolyclinic, where the gynecologist after the appointment will pass the most important tests. Among other things, you must constantly monitor your TTG during pregnancy. Norm (1 trimester) has generally accepted values ​​from 0.1 to 2.0 honey / l. At the beginning of pregnancy, the amount of the hormone will differ from subsequent periods, but it should not exceed the specified rate before the onset of labor.

norm TTG in pregnancy 1 term

Table of thyrotropic hormone norms

The list indicates how low the TSH is atpregnancy (1 term). The table also contains the indicators that should be in all three cycles of bearing the fetus. In addition, much will depend on the state of health of women. At the beginning of pregnancy, you can see a lower content of the hormone. But do not worry: this TTG in pregnancy - the norm (1 trimester is most susceptible to fluctuations in the level of thyroid-stimulating hormone). If the mother had problems with the thyroid gland before conception, it is necessary to immediately pass tests for determining the level of hormones. During this period, the fetal secretion of thyroid hormones is absent. There remains only one source - the mother organism. Because of this in the mother's blood, you can see an increase in T 3 and a decrease in T 4. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor TSH during pregnancy. The norm of the first trimester can be quite low, but this is understandable and not dangerous.

TimingIndications of the norm, mU / l
1 trimester0,1-2,0
2 trimester0,2-3,0
3 trimester0,3-3,0

In the second stage of pregnancy in a childthe thyroid gland develops and hormone production normalizes. At this time, thyroxin levels decrease, and thyroid stimulating hormone increases. In subsequent trimesters, the level of the hormone becomes greater, but this does not mean that it should exceed the permissible limits.

Small deviations can not harm the mother and fetus, but a significant difference should act as a signal that you need to take action.

TSH above normal

An indicator of a hormone during pregnancy mayseveral times the norm, which leads to the development of hypothyroidism. At this point, the thyroid gland reduces its activity and does not synthesize hormones in the required amount. TSH is higher than normal in pregnancy (1 trimester) can signal the presence of a pituitary or thyroid tumor.

TSH is higher than normal in pregnancy 1 trimester

It is very important to reduce this level, otherwise the child will not receive the substances necessary for the development of the thyroid gland. All this can lead to early miscarriage or the occurrence of pathologies.

Symptoms of elevated TSH

With an increased level of thyroid stimulating hormone, fatigue and fatigue can be felt. The following signs are also present:

  • Pallor of the skin appears.
  • You can observe a low temperature.
  • It can also increase body weight with no feeling of hunger.
  • Insomnia appears.
  • Swelling is noticeable.

These symptoms suggest that in the bodywomen can increase TSH during pregnancy. What it is? The rate of TSH is able to deviate from the generally accepted values, and the listed symptoms are observed in the normal course of the gestation period. Only the competent doctor can understand these nuances. When TSH is elevated during pregnancy, the causes, symptoms can be very diverse. That is why it is better to insure and pass blood tests for hormones. Judging by the results of the analysis, the doctor will make a conclusion and make the right treatment plan.

TSH is below normal during pregnancy

There are situations in which this indicator can be not only increased, but also lowered.

Symptoms of low TSH levels appear as follows:

  • There may be headaches.
  • Blood pressure becomes unstable.
  • You can also observe an increase in temperature.
  • Body weight can be strongly reduced, and the appetite at the same time, on the contrary, increases.
  • There is nervousness and aggression.

TSH is below normal during pregnancy

In such cases, you can not self-medicate. If you notice any symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Low hormone levels during pregnancyleads to hyperthyroidism. During this period, the thyroid gland produces a large amount of these substances. Thyroid-stimulating hormone levels are reduced due to stress or due to the development of tumors. All this adversely affects the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child. To prevent such consequences, it is necessary to take drugs that suppress the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Council of Specialists

Doctors dealing with this problemIt is recommended to follow a certain diet to increase the levels of TSH during pregnancy. It is necessary to eat protein foods, and fats, carbohydrates and salts should be limited. Considered very useful is buckwheat, beet, lettuce and sea kale.

What is the danger of increased thyroid stimulating hormone during pregnancy?

Very undesirable moment during pregnancy -increased levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, as this leads to abnormal development of the fetus. It is very important to take urgent measures because the child can be born with mental and physical problems.

Самая большая угроза присутствует в начале pregnancy - during this period the most important organs of the fetus begin to form. The child perceives the hormones of the mother due to the lack of the functions of his own thyroid gland.

elevated TTG during pregnancy

With an elevated level of TSH, a woman may experience various diseases:

  • Severe preeclampsia.
  • Cholecystectomy and various neoplasms.
  • You may notice problems with the activity of the adrenal glands.
  • Elevated levels of the hormone can lead to mental and somatic disorders.

These are very serious diseases that cause tremendous harm to the mother and child’s body, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to them in time.

How to cope with elevated levels of thyroid stimulating hormone?

It is necessary to begin treatment only whenTSH level is much higher than normal. If the deviations are small, then nothing can be done. Of course, this decision is made exclusively by the doctor.

This must be monitored, starting from the first trimester. If you start treatment in time, you can avoid many problems.

Treatment of elevated levels of TSH during pregnancy

Use of drugs

Often use various analogues of "thyroxine."You may need iodine-containing drugs. These funds are prescribed by the attending physician and are usually taken for a long time. Begin reception with a small dose. Without a doctor's prescription, these drugs can not be used, because they are selected individually.

Prevention of disease

Многие приходят в замешательство, когда узнают, that they have elevated TSH levels during pregnancy. Already during its planning it is necessary to protect yourself from such troubles. For this you need to be tested for hormones. If there is any problem, it is urgently necessary to take up treatment.

What do we have to do?

Врач может посоветовать принимать «Йодомарин».It is because of the lack of this substance that the level of the hormone is unstable. You can not take hormone drugs uncontrollably. Experts can control the process based on the findings made only after passing the tests.

It is very important for a pregnant woman to rest more often.During this period light gymnastic exercises and walks in the fresh air are useful. You can not self-medicate, on the contrary, you must immediately visit a doctor.

Prevention of disease

Helpful Tips

There is an interesting fact that iodine entersthyroid cells are only in the tenth week, and in the fourth month of pregnancy, hormones begin to develop in the fetus. If the described condition progresses in a severe form, it is forbidden to give birth. But there are cases when it is possible to bring thyroid activity back to normal. To do this, you must enter in your diet iodized salt. For a normal pregnancy, you need to follow all the recommendations of doctors and more often be in a good mood.