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Gas discharge tube for newborns - instruction for use

You brought the baby from the hospital and are full of the mostjoyful hopes and desires - the long-awaited child is finally at home, in your arms! What could be more beautiful? But very soon young parents "descend from heaven to earth." The baby is crying. She cries often, and it is not always clear, for what reason: maybe she wants to eat or sleep? One kind of crying you will definitely learn to distinguish is a loud, piercing cry at intestinal colic. This affects 90% of newborns. How to help the baby and ease his discomfort? To help parents - a gas tube for newborns, the instruction for use is in this article.

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Colic in babies can last up to six months,but the majority practically pass to three months. As soon as the kid learns to turn over and lie on the tummy, the colic will go away immediately. Their cause is a violation of digestion, increased gas production. Because of the constant stay in the horizontal position, the excess air can not go out by itself. The colic itself is a gas bubble, pressing on the walls of the intestines and stomach of the baby, causing discomfort. To remove them from the baby's intestines, a gas tube for the newborns is needed. The instruction for its use is quite simple, and every loving parent will be able to master this adaptation.

Before starting a conversation on how to put a vapor tube on a newborn, let’s focus on the symptoms of colic:

  1. The baby screams for a long time, the face is red with tension.
  2. Often children begin to press their legs to the stomach.
  3. Breastfeeding, nipples - in a word, it's impossible to calm a child anything.
  4. The tummy is swollen or tense.

If most of the symptoms described above are present, you can rest assured that it is colic, and only a gas tube for babies will help. Instructions for its use are described below.

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Wash your hands, beat the tub with boiling water and giveher to cool down. Cover the table and another flat surface with oilcloth or sheets (on the oilcloth the baby can be cold, and he will cry even more). Undress the baby below the waist and place in front of him on the prepared surface. Next should also be dry and wet wipes (some children with the tubing may have a desire to go to the toilet, which happens instantly). Child up to 3-4 months put on the back, older children - on the barrel with their legs pressed. Next, the gas tube for neonates is put directly. The instruction is as follows:

  1. Lubricate the rounded end with vegetable or baby oil, you can use a baby cream.
  2. Carefully insert the end of the tube into the rectum at 1.5-2 cm for newborns and 4-5 cm for older children.
  3. If the tube is not inserted, and the muscles of the anus are strained, do not insert the tube, wait, otherwise you can damage the delicate skin.
  4. Gases can go both immediately and within 5-10 minutes.
  5. After the discharge of gases and feces (not always), carefully remove the tube, rinse and boil it for the next use.

how to put a vapor tube to a newborn

Do everything slowly and very carefully, especiallyif your baby is newborn. If the procedure is carried out incorrectly, the baby may be injured in the intestines. The gas outlet tube for newborns, the price of which ranges from 10 to 50 rubles, is an effective way to rid babies of colic, but it is still unsafe and radical. Before using the tube, try other ways - massage, exercise "bicycle", a warm diaper on the tummy and simethicone-based products. If the proper effect of these funds do not have, use the tube.

It is advisable that young parents learn fromnurses or pediatricians, as is the venting tube for newborns. The instruction gives only a general idea, and it is better to see this manipulation "live" once.