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What should a child be able to do in 6 months: baby skills

Children grow very fast.A few months ago your baby only did what he ate and slept. But now he is actively studying the world, trying to communicate, pulling you by the hair, playing with rattles and demands for himself increased attention. Half a year is a serious milestone in the development of the baby. What should a child be able to do in 6 months and how to help him learn all the necessary skills?

Physiological development

The first thing the pediatrician will do during the plannedreception - measures the height and weight of the baby. The baby grows 2 cm on the 6th month of life and adds 600-650 g. The average height of the young is 64-68 cm, weight - from 7,5 to 9 kg. However, small deviations from these figures are permissible.

What should a child be able to do in 6 months?The development of all sense organs proceeds actively. The baby develops hearing, sight, smell. He distinguishes between people and objects, learns to correctly assess the distance to the toy, learns smells. Active wakefulness time increases to 3 hours. Some children with a three-day day's sleep switch to a two-time. The digestive system works, so you can introduce complementary foods.

feeding a child

Many babies at this age cut teeth, which can lead to irritability, constant moods, increased temperature.

Development of independence and neatness

Говоря о том, что должен уметь ребенок в 6 months, you should not forget about mastering the basic skills of self-service. By this age the baby eats a lot of porridge and mashed potatoes. If you give him a cookie or a piece of banana, he will take them in his hand, he can bite off himself, chew on his gums. But to bring to the mouth a spoon with food for him is too difficult task. Many babies try to keep a bottle of milk by themselves. At this age, teach the child to drink from a cup, bringing it to the lips of crumbs.

During dressing, the baby, at the request of the mother, beginsto stretch the handle, the leg. This is a great way to learn body parts. He already knows how to pull off his socks, headgear. Some parents at this age buy a pot and plant a crumb on it after eating, before going to bed and walking, after them. The results of such training are very different. For the first success often follows a rollback to the starting position. The six-month-old child is not yet able to control his natural functions.

Fine motor skills

Способность хватать предметы - главное достижение baby in 6 months. What can small pens do? They can take and hold toys of different sizes, throw them, shake, squeeze, roll the ball, clap their hands. The baby perfectly coordinates the movements of his limbs, knows how to shift the object from one hand to another. However, while the grip is carried out with the whole brush, the fingers obey poorly.

baby playing with a typewriter

Родители могут помочь своему ребенку, играя с ним finger games (Ladushki, Soroka, etc.), doing massage pens. It is very important to choose the right toys with a heterogeneous texture, with buttons, moving parts, beeper. By manipulating them, the infant learns to control and coordinate the movements of the hands and fingers. Useful at this age and drawing on a sheet of wallpaper. Buy finger paints and dip in them the whole palm. The first masterpieces must be kept on memory.


From this skill depends not only physical, butand intellectual development of the child 6 months. What can crawling baby do? He is able to actively explore the surrounding space, get to objects of interest, study their properties, try for a tooth. At the same time, thinking and independence are actively developing.

In six months, the child is already well ableroll over from side to side, back to belly and back. He tries to crawl on his stomach or in another way, learning to get up on all fours. To help him, a mother can place her palms under tiny feet. The infant will instinctively push off from them and move forward. To create motivation, place an interesting toy at a short distance.

baby crawling

When the baby makes the first hesitant attemptscrawl, give him an example, moving on belligerent or on all fours. After mastering the skill, suggest that the child overcome the maze of cushions, crawl through rollers from blankets, and find a toy under a covered chair.

Learning to sit

Curiosity is the main feature of a healthy baby.Often at the age of six months, children have a desire to rise in order to see something interesting. Someone already confidently sits down. Other infants make inept attempts, but at the same time they quickly collapse, as the back muscles are not yet ready for the load.

Self-sitting is not included in the maina list of what a baby can do at 6 months. Both girls and boys pediatricians do not recommend sitting down ahead of time, as this can provoke a violation of posture. It is considered the norm if mastering this skill occurs later, at 8-9 months.

However, now during the gymnastics offerbaby, lying on his back, grab your fingers. Gently pull it up to a sitting position, linger for 15 seconds and lower it back. Exercise cannot be performed if the baby’s head is thrown back strongly.

Learning to stand

What can a child in 6 months if his developmentflows without deviations? A healthy baby of this age confidently relies on its legs when it is taken under the armpits and placed on a hard surface. Many children try to step on the spot, "dance", jump during such experiments. Babies love the vertical position. Some are trying to get up themselves, grabbing the sides of the crib. Therefore, in order to avoid injuries, it is better not to leave them unattended.

baby learns to get up

Parents are not recommended at this age.Stimulate the crumbs to upright walking by buying walkers or jumpers. In them, the child will not learn to keep balance, spinal deformity may occur. The best exercise for infants, preparing him for independent walking, is an active crawling. However, you should not interfere with the baby if he gets up in the crib on his own initiative.


Recognize the simplest causal relationships- this is what a child can do in the 6th month of life. He already understands that if you pull the rope, the bell will ring. When shaking a rattle will begin to strum. Throwing the ball to the floor, the kid looks down in advance.

Give him toys that can do something:squeak if they are squeezed, blink when you press the button. So the child will understand that he is able to influence objects. Games with a ball, cubes, and a top are taught to follow the movement of things in space, to see the result of actions: if you push a tower, it will crumble.

At this age, the baby is ready to play hide and seek.Cover the item with a handkerchief, leaving only a small part visible. The child will happily find the hidden. He understands that the thing continues to exist, even if it is not fully visible. However, if you hide the entire toy, not every kid will start searching. It is still difficult for the infant to realize that the object is present, despite the fact that it is not visible.


What should a baby be able to do at 6 months?Girls and boys actively seek to communicate with loved ones, laugh, squeal, attracting attention to themselves. They already distinguish tender tone from angry, are guided by an adult mimic. The passive vocabulary is enriched. Children know the names of toys, household items. Following the question: "Where are our watch?" - The pointing gesture often follows the right direction.

chat with dad

In place of the buzz comes babbling.Kids chant syllables: "ma", "gu", "ba", "de", trying to imitate the speech of adults. Over time, the sounds are becoming more diverse. Parents can initiate a fun roll, repeating all the syllables spoken behind the baby and encouraging him to respond.

At the same time, it is important to carry on the usualconversations, clearly articulating all sounds, slightly stretching the stressed vowels. During the game, repeat the name of toys and objects many times, reproduce the sound combinations produced by them: the kitty is “meow-meow”, the clock is “tick-tac”, the machine is “bi-bi”. Learn the rites in which parts of the body are mentioned. Deklamiruya rhyme, stroke in accordance with the text of the handle, legs, nose or cheeks baby.

Aesthetic development

Дети рано начинают реагировать на красивые items, music, pies. What should a baby be able to do at 6 months? He carefully examines the bright, unusual objects, examines them, tries to touch, licks. He has favorite toys, things. Baby is happy to watch the puppet shows played by mom. He likes the popular games for the crumbs. To the merry music, the children dance, to the lullaby - they subside. They will recognize familiar songs, react with joyful shaking, trying to imitate singing themselves.

At this age, music games are very useful.instruments (bells, drum, xylophone). Listening to music, put the baby on your knees, give a rattle and shake it in time with the melody. Dance with the baby in your arms, getting into the rhythm. Read the chanting of children's poems, go songs, with the help of toys, stage a fairy tale. It is time to acquaint the six-month-old baby with the first books. It is better if they are with tactile inserts, musical buttons, which are so interesting to press.

Emotional development

What should a baby be able to do at 6 months?At this age, he is capable of actively expressing his feelings. A good mood is indicated by laughter, joyful walking, active movements. When a baby is upset, he cries, “throws off” his legs, throws back toys. Asking for hands, the child reaches for an adult.

baby asks for

Детки очень хорошо знают близких людей, come to life when they appear. They show special tenderness to mom, trying to attract her attention, to cuddle, not to let go of herself. Strangers frighten them. Once in a new place, the child becomes wary, refuses to walk on his hands to a stranger, may cry.

During this period, do not leave the baby alone.If you leave the room, call out to him so that he senses your presence. Let's take time to get used to new people, stay close to each other in unusual situations. Then the crumb will feel protected, it will become more confident.

What can a premature baby in 6 months?

Если ваш малыш родился раньше положенного срока, its development is delayed by a month and a half. Normally, if the crumb is not trying to crawl or sit down, like most peers. A premature baby in half a year should:

  • recognize relatives, actively communicate with them, respond to facial expressions, intonation;
  • be wary of the appearance of a stranger;
  • learn to roll from back to belly;
  • laugh, babble;
  • respond to sounds, look in their direction;
  • show interest in toys, hold a rattle in your hands;
  • with the support of an adult, lean on a hard surface with his feet, push off from it.

Disturbing signs

We found out that a baby should be able to be 6 months old. Now let's talk about deviations in development.

crying baby

You should immediately contact the specialists if:

  • the baby does not respond to loved ones, does not know how to smile, does not ask for his hands;
  • there is no babbling;
  • the crumb does not turn his head to the source of sound, does not hear the rustling of paper behind his back;
  • there is no interest in toys, the baby can not take a cube in his hand, hold it;
  • when the baby is placed vertically, he just hangs, not pressing his feet against the surface and not trying to push off;
  • if a child is lifted by the arms from a supine position, his head will collapse;
  • lying in a crib, the baby does not try to roll over from his back to his tummy and back.

The earlier the deviation in the infant is revealed, the greater the chances for successful treatment.

A list of what a child should be able to do in 6months, pretty impressive. During this period, fundamental changes occur, so parents should be especially attentive to their babies. Close contact with loved ones, positive emotions - the main condition for successful development. Be near the baby, encourage his activity, rejoice at insignificant successes, and they will not keep you waiting.