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The main signs of pregnancy at 1 week, in early periods

Most women have the first signs of pregnancyappear 3 to 6 weeks after the estimated day of conception, but it is possible that pregnancy will only make itself felt after augmentation of the tummy. There are sensitive future mothers who feel signs of pregnancy at 1 week after a couple of days after sexual intercourse. Symptoms can be divided into three conditional groups - questionable, reliable and probable.


1) Nausea.

2) Headache.

3) Salivation slightly increases.

Such symptoms may appear due todisturbances of the endocrine system with the onset of pregnancy. But such signs can appear and at the woman who is not in position, - owing to a poisoning, diseases of a digestive path and so forth.

4) Fatigue.

5) Drowsiness.

6) Irritability.

These may be signs of pregnancy at week 1,which appear due to a rise in temperature in the first trimester of pregnancy. But fatigue and drowsiness can be the consequences of severe stress or a "rabid" rhythm of life.

7) Change in taste preferences.

8) Perversion of the sense of smell.

Most often recommend yourself as signs of pregnancy at 1 week. Such symptoms may also indicate the approaching menstruation or lack of a particular vitamin in the body.

9) Often you want to go to the toilet - desires arise because of the restructuring of the hormonal system of the future mother, but can also testify about cystitis or diseases of the genitourinary system.


1) Fetal egg is expressed and seen during the ultrasound.

2) The uterus becomes larger in size, which can be detected by a gynecologist.

3) The heartbeat of the fetus is heard during the ultrasound.


Signs of pregnancy at 1 week, which may appear in many women:

1) Swelling of the chest, a sensation of soreness near the nipples and in the mammary glands.

2) Change in pigmentation - nipples turn brown. Later, from the navel to the pubis, a dark line appears, the pigmented spots can appear on the face.

3) HCG in the blood and urine

A little later you can independently identify signs of pregnancy: in the second week it is enough to make a test that with 99.9% accuracy determines the level of the hormone HCG.

Probable signs can also include a delay in menstruation, but menstrual periods may not come because of diseases of the reproductive system, as well as with colds and various infections.

After about two months have passed from the day of conception, it is possible to detect signs of pregnancy at week 7:

1) Explicit toxicosis - nausea, vomiting, constant dizziness, fainting. There are also strong addictions to one type of food and aversion to another.

2) Constant drowsiness, a woman easily tired.

3) The breast significantly changes its shape and size.

To make one hundred percent sure of thethe onset of a desired pregnancy, you should see a doctor. The gynecologist will send for the necessary tests and studies, and in case of confirmation of pregnancy will explain how pregnancy will take place, what tests will need to be taken, what procedures to take. During the visit, the doctor should tell you when the last menstruation was, which of the above signs are present in a potentially pregnant woman, as well as report previously suffered diseases and infections. It is possible to clarify the doctor's expected dates of leaving for the decree and childbirth to prepare everything at work by the specified date and with a calm heart to leave all the affairs, preparing for the appearance of the house of a small miracle.

Since the onset of pregnancy in a womana new life begins, full of bright events, unexpected moments and pleasant dates. Now it remains only to enjoy your position and wait for the day when you can first stroke the head of your baby.