/ How to treat a child with leukemia?

How to treat a child with leukemia?

Under the general name of leukemia in medicine are understoodMalignant tumors that are formed from hematopoietic cells. Unfortunately, today in our country this kind of diagnosis is very common. The child can develop leukemia due to many reasons. It is about them, as well as the main ways of treating this ailment, and we will tell in this article.

a child has leukemia

According to experts, at the momentthe exact factors leading to the development of the disease have not been established. However, it is believed that the child has leukemia due to a disorder in the structure and composition of the chromosomal apparatus of the so-called bone marrow cell. Such changes are determined both by the hereditary factor, and acquired under the influence of various kinds of mutations (for example, ionizing radiation, the action of certain chemicals, oncoviruses). Of great importance directly in the development of the disease are changes at the level of the immune system.

signs of leukemia in children
Signs of leukemia in children

In the first place there are signs of intoxication(malaise, fatigue, decreased appetite, a slight increase in body temperature). Skin and even mucous membranes acquire a pale shade. At the child leukemia at a height of the stage is accompanied by pains in tubular bones and a backbone. There may appear small hemorrhage in the mucous membranes, skin, brain. There is often an increase in all the lymph nodes, as well as some organs (eg, spleen, liver). When involved in the pathological process of the central nervous system in a child, leukemia manifests itself in the form of headaches, seizures, nausea and paralysis. During the period of remission, as a rule, clinical manifestations are completely stabilized, however, laboratory tests retain deviations from the norm.

Acute leukemia in children. Symptoms

Symptoms of the disease include:

  • increased body temperature;
  • general weakness and malaise;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • discomfort and pain in the bones;
  • tendency to bruising;
  • frequent infections;
  • appearance of reddish spots on the skin;

Acute leukemia in children with symptoms

With this diagnosis, as a rule, it is requiredHospitalization in a special hematological hospital. Methods of treatment should be determined by the expert himself, depending on the stage of the patient's illness and some other parameters. The main goal of therapy is the complete destruction of leukemia cells. Let's notice, that today there are some variants of this illness, for each of which the concrete method of treatment is intended. For example, to get rid of neuroleukemia chemo- and infusion therapy is prescribed. With severe anemia or leukopenia, blood transfusion is used.


In conclusion, it should be noted that this ailmentis not at all a death sentence. There are hundreds of cases when children managed to cope with this problem. Remember, the earlier the diagnosis is established, the more chances for complete recovery in the future.