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A dog with long ears is a true friend and an excellent hunter

Many animal lovers wonder howcalled a dog with long ears? Such popularity is due to the fact that this feature of the anatomy of the ears makes the dog unique and exotic for the ordinary inhabitants. The most common breeds that stand out by this feature are bloodhound and spaniels.

Description of breed bloodhound

The dog with the long ears of the bloodhound breed isan animal reaching large sizes. The main thing that the representatives of this species love is the freedom to stay outdoors. This is the reason that the owners have problems with the content of such pets.

dog with long ears

It should be noted that the dog with long earshas a pretty wild temper. From a representative of this breed, you can expect both enthusiastic jumps and quick races. These pets are suitable for family holidays, get along well with children. They are ideal hunters, as they do not lose track over several hours of searching.

Features breed bloodhound

It should be noted that the breed is peculiarseveral types of common diseases. One of them is considered dysplasia of the hip joints. Avoid this will allow proper nutrition, as well as maintaining an active lifestyle of the pet.

what is the name of a dog with long ears

These dogs have short and thick hair that requirespermanent care in the form of combing. The color of the animal is black and pale, red or brown. White color is unacceptable for this dog with long ears. The photo allows you to appreciate the beauty and elegance of such pets as bloodhound.

Spaniel - beauty and grace

Today there is a largevariety of species of these dogs. However, they are united by one unique feature: elongated ears. It is believed that the history of this breed began in the distant X century, when knights and nimble four-footed pets went on joint hunting trips. However, Asian Spaniel species are also known, which have a more ancient history of origin.

dogs with long ears photo

Breed species

  • Dog with long ears - springel spanielis the most ancient hunting species in England. The main purpose of such animals is to raise game when hunting. Due to their size, they can easily bring a killed hare to their owner. A dog with long ears is good-natured, gets along well with those around him and the children.
  • Cocker Spaniel is English and American.The first kind is the ideal dog for hunting. Thanks to the competent work of geneticists, it was possible to bring out strong, durable, well-built and active pets, who will provide significant assistance to the owners during the hunt. American Cocker Spaniel has a smaller height and weight. Pet hair is long, requires constant care. Color varies from chocolate to black.
  • Irish Water Spaniel.This breed of dog is designed to work on the water. They are excellent lifeguards. Pets love to swim, so owners should take care of the dog's constant access to the pond. The weight of an animal reaches 30 kg. Growth pet - 61 cm.

dogs with long ears

  • Clumber spanielThis breed is the largest of all bred. Dogs can weigh up to 39 kilograms. This makes them less mobile and active compared to other representatives of Spaniels. However, the owners also prefer to take pets to hunt for game.
  • Русский охотничий спаниель.This type of dog arose because of the need to adapt to the harsh climate. Representatives of the breed are active, squat dogs, which are excellent hunters and watchmen. When trained, they become friendly and obedient. Such animals are very faithful to their owners.