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A few words about the products of Asion. Pillow: reviews and features

All of us sleep is vital. If we are healthy, then, as a rule, problems do not arise with this.

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Age and the presence of certain diseases, especiallyin the field of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, contribute to the formation of stable, constant insomnia. Of course, here, first of all, is the question of solving health problems. But it is equally important to create all the necessary conditions for a comfortable and peaceful sleep. In this we can help the products of the company "Asonia". A cushion, reviews of which are mostly positive, will give you a wonderful and delightful night's sleep.

A few words about the company "Asonia"

The Russian company Asoniya was established in 2004year. Its main activity was the development and production of products for full sleep. The same year was the time when the firm established its brand products under the name "Asonia". Pillows, reviews of which speak of its high efficiency, has become the main type of products of this company.

Product Features

And now I will talk about the distinctive featuresthis pillow. The fact is that she has a completely unique filler. These are microgranules and hollow particles of a special spherical shape, made of sodium borosilicate glass. These elements are chemically neutral, do not absorb odors. Such an attribute for sleep, as an anatomical cushion "Asonia", will not become the habitat and reproduction of microorganisms and ticks. The cover of the product is made of a special water-repellent fabric that "breathes". During sleep, you will have a feeling of pseudo-weightiness and pseudo-fluid, which can be described as a feeling of unsurpassed comfort. Due to the properties of the filler, the load is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the cushion.

What "can" a cure "Asonia"

Assonium cushion

I told you about all the features of the product. And now I'll tell you about the benefits of using this attribute for sleep. Useful properties of the product:

• Relieves tension from the head.You are most relaxed during sleep. Your body and head rest. Muscles of the neck and upper spine do not strain, blood circulation in them improves. In the morning awakening without a headache awaits you.

• Creates a feeling of comfort during sleep due to the accumulation and redistribution of heat.

Customer Reviews

anatomical cushion asonium

And now let us turn to the comments of those people,which have already purchased and use the products of the company "Asonia". Pillows, reviews of which indicate a therapeutic effect, is popular among customers. Someone likes the feeling of comfort that arises during sleep, someone is sure that this particular product helped to get rid of osteochondrosis. Maybe there is a placebo effect, in other words, a self-hypnosis. But still many consumers agreed on the idea that after sleeping on this pillow they wake up rested and cheerful.

Thus, we found out what the peculiarity of the products of the company is "Asonia". The pillow, reviewed in this article, is really curative due to its unique properties.