/ / World of toys "Monster High": dolls, review, description

The world of toys "Monster High": dolls, review, description

Dolls "Monster High" appeared on the market about 10years ago. Almost immediately gaining wild popularity among girls of all ages and adult collectors, by now these amazing dolls have spread all over the planet. If they still scare and surprise you, perhaps this article will help you look at them from a different angle. After all, "Monster High" - dolls, a review of which will seem interesting to those who recently discovered the wonderful world of the "School of Monsters", and those who have long been "in the subject."

monster hi dolls review

Legend of "Mattel": fearless monsters

Фабрика "Маттел" - один из мировых лидеров по production of toys. This is the first "Barbie" descended from their conveyor belt, which subsequently conquered the whole world. They created the fairy world "Ever After High", populated by amazing characters - the children of the heroes of old fairy tales. Their authorship also belongs to the legend of the "Monster High".

Dolls, which we are reviewing today,have animated prototypes. The cartoon series about the Monster School and its students is not just a marketing ploy, but also a popularization of the idea. And the idea is that to fight fears, sometimes you just need to face them, get to know them better, accept them. Perhaps fears are not terrible at all, and familiarity with them will result in a strong friendship?

Main and minor characters

Let's take a closer look at the characters who inhabit the world of Monster High. Dolls, which should be reviewed first, are the main characters of the series. These include:

  • the stern beauty Cleo de Nile, daughter of an Egyptian mummy;
  • fashionable hooligan Claudine Wolfe from the werewolves werewolf family;
  • Romantic dreamer Draculaura, a vampire by blood, but a vegetarian by conviction;
  • the clever and silent Gulia Yelps, whose parents are zombies;
  • pretty beauty Laguna Blue, born in the depths of the sea;
  • crank and inventor Frankie Stein, daughter of a famous monster.

monster hi dolls review

These six dolls were the first wave. Many years have passed since their release, and the manufacturer has expanded its collection many times over this time.

Following them came the characters of the secondof the plan: flickering northerner Abby Bomineybl, techno-beauty Robecca Steam, translucent Spectra Wondergeist, nature advocate Venera MacFlype and many others. I must say that each character has its own style, which is not repeated. Those dolls are cast on different molds and do not resemble each other. The bodies are also different: for example, ver-cats and ver-wolves have clawed paws, there are membranes between the fingers of the Lagoon, some characters are endowed with wings and tails. Currently, Mattel produces three different anthropomorphic bodies for monster girls: the classic (in which most of the characters are made), the teenage (Twyla and Houlin Wulf), the adult (Claudia Wulf, Nefera de Nile, Hanni Swomp).

review of monster high dolls

But even this is not all! There are very special images of "Monster High" - dolls, the review of which deserves closer attention.

Atypical dolls

The first special doll can be considered a directressBloodgood Her head is removed, because she is the daughter of the Headless Horseman. Very interesting character Hoodoo Voodoo - he is sewn from fabric, and not made of plastic. Waidon Spider has 4 pairs of limbs (legs and 6 arms). Iris Klops has just one eye. Recently, the series was supplemented with mermaid dolls and even a centaur.

Monster High Bersik doll review

Male population of the Monster School

Of course, many teenage girls havebeloved Noteworthy review of the dolls "Monster High" male. The series includes dolls-boys: Gil Weber, Dews Gorgon, Invisi Billy, Slow Mo and other cartoon characters. Their bodies are larger and more courageous than girls', and their hair can be made of both Kanekalon and rubber.

Monster High doll review

Not just toys

Сегодня куклы "Монстер Хай" покупают не только for games. Adult collectors did not ignore these cuties. Some people just like to keep them on the shelves, while others go the other way: they blog about their lives or are looking forward to new releases in order to film another review of the Monster High doll (Bersik, for example, the famous blogger-collector). Often these dolls become heroines of photo shoots and clips.