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Ways to increase labor productivity

Find the best ways to improveproductivity of labor - this is one of the most urgent and complex tasks for today in business. According to the research conducted, the majority of Russian enterprises are catastrophically behind this indicator from American, Japanese and European companies.

Ways to increase labor productivity

Our companies have a long way to go from modernization of all production processes and implementation of effective management programs to changing the mentality of the employees themselves.

The ways of increasing labor productivity at the enterprise are conventionally divided into administrative and economic ones.

The managerial way is aimed at attracting and orienting the personnel to productive and effective work.

The economic path is aimed at modernizing andoptimization of production and production processes in order to reduce the cost of working time and labor to produce one unit of output and produce an additional quantity of products per unit of time.

The main factor affecting the increase in productivity is the efficiently functioning system of employee benefits.

Labor productivity and ways to improve it

When is the question of investing forimprovement of business, most managers make purchases of new equipment or purchase additional premises. But this is a wrong decision, since the main investment should be the desire to improve the performance of subordinate staff.

It is the ways to increase labor productivity andstimulation of employees will help to achieve the set goals, develop personal skills and improve work experience. And productive workers will be committed to doing things that are aimed at achieving the common goals and interests of the company. As a result, they will again strive to achieve success, which will significantly reduce staff turnover.

All enterprises have developed their own methods and programs to stimulate employee performance, but there are some points that must be met in each company.

The main ways to increase labor productivity:

1. Make your goals accessible and visible.

It is necessary that the staff always see the mainobjectives of the company. Leaders should be sure that employees know what is their primary task. Systematic familiarization of personnel with the progress achieved, periodic awarding and holding of various joint festive events will help to maintain their level of motivation.

2. Create different ways to reward.

Employees have different officials and workersresponsibilities, while everyone has a different sense of motivation to work. The level of working capacity enables each of them to receive a promotion of a certain kind. Various bonuses, time offs, incentive gifts will help convince each employee that it is possible to choose individual incentives, as a result of which everyone will strive to achieve the set tasks.

3. Engage staff in the selection of incentives.

The incentive program, which is organizedwithout the participation of employees, is doomed to failure. People always work with the greatest efficiency when they know the exact goal, and encouragement as a result of its fulfillment.

4. Make rewards always on time.

The greatest satisfaction from remunerationthe employee will receive only at the moment when he completed his work, and not after two weeks. Timely expressed gratitude will be associated with the task accomplished, and at the same time stimulate the performance of work in order to obtain encouragement.


Сбалансированная и грамотная система compensation, which takes into account all the important criteria and motivations of the staff, is the main factor in increasing productivity. Do so that any kind of reward is associated with increasing the productivity of work on the way to achieving the goals and objectives of the company.