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What should be the motto of the kindergarten teacher?

Moms and dads go to work, kids go to the kidsgarden. Many children spend most of their childhood in preschool. The group becomes a home, children - the second family, and the teacher - the second mother. The child plays and learns in kindergarten, acquiring skills of social behavior, learns to distinguish white from black.

What should be the motto of a kindergarten teacher in order for parents to boldly entrust their child to him?

What is the motto

By definition, a motto is a short phrase describing the life ideas, aspirations and rules of conduct of one person, group of people or company.

Just a few words should reflect the beliefs of a person, his life installation.

“Go ahead and with a song!” Is the motto of the resilient optimist.

"Love all life" - the motto of the defenders of nature.

The motto of the kindergarten teacher

the motto of the kindergarten teacher

The teacher is a very important person in life.child attending kindergarten. From 8 am until the evening the child is under the influence of a pre-school teacher. This means that it is the behavior of the teacher, his lessons become a decisive milestone in all matters of the formation and development of the child.

So that the kid would like to attend kindergarten,He grew up healthy, cheerful and developed well mentally, the teacher did just a titanic work. The work of a caregiver is a huge responsibility. They are the ones who started the generation.

“Problems gnome? Everything is empty!

A child's heart is holy!

The grain of good in the soul is small

Take care to grow it! ”

Slogans and slogans

pedagogical motto kindergarten teacher

What depends on the teacher and what should be the motto of the kindergarten teacher:

  1. Leisure child. Fresh impressions and various games are very important for preschoolers. The teacher’s credo in this matter is to saturate children’s free time as much as possible, to interest them, not to be bored,
  2. Development.The child begins to learn from the first days of life. He absorbs everything new like a sponge. At first he studies, imitating, then - mastering something by understanding and accepting. Features of the psyche of the child are such that it is difficult for him to concentrate for long on one thing. All these rules give rise to the pedagogical motto of a kindergarten teacher: “The best example is a personal example!”, “We learn by playing”, “The power of the teacher - in a good example”, “For a child it’s more useful to run, jump and play than to count, write , to read",
  3. Mind and emotional well-being.Children are not angels. They are capricious, naughty, poorly eaten, do not fall asleep on time, fight. Here patience and love are important: “My work is love and care,” “A teacher who does not love children is a painter without a brush, a singer without a hearing, a sculptor without hands.” It is also very important not to dominate, but to walk alongside, respect the personality in the child: “Do not do, but help”, “Do not rise above the child, but go along”,
  4. Physical health.Parents trust the teacher the most valuable - children. The teacher should monitor the child’s behavior, prevent dangerous situations, protect their pupils from bruises and injuries. Here the motto of the kindergarten teacher will suit: “Health is the key to a happy future”, “Do not be sad, do not lose heart, run, jump, learn”.