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Children's entertainment in kindergarten. Scenarios of holidays and entertainment in kindergarten

All parents know that they need to develop their ownkids from an early age, and they want their own child to be better, smarter, stronger than their peers. Whereas moms and dads are not always ready to invent entertainment and holiday scenarios. That is why children's entertainment (in kindergarten) is considered the most faithful and organic.

Entertainment in kindergarten

Entertainment for children in kindergarten is notonly a way to amuse the little ones, to give them a piece of joy, fun and laughter. Another equally important function of entertainment and celebrations is mental development and the formation of certain skills in children. After all, children perceive this world through play and fun, and moral teachings and boring stories do not bring any benefit to the development of kids.

children's entertainment in kindergarten

Children's entertainment in the kindergarten is divided into the main types:

  • daily program;
  • holiday scenarios.

At the same time, both forms of work of the kindergarten teacher are an integral part of the group's activities and make a huge contribution to the development of children, provided they are properly organized.

Kinds of activity in kindergarten

Activities in the kindergarten can be very diverse:

1) Everyday children's entertainment in kindergarten.

2) Rest.

3) Thematic holidays.

4) Musical and artistic activities.

entertainment for children in kindergarten

Most often, as practice shows, the musicalleader, physical education instructor and educators are only busy preparing for the holidays. They prepare the script, give out the roles and learn them with the children. In September the group prepares for the holiday of autumn or harvest. Immediately after the event, all entertainment scenarios in the kindergarten are reduced to preparing for the New Year party, then to the Eighth March and so on.

Of course, holidays, matinees and preparations forthey are an important component of the life of the children's collective, but not the only one. Therefore, the work of the educator should be diverse, and the holiday scenarios are thought out so that the children do not have long and painful preparations.

Kinds of rest

Rest in kindergarten can also be active and passive. Passive rest includes:

  • muscular relaxation of a general nature (sleep, casual conversation);
  • contemplation of paintings, nature, beautiful objects;
  • casual conversations.

scenarios of entertainment in kindergarten

Rest can also be of an active nature:

  • gymnastic exercises;
  • work in the yard of the kindergarten;
  • outdoor games.

holidays and entertainment in kindergarten

The main essence of recreation is that the child must independently choose the type of activity, realize their desires and needs in accordance with their own interests.

Scenarios of holidays and entertainment in kindergarten

Themes of entertainment in kindergarten can be:

1) Household: the harvest festival, the New Year's Eve, the release of children to school.

2) Public: March 8, Victory Day, Easter Day.

3) Seasonal: the feast of autumn, the departure of winter, the day of birds, the summer holiday.

One of the most common holidays in kindergarten is the "Feast of Autumn". For example, "The Autumn Noisy Ball of Guests Called to Himself", his preparation includes:

  • selection of text material and musical accompaniment;
  • scenario development;
  • learning text and songs for the holiday;
  • Prepare children in advance: tell all about the signs of autumn and how animals prepare in the fall for winter;
  • decoration of the room with air decorations, posters;
  • preparation of costumes and other attributes for children.

themes of entertainment in kindergarten

Characters: leading, fungus, rabbit, chanterelle, bear, tit, birds, as well as vegetables: garlic, tomato, carrots, cabbage, cucumber and others.

To the sound of music, children enter the hall and becomesemicircle. The presenter begins her speech, then each vegetable recites poems about her own vegetable. After you can perform the song "Autumn has come", "Sad Crane" and other songs dedicated to the autumn theme.

Autumn holidays and fun in kindergarten

Autumn is a dreary and rainy time, but not for kindergarten children, because educators always try to find the most fun and interesting entertainment scenarios for children (in kindergarten) for children.

So, theatrical musical entertainment"A fun trip to autumn." The main characters of such entertainment: autumn, vegetables, squirrels, hares, bears, cats, birds. The role of fall and lead is performed by adults, all the rest are children of older groups.

Kids in verse ask autumn why is shecame with frequent rains, with cold nights? Why did autumn have a fun and hot summer? "It would be better winter!" Autumn, in turn, replies that she will try to fulfill the request of the children and give them snowstorms, and she will go to those countries where she will be very happy.

scenarios of holidays and entertainment in kindergarten

Then all the children in the role go to music.trees, squirrels, hares, birds and vegetables. They say they will not understand what is happening, because the trees did not have time to throw off the leaves, and change the hares of the fur coats, and barely escaped from the wolf, because they cannot hide in gray fur coats on white snow. The squirrels answer that they did not shed and that they did not have time to stock up mushrooms for the winter. And then the Bear comes out into the clearing, he roars, because he did not have time to find a lair to sleep, and not to roam through the forest, frightening animals. And the birds did not have time to fly to the south to the warm lands and now they are freezing completely. And the vegetables tried so hard in the summer, ripened, but only the people did not pick them. And all together - animals, birds, vegetables, they ask children to return the autumn, and the guys are looking for and bringing her.

Here autumn has returned, but not by itself, but with presents. She carries a basket of vegetables and fruits, and gives the children sweet candy.

New Year's entertainment scenarios

New year, as is known, the most favorite holidaynot only for children, but also for their parents. Therefore, the organization of this holiday is so important for everyone, and preparation takes a lot of time. Scenarios of Christmas entertainment there are a large number, for example:

- “Journey around the world of Santa Claus,Snow Maiden and all-all-all. " The heroes of this tale are Baba Yaga, Father Frost, Snow Maiden. Their roles are performed by adults. Harlequin, Malvina, Cinderella and other heroes of children's fairy tales - children.

children's entertainment in kindergarten

First, the children come under the New Year composition.Children recite poems about a merry celebration called “New Year”. The presenter invites all children to dance around the Christmas tree and make the most cherished wishes, coming up to the green New Year's beauty. Then the children recite poems about the tree or sing a song together.

Snow Maiden comes out and sings a song.Then Baba Yaga appears, telling about how enchanted Santa Claus. Children and adults, not believing her, all together call him. Finally, Santa Claus comes in and gives out presents to everyone. This is the most important thing for children, especially on such a magical New Year holiday.

Spring entertainment in kindergarten

Spring is the time when everything comes to life.Do not forget about events. For example, you can arrange such children's entertainment in kindergarten as "Day of the Birds". In such an event, you should use riddles and sayings about different birds, imitating the voice of various sounds that winged friends make. The tutor makes riddles about the sparrow, the crow, the woodpecker, and at the same time he says: “chik-tweet, kar-car, tuk-tuk”.

You can also offer children to play in thisentertainment called "Birds". Its essence is that you need to draw a large circle - this is the sky where the birds fly. At the beginning of each game, each child chooses one favorite bird for himself, and one of the children represents a fox. Children birds walk in a circle, and a fox among children. When she says a verse about one of the birds, for example, a cuckoo, the one who chose to be her at the beginning of the game should quickly fly into a circle so that the fox would not have time to catch. At the end of the game, the birds that escaped in a circle, and those who fell into the paws of a fox, drag the rope or stick, competing, whose team will win.

Most importantly, the scenarios of holidays and entertainment in kindergarten should be bright and varied.