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Dog Moscow dragon: standards, history of origin, prices

The Moscow dragon was derived on the basis ofAboriginal dogs. It was first learned about it in the late 1980s, and by 1999 the official breed standard was approved. A year later, the club of the Moscow dragon (RKF) was officially created. The total number of such dogs is not high, about 100 specimens have been recorded.

Breed of the Moscow dragon: the history of origin

Tribal work with this breed began biologist ZoyaKostynina back in 1988. From the very beginning, a small number of manufacturers were used. After that, having analyzed the obtained data, it was found out that such dogs are often found in the capital of Russia, Moscow, and also in the region. Very often owners of the Moscow dragon are persuaded to send a pet to participate in the breeding.

Moscow dragon dog

There have been cases when representatives of this breed(and very beautiful ones) were picked up on the street. In 1999 an exhibition was held, which was called "Golden Dog-99". At this event, the dog named Fenya received the title of KRCH and took second place in the Best-In-Show under the judging of A. S. Ivanov. A year later at the exhibition "EURASIA-2000" Barabashka got the first titles in this breed of champion RKF and CAC. Soon both dogs became the first Moscow dragons - champions of Russia.

In 2004, the section "Moscow dragon" of the Kemerovo Kennel Club was accepted as a member of the National Club of the breed.


This is a small dog of strong, dryphysique. Weight ranges from 1.5 to 4.5 kilograms (the best figure is the mass of two to three pounds). Color in "dragons" can be anything, but spotty and white individuals should have pigmentation of the lobe of the nose, lips and eyelids.
Wool straight, well-fitting to the bodyAn animal, a short one for the gods, and longer and coarse on the tail and along the ridge. On the neck of such a dog is formed clutch. Undercoat is present, and it can be either short or long.

The head is slightly rounded, narrow between the ears, with not lowered and not upturned muzzle and developed chin. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is quite pronounced.

Small, wide-set, oval dark eyes.
Ears are thin, long, can be standing or semi-standing. They are very expressive and mobile.

The front paws are small, straight, parallel, elbows pointing backwards, and the rear legs are widely set, with well-defined angulation angles.
The tail is set high in the semiring, ring or sickle. Keeps above the back or throws on her.

breed of the Moscow dragon

Nature and content

Since these dogs have a "beard" and "mustache" onface, they really look like small dragons in a profile. But this name arose not because of this similarity, but because they have a strong and rather uneasy character.

Such a dog is very devoted to the owner.If necessary, the dog Moscow dragon will boldly protect its owner. Although this animal weighs only two kilograms (on average), it, like a dragon, will protect its treasure from anyone who attacks it. To someone else's representative of this breed is incredulous.
Unlike many other decorative dogs,Moscow dragon is a dog that is not inclined to bark in vain. Due to the fact that it behaves quietly, it can be easily maintained in city apartments.

As for relationships with other animals,Moscow dragon dog may show aggression towards unfamiliar dogs, not paying any attention to the difference in weight categories. Therefore, on walks pet should not be let off the leash, for his own safety and calmness of the owner.

Dog breed Moscow dragon


From a very young age you need to bring upa dog, otherwise it, despite its miniature size, can become a “master” in the house. Such animals need proper training. They are very smart and active, so they need both intellectual and physical activity. The Moscow dragon - the dog whose photo you saw in our article - can take part in mini-agility. In addition, such a dog can be recorded on the course early.

Care of the Moscow dragon

moscow dragon dog Price
Representatives of the breed are unpretentious and do not need special care. It is only necessary to clean the eyes, ears and teeth daily. The need to trim the claws with the help of a special claw cutter.

But!This dog needs daily walks, and in any weather. Of course, the pet can be accustomed to the fact that he feces into the tray. Naturally, training should be carried out from childhood, so that later there would be no “surprises”.

It is necessary to bathe a dog in process of pollution. Teaching to receive water procedures is also necessary from puppyhood, so that later there are no problems with this activity.

Чтобы собака московский дракон не боялась воды, you need to put it in a still empty bath. When the animal calms down, you need to open the tap with water. As the bath fills up gradually, the animal will get used to it without experiencing stress.

During bathing, use a special dog shampoo - this tool is designed specifically for these animals, it foams beautifully and gently cleanses the wool.

Health of considered pets is excellent,probably, the descent from the purebred dogs, which do not require complicated grooming. To make your little dog's hair beautiful, you only need to comb it once a week. In feeding, the Moscow dragon dog is unpretentious, does not suffer from allergies, that is, the animal is deprived of all the disadvantages inherent in many other ornamental breeds. Therefore, it is not surprising that these dogs are gradually becoming more and more popular.


Moscow dragon dog photo
Of course, you need to touch on the topic of nutrition.Some owners feed the dogs from the table, but this is not the best option. It is advisable to purchase canned food for your pets, ready-made dry food, or, if all of the above is unacceptable for you, cook separately.

Представители этой породы нуждаются в полноценном a diet rich in essential minerals and fiber. Therefore, feed your dog cereals, vegetables and fresh meat (it is advisable to buy beef) - all this is necessary for the body of a small creature. And one more important point. If you choose natural food, then the animal needs special vitamins. It is best to consult a veterinarian in this matter.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include truly “draconian” character, courage, excellent health, independence, stable psyche and devotion to its owner.

The only drawback is that such dogs may be a little aggressive towards their fellows.


Now you know what the Moscow dragon is a breed of dogs, how to care for its representatives, as well as what to feed them. We hope that our information will help you.

Moscow dragon dog

Напоследок рассмотрим еще вопрос стоимости.You can buy such a handsome man for $ 100 (without pedigree). And the average cost of a dog with documents is $ 300. However, we note that the Moscow dragon is a dog, the price of which is not so important, because, as they say, friends are priceless. And such a pet can become a truly loyal friend of both adults and children.