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How the folder for the diploma should be framed

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Well, finally the last year of study has come!You are a graduate of a higher or secondary special educational institution. This final stage is not only very responsible, but also quite fussy in all respects. First, if you have not yet decided on the place of future work, you need to inquire about vacancies in the specialty. Completing the "gnaw granite science", you will have to take care of and many related problems. The twist of the student life of the last year includes practice, preparation of the future prom, photosession for making an album for memory and other pleasant moments. But the most important, of course, is writing and protecting the final work - the diploma. Success depends not only on the content of your "work", but also on its appearance. Of great importance is how the folder for the diploma is made out. Shortly before the state exams, you will need to pass your first scientific "brainchild" to a preliminary reading. Undoubtedly, it can not be a pile of scattered sheets. The folder for the diploma must be in the form of a single whole and a neatly stitched document. But sometimes for a student this task becomes impossible. In this article, there are several ways of completing the final works.

How to properly suture a diploma in a folder? Method number 1

The simplest of all possible optionsis the delivery of work for the firmware in the professional workshop. In this case, you will not worry about the quality and correctness of the design. The folder for the diploma is chosen at your discretion and depending on the material possibilities - soft or hard. It is worth paying special attention to the correct layout of the sheets before handing them over to the firmware. Of course, all this will result in a considerable amount, which for a student sometimes becomes unplanned costs. Therefore, many people think about whether it is possible to arrange the work independently.

How is the folder for the diploma stitched together with the work of the house? Method No. 2

where to buy the folder for the diploma

But what should I do if in youra small city does not have a special bookbinding workshop or the current price list is "too expensive"? I'll have to work on my own. First, find out where to buy the folder for the diploma, folders and a special punch with three holes. The last of the listed necessary items can be borrowed from someone for hire, since specifically buying it - the pleasure is not cheap. By the way, rational students have come up with a free, unusual way to make holes. This requires an ordinary drill. With it, preliminary preparation for the firmware is quick and cheap. It is original, is not it?

how to suture a diploma in a folder

how «hem" diploma in a folder without firmware? Method number 3

The finished result can also be in the form ofglued book. The work is very painstaking and long. You need to glue each sheet with glue and connect with each other. Then, to the glued sheets from the end, fix the spine and the cover. But if you are not a professional in this business, you should not risk hiring your work in such glued format.

On which of the proposed binding methods you choose, depends largely on the success of the protection of the final diploma. Happy passing the state examinations!