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What is the difference between a child's mezadenitis?

mesadenitis in a child

Mesadenitis is a disease thatin which there is a consistent inflammation of the lymph nodes directly in the abdominal cavity itself. Most often, this disease is diagnosed in children aged nine to thirteen years. What is the danger of this disease? How is mezadenitis treated in a child? That is what we will describe in detail in this article.


The true causes of this diseaseso far experts have caused a lot of disagreement. It is believed that the mesadenitis in a child occurs when various kinds of microorganisms and viruses enter the lymph nodes, which are subsequently transmitted, as if by a chain, from one node to another, thereby provoking inflammatory processes. On the other hand, the disease can occur against the background of previously suffered ailments in the form of flu or tonsillitis.

Children's mesadenitis. Symptoms

According to experts, this disease beginsvery suddenly. The primary symptoms are more like an attack of appendicitis. Young patients initially begin to complain of acute pain in the abdominal area, nausea. In some cases, body temperature rises to approximately 38 degrees, pallor of the skin and general lethargy appear. In addition, the disease mesadenitis is manifested in the form of a violation of the chair (diarrhea or, conversely, constipation).

mesadenitis symptoms

Once you discovered all of the abovesymptoms, it is recommended to immediately consult a specialist. To diagnose this ailment can only a qualified doctor through ultrasound. It is the ultrasound that allows you to determine how much time the disease has developed. Only after that you can begin a course of therapy.


Of course, treatment must take place under the fullsupervised by a doctor. So, the sooner the child is diagnosed with mesadenitis, the higher the chance of getting along with the usual simple course of therapy, which, in turn, involves taking antibiotics and physical therapy. The most important thing is to stop the current inflammatory process in the lymph nodes. It is recommended to carry out treatment in a hospital as in this case the child will be under the control of specialists. In some cases, therapy at home is also permitted, but here it will be necessary to ensure that the little patient has complete rest and the absence of any vigorous activity.

disease mesadenitis

Launched mesadenitis in a child. Treatment

If the specialists diagnosed the running formthis disease, conservative therapy, described above, is unlikely to help. In this case, it is of paramount importance to eliminate the main foci of inflammation of the lymph nodes, therefore, it is impossible to do without surgical intervention. That is why doctors strongly recommend not to start the disease, and immediately begin to eliminate it. It is much easier to undergo a course of antibiotics than to expose a young body to surgical intervention. Be healthy and take care of your children!