/ / The question of what to feed the hedgehog, caught me by surprise

The question of what to feed the hedgehog, caught me by surprise

If you have a hedgehog in your house, of course, problemswith him and "full employment" daily you can not escape. This is not just a prickly toy, which instinctively rolls down into a ball, quickly touches with paws in a run and snorts oddly. Man is always in charge of our smaller brethren,

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so whatever beast you keep in captivity, you will have to adapt to all its whims and needs.

It's not often you meet a man who keepshedgehog. Perhaps a small prickly animal was found alone in the forest and raised, or bought in the bird market. It is not necessary to specially set up traps for animals in the forest - you simply kill them by their act, it will be stress for them. But still there are enough interesting videos on the Internet with these little animals. Having admired them, the owner is puzzled by the question: "How and what to feed the hedgehog?"

A colorful advertising video shows us how a hedgehog drags himself to be eaten on liquid apples. Let's face it, it's a myth. Hedgehogs are predators, and they feed in nature frogs, worms, cubs

than eating hedgehogs
small animals, beetles and caterpillars. Therefore, having learned such information about the prickly pet, many ask experienced owners what to feed the hedgehog, and start to regret that they contacted the predator.

Of course, if opportunity and desire permit, youYou can bring the animal's food closer to the natural one by engaging in the production of small insects. But it is irrational to run around with a net. Sooner or later you will be tired of your idea and will look for ways to properly make a pet's diet. What do the hedgehogs eat at home? Because they are predators, they do not need to be translated into vegetable food and milk, giving them a variety of vegetables and fruits, such as parrots. Such a decision will finally disrupt the digestion of the animal, which in most cases will result in a fatal outcome.

Daily food for hedgehogs

How to feed a hedgehog daily?Give him a liver, minced meat and be sure to fish. Products check for freshness, do not overeat. Fresh milk in hedgehogs causes diarrhea, so you can give only kefir in a small amount. It is desirable to feed the meat not raw, but to give it a little boiling water, saving your pet from worms and pathogenic bacteria. Stuffing can be mixed with a steeply boiled egg. Hedgehogs love white bread, as well as crushed rusks with grated carrots.

Do not try to make the diet of a hedgehog close to foodrights. From the wrong diet (the presence of spices, salt, sugar, preservatives in the food) there are diseases, the hedgehog becomes sluggish and unhappy. You can lose your pet forever.

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The hedgehog there must be a daily diet.

Pet owners know that the main thing intheir content - proper nutrition and hygiene. If you do not have enough knowledge and no experience in caring for a hedgehog, it's better not to torment the animal and do not think about what to feed the hedgehog, but let it go to its habitual environment. It makes no sense to keep a hedgehog in captivity and provoke his illness.

Be sure to maintain order in the cells, drinking bowls and feeders (there should be several). Hedgehogs, like other pets, need cleanliness. Watch out for their health, because you are responsible for them!