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Congratulations of the head of the kindergarten - beautiful words of gratitude

The profession of a teacher is noble.So it was considered from time immemorial. If it's not just a teacher or a nanny, but a supervisor, it has a double responsibility. She is both an educator and a leader. Of course, making congratulations to the head of the kindergarten, it is necessary to try hard. The manager should like your unusual and interesting texts. So, what are the ideal congratulations for the head of the kindergarten? How to establish contact with her and establish a good relationship?

congratulations to the head of the kindergarten

Congratulations to the head of the kindergarten - from lyrical to fun

Let's start with the most important thing.To begin with, you need to decide what congratulations will be sent to the head of the kindergarten. They can be both lyrical, and official, even funny and funny. Depends everything, of course, primarily on the nature of the leader. However, the beautiful wishes associated with the skillful upbringing of children, any person will definitely be pleased. And of course, do not forget that the manager is a woman. Add bright compliments to your congratulations. Very nice sound, by the way, poems. For example:

Where to get what and what to get -

You are always so important to know.

You have a lot of children,

All try to count!

And it is necessary to be

In all matters knowledgeable.

Knowledge and experience appreciate

We are our manager.


We wish you love and happiness,

And the mood, and strength!

And every day so in your life

You brought inspiration!

Thank you for your concern,

For your generosity and warmth!

And may the answer be returned to you

Good luck, joy and good!

congratulations to the head of the kindergarten from colleagues

For different holidays

Congratulations to the head of the kindergarten canintend for a wide variety of special events. Birthday, New Year, March 8 - a lot of holidays. But professional - one! The Teacher's Day is celebrated on September 27th. Do not forget this day of grateful smiles for the sincere kindness of your manager, for tireless care and inexhaustible patience. At the right moment, it is the head of the kindergarten who, with her motherly hands, is ready to wipe away the small tears of the children, skillfully explain the basic rules of friendship to them, blow out random abrasions on her knees. In short, this person turns the kindergarten into the kindest fairy tale, full of unknown and interesting.

Connect children

By the way, don't forget about babies too.It does not matter whether it will be serious or humorous congratulations to the head of the kindergarten from children. The main thing is that they do not forget about the low bow for attentiveness, care, cordiality and affection. Every day they see this woman, she lights her pupils with a flame of energy. In the name of the country's success in the future, these small lights in the crumbs of their eyes light up. These are the first steps towards our happy life.

Let the guys along with the adults wish for joy to multiply, the work was shared, the boredom was taken away, and the inspiration was added! But true love in general can be raised to a power!

comic congratulations to the head of the kindergarten from children

Be thankful!

Congratulations to the head of the kindergarten from colleagues,Parents and children should express a lot of positive emotions. Thank her for the little ones who, it would seem, were born quite recently. Of course, initially only parents were touched by all the first successes of their children. However, time passes, and the head of the preschool institution has to take them under her wing. Note that a good leader is so important for parents and children, for the team. The kindergarten team, and in particular the manager, helps to take the first steps towards the adult life of the child. So congratulate her beautifully, heartily, expressing your gratitude. You owe her a lot of good parenting!