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When celebrate the Day of the driver

Driver - responsible and necessary in our daysprofession. There is also the Chauffeur Day, which, according to a long tradition, is celebrated on the last October Sunday. Let's find out more about this holiday.

chauffeur's day
History of appearance

In the 80-ies of the twentieth century, experts of the automotive industrythe industry began to celebrate its professional day. It is established by an appropriate decree. After the collapse of the USSR in some countries (Ukraine, Belarus), the driver's day remained, in others - it was postponed to another date or completely forgotten at all.

In Russia until 2000, the solemn date was combined with Day of Road Workers. In the 21st century, the driver's day became a separate holiday. This did not make it less popular.

As noted

In different countries, cities, regions, the date is celebrated in different ways. There are colorful parades, competitions of professional skills, celebrations, maneuvering competitions, car shows.

chauffeur day in 2013
Some auto companiesindustry on the Day of the driver come up with their original fun. For example, lifting buckets of water bucket and making them a turn around the machine axis, closing the matchbox with a scoop. Often in the cities there are parades of official vehicles. They involve police and ambulance cars, emergency brigades and MES, buses and taxis.

Many drivers are invited to the high-speedmaneuvering where they can fully demonstrate their driving talent. Exercises are many, but the main ones are a snake, a turn, a dimensional corridor, entry into the box. In such competitions on the Day of the driver not only cars, but also trucks, buses and even wheeled tractors take part.

To non-standard customs can be attributed rentkarting center, where everyone can feel like a member of the Formula-1. Drinking spirits at such events is prohibited. Among the prizes, the subjects of automotive subjects are especially emphasized: key rings, pens, notepads, calendars with thematic symbols.

An unusual tradition of celebration, whichappeared on the Day of the driver in 2013 (October 27) - this is gouache painting of cars by young artists. The machines are not spoiled at the same time, but the pleasure is received both by the children who are drawing, and by adults who are watching the process.

what day is the driver
What to gift

Make a holiday unforgettable in several ways:

  • present a certificate for an extreme driving lesson;
  • to master unusual kinds of technics: a quadrocycle, a circus, a balloon, buggies, a tank, a sports plane, an armored infantry car;
  • to offer a trip on difficult terrain on motorized cross-country vehicles with an experienced instructor;
  • to present a radio tape recorder, a car vacuum cleaner, a set of tools, a GPS navigator, a heated cape and other necessary things;
  • wash and polish the car, do dry cleaning of the cabin.

The driver's day is a mass holiday.He is considered to be his and the traffic police, and drivers of freight and passenger transport, and experts of road services, and just motorists. If you do not know what day the driver is, remember that the solemn date falls on the last October Sunday. Do not forget to congratulate your relatives on this day.