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Choose where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child

All the kids know that on New Year's holidaysparents will be at home, next door, they will rest and have fun. So why not take a short vacation at this time? I wonder, but where is it possible to have a good Christmas vacation with children?

where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child

Warm countries

The choice of places where it is better to relax with a child,is large enough. But it will not be a secret for anybody that the baby will really like the idea of ​​splashing in the sea. So why, choosing, where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child, not to go to warm countries? The idea is excellent, you just need to fork out, because such a trip will require significant material costs. So, you can go to Thailand. Children will like it very much, as New Year holidays are celebrated there widely enough, with huge cheerful processions, in which many cartoon characters participate. And there are always a lot of bright colors, clothes, sweets and salutes. For small riders, a country like the UAE, namely Abu Dhabi, where there is a Ferrari car museum, is suitable. There you can drive on a small car, take pictures in cars, and visit an excellent water park. Emotion from him will definitely remain for life. The very same New Year's Eve will be held, most likely, in a hotel where there will be a huge amount of entertainment. In the Dominican the baby will like not only bathing in the sea-ocean, during New Year's holidays there you can watch whales that come very close to the shore. Interesting and informative!

New Year's holidays with children

The mountains

Choosing where to go on a New Year's holiday withchild, why not stop your sight on the mountains and not learn to ski? You can spend a little more money and go to the Alps, but nobody canceled the Carpathians (Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania) and Sudeten (Czech Republic). Here the rest will be more budgetary, but emotions will be no less. Clean air, fluffy snow, ski slopes no worse than European, well, more approximate traditions of celebrating the New Year - all this can be obtained in the complex.

About Father Frost's homeland

Choosing where to go on a New Year's holiday witha child, you can visit countries that are considered the birthplace of Santa Claus and our Santa Claus. In search of the first character will need to go to Finland, namely to Lapland - the birthplace of Finnish Yulupukki. There the kid will see the place of his grandfather's dwelling, learn the way of his life, and also understand what this fairy-tale character does all year round: collects gifts for kids. However, it should be noted that it is not recommended to go to the north of Finland with young children, because there is a rather severe climate. To go on a New Year's vacation it is possible and in Great Ustyug, home of the native Father Frost. There the kid is waiting for a visit to the smithy, the place where Santa Claus collects letters from children. You can also go for a ride on attractions, take a picture with all the characters, go to the zoo. By the same principle, you can visit the Belorussian Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where the Santa Claus convent is organized for the New Year holidays.

to go on a New Year's holiday

Beauty is near

Choosing where to go on a New Year's holiday withchild, you can go on a trip to the Golden Ring, the child will be interested. It's also good to go to the Crimea - there is relatively warm in winter, and there is always something to see. There are a lot of options, the main thing is to choose a suitable holiday for yourself.