/ How to take care of a Scottish kitten?

How to take care of a Scottish kitten?

What is the peculiarity of Scottish cats?This breed is similar to the British representatives of felines, but has its own characteristics. Scottish kittens are very sociable and calm in character. They can not be left alone for long, someone from the household must necessarily pay much attention to the pet, otherwise it will get bored.

scottish fold kittens

Lop-eared Scottish kittens, like stratets, are well trained. They are pretty smart animals and very curious.

How did the breed form?

In fact, these cats did not appear as a resultspecial selection, but only because in nature there was an accidental malfunction. One of the farmers took a lop-eared kitten and noticed how good a domestic pet is. This happened in the 60-ies of the twentieth century. After loud differences and disputes, it was the Australians who adopted this breed and defined all the standards for ideal shapes and colors. Then all over the world they were recognized and recognized as a separate breed.

There is an opinion that the kittens were brought from the eastern countries to Europe by sailors. And perhaps the history of the breed is quite rich and much more interesting than it is commonly believed.

Хотя в наше время английская ассоциация refused this breed, many amateurs at exhibitions still occupy leadership positions with their pets. The American Association continues to cherish and grow Pure Scots.

How to feed a kitten?

From the moment the Scottish kitten gets hooked to you under your roof, you will have more responsibilities. We need to take care of proper nutrition, vaccinations and many other things.

The owner needs to know that you can not give dry food kitten up to 2 months. And then you can try one of those feeds that the breeder advises you.

If it is more convenient to feed the baby with usual food, then take note of the list of those products that it is forbidden to give Scottish Fold kittens:

  • You can not smoked sausage and sausages.
  • No herring.
  • Too fatty foods.
  • It is forbidden to feed the bones.
  • Nothing sweet.
  • It is also completely forbidden to give pork, even boiled, even raw.
  • Boiled chicken can be given
  • Chicken eggs are also not recommended to give raw, so that the kitten does not get sick with salmonella. If you cook the eggs separately, then for the kids, let's give only the yolk at first.
cat food

Очень важно следить за тем, сколько кальция together with the food enters the pet. When a lot of calcium in food, the ears of a kitten rise, it becomes a straight. The gene that determines looseness affects joints and cartilage. If there is a lot of calcium, the cat’s joints will be stronger, but your kitten won’t win.

As for the frequency of feeding, the kitten is up to 2months fed every 2 hours. Then, by 8 months, the cat is already fed 4 times a day, 250 grams for each dose. And every year the Scot is already an adult, and he needs to be transferred to 2 meals a day.

Very small kittens cook oatmeal withadding chicken pieces. If you plan to feed the animal with dry feed, then there should always be a bowl with clean water nearby. Feed, need to say, dear. Those types of food that contain the entire diet for the day, taking into account the ratio of meat and vegetable food, for many families, expensive exaggeration.

In general, proper nutrition ensures that your pet will live a long and happy life near you.

What does a purebred kitten look like?

The main difference between the Scottish breed isa perfectly round head with ears pressed down forward and big eyes. Eyes usually have the same shade as wool. The head goes into a short but powerful neck.

The muzzle is short, with full convex cheeks. Chin is strong. Their coat is short, very soft and thick.

Тело животного крепкое, "сбитое", довольно muscular with strong graceful legs. You must have seen them at least once at the exhibition. This is enough to accurately remember what Scottish kittens look like. Photos of them always touches even those who do not particularly love cats.

care for a kitten

It is impossible to confuse a lop-eared little Scotsman with another breed. But straights, kittens of the same breed, but having ordinary ears, are often confused with the British cat.

Features of the Scottish breed

Scottish kittens are adored by everyone, but not everyone knowshow to care for them. These are entirely domestic cats, many pedigree boys and girls take prizes at exhibitions. But if you took such a kitten to the house not for exhibitions, but for yourself, know that it is a wonderful home friend for your children. Seals of this breed love to play with children and will never offend them.

They will not offend the furniture. Since they have a calm, almost "aristocratic" disposition, they quickly get used to the master's rules and will not make you out of spite.

One of the strange features of these cats is that for some reason they do not know how to meow like everyone else. Those sounds that they make are completely different from the usual meow.

Care for newborn babies Scottish

Actually, the Scottish kitten is unpretentious interms of heat and feed animal. Of course, they like to sleep on the battery, like all cats, but it is not necessary to follow the thermal regime especially if the kitten is more than a month old. But newborn crumbs should not freeze, if the apartment owner is cold. They need at least 2 weeks to create a cozy thermal regime.

newborn kittens. care

Of course, mother cat heats them with her body, the firstweeks fully cares for them, licks. But by the end of the 3rd week the owner can already feed the babies. By the 18th day after birth, some kittens have their ears lowered. But they are all born with perfectly ordinary, erect ears.

Food, hairbrush acquire immediately. The kittens are clean, their mother immediately teaches them where to go to the toilet.

Take them from the cat at the age of two months.But it is better to wait until the age of 2.5-3 months. At this time, they are slightly larger than the palm of a person and already have that color, which is given by nature. Seals can weigh a little more than a kilogram, and cats up to 800 grams.

Bathing and combing a kitten

Part of compulsory care is bathing. To teach the kitten to water as early as possible. Although the cats lick themselves, sometimes bathing is necessary. Especially when the seals start shedding.

Water temperature should be at least 35 degrees.For bathing a kitten you need to prepare, special droplets drip into your eyes, and your ears are covered with cotton balls. Many cats and cats gradually become accustomed to such procedures and behave calmly, without scratching or escaping. Bathing requires a special cat shampoo, which will make the hair even softer. Especially good shampoo is needed when the owner prepares a kitten for the show.

It is desirable to bathe your pet approximatelyonce a month. Do not forget to rub his eyes with cotton swabs sometimes. In addition to this procedure, the kitten must also be taught that sometimes its ears must be cleaned, and its claws cut a little. From a young age, a kitten should also be taught to tear its claws only on a special scraper.

grooming kittens

Так как шерсть набитая у вислоухого котенка, его It is also recommended to constantly comb out. Scots owners love to take care of their pet. Since it is very calm kittens and usually do not scratch.

What suits are popular?

What are Scottish kittens valued? There are a lot of Scottish breeds. There are monochromatic and two-colored individuals. Ordinary gray colors are popular, but more like pure white or white and red Scots.

The most popular ash kittens are of Scottish breed, but we also like red color, pure white, and also cream tones, black and torbie.

Scottish fold colors

There is a theory that pure white cats with blue eyes are often deaf, this may be due to the fact that their genes are weak. But they look very cute.

House for acquired crumbs

Before the appearance of crumbs in the house you need to take careabout a personal place to stay. Cats sometimes need to be alone, like people, and they are looking for a secluded corner. They can get into your closet with clothes, it's better that he has his own house.

It is not necessary to buy expensive soft corners, any kitten will be happy with the usual box, which the owner “equips” with soft upholstery inside. Next to the house you need to put a scratching post.

When to plant?

It is recommended to vaccinate a Scottish cat kitten from 3 months. Viruses and bacteria a huge amount right on your shoes. And your cat or cat, even without leaving the apartment, can become infected.

Before vaccination pet need to prepare.Be sure to give your child antihelminthic and look for his overall health. If contraindications to vaccination are noticed, this procedure is moved to another time.

It is impossible to vaccinate a kitten in the following cases:

  • If the baby has lethargy and feeling unwell.
  • If he was recently operated on. After any surgery, only 2 months are vaccinated.
  • Antibiotics have been used as a treatment.
  • The vaccine is used that is purchased directly at the veterinary clinic, and not at the pet store.

What vaccinations are needed:

  • "Felovax". This comprehensive vaccine acts as a defense against 3 diseases: rhinotracheitis, chlamydia and calcivirosis.
  • "Nobivak Triket" - also aged over 3 months. Protects against distemper.
  • At 6 months, make an injection against lichen.
  • At 13 weeks, rabies vaccine is administered and revaccinated annually.

The plague is one of the most dangerous diseases.Almost 50% of cases of disease end with the lethal outcome of the animal. It is better to take the kitten to the veterinary clinic once again and to make all the recommended vaccinations.

Lop-eared kittens and straights

Scottish cat kitten is born with ordinary straight ears. But after 10-20 days, some ears "fall", while others remain so, kittens with ordinary ears also need breeders.

Scottish cat and kittens

They are called straights.Scottish straight kittens are necessary for breeding. Those who engage in such cats know that the lop-eared kittens do not have enough calcium, and that the offspring have normal healthy genes, crossing two lop-eared animals is prohibited. Straight and lop-eared always intersect.

Highland Fold and Highland Straight

Вислоухие шотландские котята называются scottish folds. But there is another branch in the breed - long-haired Scots. They are called Highland fold. Their ears are even smaller, and from under the long hair they are almost invisible. Highlands are sometimes born of a short-haired cat. But still they are trying to display separately.

Highland is a beautiful area in Scotland.In the US, these kittens are simply called long-haired Scottish folds. They are also crossed only with long-haired straights or highland straights. Previously, these kittens were rejected from the pure breed. But in 1993, all the same, they recognized and defined the norms for the exhibition. Wool color is recognized by anyone. And the color of the eyes, just like that of ordinary Scots, should ideally match the color of the coat.

How to find a kitten?

There are many sites on the Net where breedersplace ads for the sale of animals. The Avito website is popular in St. Petersburg. Scottish kittens are sold there at different prices: from 6 thousand to 20 thousand rubles. Cheaper kittens have no pedigree, but are simply taken for home maintenance as a gift to children.

On the site "Avito" Scottish fold kittens are often sold. This is one of the favorite breeds around the world. And Russia is no exception.