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Dryer for mushrooms - to help the owner

Mushroom pickers, gathering in the woods, do not think thatthey will do with two buckets of selected mushrooms, podberezovikov with boletus. Collected plate mushrooms, tulips, chanterelles, mushrooms and honey agarics will go to salting - they are all clear. But tubular mushrooms will require drying, and not just drying, but a qualified approach, a thoughtful unhurried implementation of the whole process, which will result in several kilograms of high-quality dried mushrooms. This will require a dryer for mushrooms - a fairly simple device.

dryer for mushrooms
Of course, very few people have equipment at homefor drying mushrooms by the method of sublimation, and besides this technique is far from perfect and does not give a fragrant, remarkable in its natural elasticity of the fungus. Sublimated mushrooms are hard, tough, brittle and, of course, tasteless. The same is obtained with the use of factory-made mushroom dryers. The stores are full of all kinds of "Squirrels", "Suhoveyami", "Miracles" and "Wind". The price of these clever devices is 2-4 thousand rubles, and the mushrooms are such that they can be thrown out and go back to the forest again. It's all about the haste of "Belochok" and "Miracles", which are equipped with powerful heaters. The passport loudly announces: "our dryer for mushrooms will dry your mushrooms in a few minutes." The speed of drying is given for undeniable dignity, and in fact mushrooms and berries do not tolerate rapid drying, they are compressed, hiding from heat and eventually dying. Therefore, the mushrooms should be dried using the antiquated method, when mushrooms and berries were laid out on a wide Russian stove and dried there for two weeks and one day. Or a dryer for mushrooms and berries should be based on natural drying in the sun and under the breeze.

dryer for mushrooms and berries
But the Russian oven is not at all, now in the countrymore and more gas stoves. So, you need to make such an adaptation, which will be your faithful assistant from year to year in the matter of drying the mushrooms collected in the forest. For effective uniform drying, four rules must be observed. Mushrooms are cut into pieces-cubes measuring 2.5 by 2.5 centimeters. The cut mushrooms are laid out evenly so that the pieces do not climb against each other. Mushroom dryer, the design of which we will discuss later, should be located under the wall of the house, on the side where the breeze always blows. Set the drying should be at a height of 80 cm from the ground, under a high awning. And the last is a gauze curtain, which will cover mushrooms from flies.

Mushroom dryer with own hands
Dryer for mushrooms is simple enough, it can bedo it yourself. It will take two coils of fishing line 0,8 mm, four wooden bars section of 40 mm, length 1200 mm, as well as four bars 50 mm thick, 800 mm long. In addition, you need to stock up with 30 mm galvanized stainless nails to stretch the line and nails 110 mm to connect the horizontal bars with vertical posts. Through the entire length of the horizontal bars in a neat row drive the carnations so that the hat does not reach the wood by 10 mm, and between the studs was a distance of 15 mm. After all the four bars are even rows of columns, you can connect the bars to the posts. Apply the end of the bar (studs up) to the stand, at a distance of 80 cm from the edge, and drive a few long nails. We do the same with the other bars. The result should be a square frame on the legs.

dried mushrooms in sauce
Dryer for mushrooms own hands will be onfame, if at the next stage of the manufacturing process, pull the fishing line correctly between the two opposite sides of the frame - so that parallel rows of stretched line are produced. Then pull the line between the other sides of the frame. It is possible to pass the end of the line alternately through perpendicular rows, "one after one". In this case, we get an interlacing. But you can also stretch over existing rows. Then it remains to install the finished drying under the wall of the house, fill it with chopped mushrooms and cover them with a gauze curtain. The whole design will be blown by the breeze, warmed by the sun and in a few days you will get magnificent dried mushrooms.