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Plasticine wax "Ray" and its application

Why is plasticine important for early development?children? Have you ever asked this question? We offer to consider all the positive aspects of this material and choose the best producer from those that supply this product to the market. And this will be the plasticine of the firm "Luch".

plasticine beams of crumbs

Types of plasticine

Let's consider what kinds of plasticine are and what plasticine "Ray" is better than others.

1. Classic clay, which is sold by standard rectangular pieces in a cardboard box.

Plasticine set

Advantage can be called its low cost. This is the cheapest kind of plasticine, which since childhood is familiar to all current adults.

The drawbacks are that this materialrather hard, and before molding it should be heated for a long time and kneaded in his hands, which is difficult for young children, and often impossible without the help of adults.

2. Plasticine on a wax basis.This is exactly the same, from the company "Ray", which is convenient in that it is easily warmed up, and even weak fingers of babies can easily cope with it. A set of plasticine can be purchased in different colors. There are different sets, which include from 8 to 24 different colored bars. In shops, wax clay Luch is widely represented. Reviews about it are good thanks to the plasticity of the material.

There is only one drawback and a slight one - the material sticks to the hands a bit more, compared to the usual.

3. Soft plasticine in jars.Compared with the option from the manufacturer, “Ray” has a significant drawback, since it can only be stored in a jar. The air dries quickly, becoming brittle and unsuitable for reuse.

Of these three options, the best is clay wax "Ray", it is the subject of our review. And how to choose - your business!

plasticine beams of crumbs

Plasticine "Ray" and early development

Not all parents know how important clayfor the early development of children. And in vain. Classes with clay can not be replaced by any application or drawing, or other intellectual and useful games. This material, if it is as high-quality and convenient to use as from the Luch company, plays a significant role in the development of fine motor skills that helps the child not only to control his hands and fingers, but also has an impact on the speech center, eyesight, attention and memory . And what could be more important than this? Among other things, modeling helps to develop imagination. After all, from plasticine, you can try to dazzle your favorite hero from the cartoon or even come up with something new. As mentioned above, the manufacturer "Ray" offers sets in different colors (from 8 to 24 colors) and the older the child, the larger the set it can be purchased, and the more interesting compositions he can create.

clay wax ray premium

Many parents love that a child canfor a long time to spend on modeling and not distract adults from their affairs. But at the same time, most teachers recommend parents to take an active part in the creative process, so the common cause always brings people closer, and kids are always pleased with the attention of their elders.

How clay can affect self-esteem

Surprisingly, but true.Clay can directly affect the child's self-esteem. With this material, you can increase the confidence of the baby, if he suddenly doubted his abilities. How and why does this happen? Very simple!

Plasticine is a material that gives inreuse if something fails. Compare. If you have painted a picture or pasted the application, then it will be extremely difficult or impossible to correct the errors. With clay all different. Failed to figure? You can crumple and sculpt her at any time again and again until the young leader is satisfied with his work.

Тут стоит упомянуть о том, что родителям стоит correctly approach the choice of material for creativity. Clay wax "Ray" does not freeze at room temperature as usual and does not harden completely as soft in jars, therefore, specialists in preschool education recommend using this particular set of clay.

At what age can you buy children plastic "Ray"?

We all know that children mold from plasticine in thatage when they go to kindergarten. But few people know at what age you can give this material to kids at all. Let's look at this topic in more detail.

Wax-based clay

Если говорить о самом раннем возрасте, то plasticine can be given to a child already from the year. But here will be required the help of parents. Firstly, the older ones will have to make sure that the baby does not drag the clay into his mouth, and secondly, he will need to help him to knead and show how you can make some simplest figures. To begin with, plasticine "Ray" "Scarce", which is represented by 6 or 10 colors.

From 3-4 years old the child can already be left with clay, since at this age the kids understand that this is an inedible thing and they know what it is intended for.

There is no upper age limit. If adults like to create from plasticine, you can engage in modeling to a very old age. This is creativity!

Ideas for working with plasticine "Ray"

If you opened a box of clay and do not know where to start, what to create, we offer you options for action.

First, you can remember your favorite characters that all children know. It is better to start with those that are simpler. For example, from a snowman!

Secondly, you can peek at the options for finished crafts on the Internet and try to repeat what you liked more.

В-третьих, вы можете приобрести готовые раскраски or pictures that are painted with this material. For them, by the way, more suitable clay wax "Ray" "Premium", but if not, you can use other options.

Where to buy?

Where can I buy a set of plasticine "Ray"? It's simple. It is sold in almost any stores of children's and stationery.

Wax-based clay

In addition, it is very convenient to place orders throughonline shopping. The most popular at the moment, according to reviews, are two types. The first is plasticine wax "Ray." He leads in terms of sales. And the second is plasticine "Ray" "Baby".

Choose, buy and create on health!