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Dr. Komarovsky: intestinal infections in children, symptoms, treatment, diet

All food and water consumedpeople, unfortunately, are very far from sterility. Every day and every hour, billions of different bacteria come into our bodies. There is nothing wrong with this, because nature has come up with effective ways to neutralize microbes. "Good" bacteria, saliva with bactericidal properties, poisonous gastric juice do not allow outsiders to get accustomed to the body and destroy it.

But the child's body is very gentle and receptive, so miracles do not always happen to him. Unfortunately, argues Dr. Komarovsky, intestinal infections happen to children with almost the same frequency,as well as ARVI. What should parents do that suspected intestinal infection from their youngster, and are there ways to prevent dangerous infection? We will try to understand this.

Cause of intestinal infection

There is no one person, neverwho has caught an intestinal infection. This is because there are many ways to neutralize a huge number of protective forces of the body: neutralize the acidic acid juice with an alkaline drink, destroy your own microbes with antibiotics, swallow food without chewing it and many others.

Komarovsky intestinal infections

Still get into the body quite often thesepests, says Dr. Komarovsky. Intestinal infections really do not need any adult, let alone a child. Their main reason was, is and will be the failure to comply with the simplest hygienic standards: unwashed hands, improper storage of food, flying between the toilet and the dining table a flock of flies. No matter how great defensive forces the human body possesses in general and the baby in particular, there will always be microbes, which cannot be neutralized.

Intestinal infection in any family member - hugealarm for everyone else. The patient needs separate dishes, and the rest - often wash their hands, organize perfect cleanliness, all dishes should be boiled, not sparing disinfectants.

The main principle of assistance in receiving an intestinal infection is to make up as soon as possible the loss of salts and fluids. Compote of dried fruit, green tea.

Causative agents of infections

Like many other intestinal infections in babiesmay be viral and bacterial. By their name it is clear that the difference in the nature of the pathogen. Among the huge number of viral intestinal infections, the most common in children is rotavirus.

In addition, there are still the most common infections in babies: dysentery, enterovirus and salmonellosis.

 intestinal infection in children symptoms treatment Komarovsky

Every year (according to WHO statistics) about 2 millionChildren under the age of 5 years die from a disease called intestinal infection in children. Komarovsky believes that if all the necessary measures were taken, this figure would be much lower.

Self-medication or experience of professionals?

But parents should not be scared and despair. Not the worst thing that can happen to their baby, this rotavirus intestinal infection. Komarovsky claims that over 90 percent of all casesdiseases of intestinal infections can be overcome without the use of special drugs. But the remaining 10% - the most insidious and terrible. This is exactly the case when self-medication should not be used in any case! The most important thing in the current situation - as soon as possible to bring the baby to infectious diseases.

Indications for calling a doctor

Urgent doctor care is needed for the following symptoms in your child:

  • there are blood clots in the vomit of the baby or his stool;
  • the child cannot be drunk - he either spits up the water, or cannot swallow it;
  • there are clear signs of dehydration - “dry” tongue, the baby does not pee for the last 5-6 hours, there is dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, no sweat and tears;
  • on the body of the child made a rash;
  • the crumb complains of a headache;
  • body temperature rises sharply and severely;
  • in case of diarrhea or vomiting, parents can see that the baby’s skin is rather pale and shakes.

Signs and symptoms of intestinal infection in babies

Все указанные выше признаки и симптомы описывают a situation in which intestinal infection in children (Komarovsky declares this with full responsibility) has already acquired a rather severe or even deadly form. Fortunately, such situations are not frequent.

intestinal infection in children Komarovsky

Most infections are usually manifested by several universal symptoms:

  • baby refuses to eat;
  • have vomiting or diarrhea;
  • body temperature rises slightly;
  • the baby is sleepy, lethargic and pale.

Who brings the infection to the body?

Not in all cases, intestinal infection in children is terrible and dangerous. The treatment (Komarovsky is convinced of this from the height of his professional experience) must be timely and accurate.

intestinal infection Komarovsky treatment

The pathogens of intestinal infections includebacteria (cholera vibrio, typhoid wand, staphylococcus) and some viruses. They can well reproduce in the intestines and lead to disruption of the digestive process. They contribute to the inflammation of all the cells of the intestinal mucosa. A common and characteristic consequence of these processes is diarrhea as the main symptom in a situation where an acute intestinal infection is observed. Komarovsky explains that initially the very concept of the disease, obtained by infection, varies. For a person not versed in medical terms, diarrhea is a guarantee of infection in the body. For the doctor, it is not the symptoms themselves that are important, but the ways of infection.

Part of the symptoms is not a disease.

"Any disease in the mouth(the so-called fecal-oral route of infection) shows what intestinal infection is in infants "(Komarovsky). The most obvious example is Botkin's disease. The virus penetrates the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea is not present in most cases, and the liver is affected. That is why there is no need to focus only on diarrhea, as there are other signs of the disease - pain in the baby’s tummy, high body temperature, nausea and vomiting, no appetite, a child is weak. Such signs are quite common, but they do not always indicate that that the intestinal infection is present in children. Symptoms, treatment (Komarovsky, as a representative of the clan of talented doctors, is convinced that the result will be much better than before the parents went to the doctor) should be: the first - well studied, and the second - applied according to doctor's instructions.

Dehydration of the child's body

Only a small part of the diseases undername "intestinal infection", treatment (Komarovsky as a doctor with many years of experience in this conviction) which does not require thinking, should be carried out with the help of antibiotics. And the rest pass without such intervention, accompanied by the immune system of the baby. After a few days, she begins to develop the necessary protection against this disease. The main task of any baby is to hold out for these few days. And the most dangerous risk for this period for a child is the most common dehydration, says the doctor. Komarovsky. Intestinal infections contribute to the fact that when diarrhea or vomiting fluid leaves the body. Therefore, it is so important to renew it.

intestinal infection in children Komarovsky treatment

If mom and dad know exactly how to protect the body of their child from dehydration, their intestinal infection is not terrible for their toddler.

Features of the treatment of intestinal infections in babies: high temperature and antibiotics

Intestinal infection in children - symptoms, treatment(Komarovsky stopped at this point in detail in his broadcasts) when the situation arose, they must first be detected on time and then eliminated with the help of properly prescribed drugs.

It is usually considered that if a baby has a body temperature of about 38aboutC, it does not need to shoot down (the body fights itself). But according to Dr. Komarovsky, intestinal infections - the thing is dangerous, so it’s not churningonly possible, but necessary. This follows from the fact that the heat removes huge reserves of fluid from the body, and in fact it is especially dangerous for children to dehydrate with intestinal infections.

rotavirus intestinal infection komarovsky

Karapazu (if the body temperature has risen) must be given a febrifuge so that there is no dehydration and intoxication. You should constantly give your baby a drink.

Parents, remember: the higher the temperature of a baby’s intestinal infection, the more it needs to be watered!

Earlier it was said that onlya small percentage of intestinal infections require antimicrobial agents to cure. And the use of any antibiotics in this case is strictly regulated by WHO.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, intestinal infectionchildren have a dangerous thing, but not deadly. It is only necessary to adhere to all the recommendations of the doctor and not to self-medicate. Antibiotics can be used in cases of diarrhea, which has lasted for several days, hemocolitis (when there is an admixture of blood in the stool or vomit) and in severe cholera. Only in these cases is the use of antibiotics for babies justified and fairly effective.

Treatment of intestinal infections in babies: sorbents

Indeed, there is some reason for applyingsorbents for intestinal infections of babies. They can absorb poisons, toxins and other harmful substances inside the gastrointestinal tract, will eliminate the excess gas. Practicing pediatricians are convinced that to some extent sorbents protect the child's body from dehydration and intoxication. No one has yet been able to prove that the use of such tools poses a threat to the child.

Baby food after getting rid of an intestinal infection

So, what is the diet after an intestinal infection? Komarovsky recalls that during the illness a temporary enzymatic deficiency arose in the baby. After an illness, it does not last long. This is important to consider when drawing up the baby’s menu.

In the first days after the illness, it is necessary to restrain the appetite of the recovering child.

Dr. Komarovsky intestinal infection in children

It often happens that afterthere comes a phase of recovery, the condition of the baby improves, appetite comes. Here are parents (especially grandmothers) and are happy to try - they put all the tasty things on the table - fatter and thicker. But purely physiologically, the child’s body is not yet ready for such excesses: it does not yet have enzymes that would digest all this taste.

You should not feed him "heavy" and fatty foods.It is better to prolong the therapeutic diet, which include vegetable soup, cereal porridge on the water, biscuits, fruit puree. This is only 5-7 days, until the activity of the enzymes is restored.

Be sure to follow the diet of the child after an intestinal infection. Komarovsky advises that you can do differently:some time to give special enzymes to the recovering baby. Although many pediatricians believe that the prolonged diet is better than “feeding” the child pharmacy enzymes.

Health to you and your children!