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Transformers Grimlock: the features of toys, price, parental feedback

The current children are not the same as before.The days when girls played rag dolls, and boys fought with wooden sabers and rode on wooden horses, have vanished into oblivion. Now give the kids toys that move, glow, rebuild. All this is known to the transformers of Grimlock, who have become a welcome gift for every boy. On the shelves of shops they came from cartoons about robots, which our modern kids watch with bated breath. Let's also, adults, get acquainted with these virtual superheroes, in order to understand who we are buying our dear heirs.

Transformers Grimlock

Getting to Grimlock

Probably not all parents clearly representwho they are, the transformers of Grimlock, who are so begged to buy their children. And the story of the toy is this: in the far distant state, or rather on the planet Cybertron, robot-laborers became the Autobots, and robots-fighters, from which archenemy enemies of hard workers, transformers Disepticons, seeking to destroy the universe. On Cybertron lives a unique inventor Racer (also a transformer). Somehow, walking on our Earth, this Racer stumbled upon the remains of dinosaurs, which he really liked. On their basis, he created new Dinorobots, one of which is Grimlock. On caste membership, he is an Autobot, but much stronger than their plus is endowed with immense power and many unique abilities. Robot-transformer Grimlock is the leader of the Dinorobots. His character can not be called soft, rather, on the contrary, this hero is arrogant, domineering, cold-blooded. But he is almost the best warrior on the planet, brave, fearless, brave, resolute. He fights against the Disepticons, saving our Universe and the world.

toy Transformer Grimlock

Description of the toy

Based on the children's favorite cartoon seriesVietnamese manufacturers have created toys "Transformers Grimlock". Externally, they are exactly the same as in the cartoon. Their height is different, from 15 to 50 cm. Grimlock toy robots can be simpler, without any effects, except for transformation into a dinosaur. But there are also models with luminous eyes, snarling and shooting, in the kit to which comes the Optimus Prime itself and two AAA batteries. Of course, the price of these toys is different. On average, a good multifunctional model costs from 4000 rubles. In online stores, you can find cheaper options. In addition, on holidays many sellers make discounts, so if you're lucky, the Grimmok transformers can be purchased for only 2500 rubles. In addition to this glorious warrior of the planet Cybertron, there are other residents on sale - Autobots, transformed into typewriters, Diseptics, turning from robots into beasts or into massive mechanisms, other Dinorobots, Grimlock companions.

robot Transformer Grimlock


Parents should take into account that the toy "Transformer Grimlock" is designed for children from 4 years. The younger robot may not be impressed and instead of becoming a loved one, it will be dusting somewhere.

The parents' pluses of toys:

- good quality, all parts are strong, withstand incessant transformations;

- plastic toys are odorless, pleasant to the touch;

- easy transformation of the robot into a dinosaur;

- good stability of the toy in any position.

Notable disadvantages:

- high price;

- not always convenient large-sized models.